Monday, August 20, 2007

Long Night of the Churches 2006


clearly was too long, as the Salvatorian Sisters took to worshiping strange "gods" and reading texts from the Koran, the Torah, the Dalai Lama combined with their own Rule. They sacred danced the night away!

Maria Schlackl, Salvatorian Sister, the organiser.

Meanwhile in India- a Mass in 2005.

And meet Sebastian Painadath SJ, an expert on ashrams, allegedly Catholic.

Please do not disturb- I am meditating on strange gods.

In another Church, no time for meditation, origami calls.

A Climate Convention School


better known as Dachsberg, a school of the Oblates of St Francis de Sales, whose proudest boast should be that it is a Catholic school.

"Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly"

St Francis de Sales

K-TV by Internet

German language Catholic TV channel often has good to excellent material. As I write this, there is a programme being broadcast on Blessed Marco d'Aviano OFM Cap, the saviour of Vienna.

However, be warned, they do not always get things right, as this picture of a broadcast shows!

Friends of Amnesty International-Linz Diocese branch

While the Jesuit Church in Linz, not known for is commitment to orthodoxy has taken the prudent decision to remove its Amnesty International candle, the Cathedral has not, as these pictures show. It burns in solidarity with a protestant clergyman who has been imprisoned for two years in Azerbaijan. CSI is also not an especially Catholic organisation.

How about some solidarity with the innocent children murdered in their own mother's womb.

Latest Background on Amnesty International's Pro-Abortion policy.
Pope Pius XII, under the protective mantel of Our Lady over an altar in Linz Cathedral.

A to Z of Vocations


on promotional material in the Diocese of Regensburg puts Female Assistant in Apostalate ahead of Diocescan priest and well ahead of Priest in a religious order.

The Mass of the Church of the future

Pontifical High Mass in Burlington. Slide show with music.

Back to the Ecumenism of Return


Die Furche, once a conservative and Catholic journal in Austria is alarmed about the latest Papal document on the nature of the Church. But not as alarmed as Cathcon is by this photograph.
How can one proceed after the Roman clarification on ecumenicism. Is the idea of "unity in diversity" dead? They ask. Hopefully, yes, I answer.

God the Father of Heaven,


Have mercy on us!

Mass for Dummies III


In the museum (!) of the Cistercian Monastery of Windberg, Germany. See other Masses and a Benediction for Dummies.

Once you have seen the museum, you can book into the Dolce Vita weekend in their Youth Education Centre. This is a Cistercian monastery, don't forget.

But at the end of your "Sweet Life", you can be cremated and your ashes be buried in their own special "Wall of Urns", almost devoid of Christian symbols. They are unaware of the traditional Church teaching on tbe evil of cremation.

Ss Mary & Everilda, Everingham


"The Roman Catholic parish of Everingham was closed in 2004. The Institute of Christ the King offered to take over the church and supply a priest to serve it, but this offer was controversially refused by the Bishop of Middlesbrough, John Patrick Crowley, at a time when the diocese was complaining of a shortage of clergy. However the chapel itself is still used by the diocese, and Masses are regularly celebrated there."

But there is hope!

Catholic Truth Scotland

a site that lives up to the name!

We Three Kings


demand rights for children.

Every year, children go from house to house in Germany dressed as the Three Kings and collect money for charity projects. They are supported by Cardinal "Carnival" Lehmann.

A comic produced by them demands rights for, inter-alia, play, equality, freedom of expression and information, education, medical care.......

Children Have Rights!

They just forgot the greatest right of them all- the right to a truly Catholic education.


Many of the Three Kings are now Queens. Any educationalist will tell you that girls of this age are just that bit more mature than boys. The boys have run away from their bossy sisters. The same problem, of course, applies to the unfortunate (understatement!) practice of female servers.

End Days for Anglo-Catholicism?

Rome- "surely the logical place for those who call themselves “Catholic.”"