Tuesday, September 06, 2005

More Jesuit Masses from around the world

When Mass no longer has any dignity, Churches are closed. It is ironic given that the Jesuits are modelled on army life, they have almost always been the first to quit in any city.

Starting with the worst

But the rest are scarcely better.

The Catholic Church Of The Holy Name Of Jesus - Oxford Road, Manchester, England.

was going to be turned into a conference centre but was saved. A glorious witness to the Catholic Faith.

Tucson Catholic parishes

to become independent corporations.
"The Roman Catholic Diocese of Tucson plans a series of meetings next month for parishioners and parish leaders that will pave the way for separately incorporating parishes. "

Austria, the country that brought you the Rainbow Church

now brings you the Rainbow Cathedral of Eisenstadt. Posted by Picasa

For a picture of the same Church before the liturgical barbarians took over.

Three cheers for the Archbishop of Bamburg, Germany

He will not close any Church in his Diocese
What a truly great example to his fellow Bishops!
"Churches are witnesses to the Christian Faith and where Christ is present."
"Should in the future shops, restaurants, banks and sports halls be the image of our towns and villages?"
"You don't need a priest or a theologian to pray the Rosary together" (in Church)