Thursday, January 05, 2012

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A previous blog attracted the comment that "I did not realise that people like Christopher Gillibrand still existed"!


The Belgian Church’s “mea culpa”

from - Vatican Insider

Long overdue. I sat in the public gallery when first Cardinal Danneels and then the Archbishop gave evidence to the Belgian Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry. Danneels, one can suspect, was being economical with the vérité
as he presided over the Church over the years of scandal. But I was horrified, when the Archbishop came to give evidence when he said that he liked to say provocative things in order to get people into dialogue. It was so inappropriate in the circumstances, I just felt sick.

His press officer, who has written a great book on Nouvelle Theologie, albeit that he agrees with the movement, subsequently resigned when the Archbishop just kept on provoking, while the Belgian church tried to avoid her obligations to the victims.