Saturday, August 27, 2005

Masses celebrated by cowboy priests

A selection of pictures from a variety of country music festivals in Canada. No-one should wonder that Churches are closing. Mass becomes an annual event inserted into the programme of a country music festival instead of the Holy Sacrifice celebrated in a Church every week. Pleasure giving, rather than soul saving.

Cowboy priest Posted by Picasa

Preparing for Mass Posted by Picasa

Choir (of sorts) Posted by Picasa

Cowboy servers Posted by Picasa

Worshipping themselves not God. Posted by Picasa

And again Posted by Picasa

Angels guard Catholic altars. In which religion do hens stand guard? Posted by Picasa

In this wretched part of the world, now looks as if Catholic Masses carry advertising.  Posted by Picasa

Active participation not of the laity but of live poultry. Posted by Picasa

The original guitar Mass. Of course, no Cross. Instead, the guitar. Posted by Picasa

Since when do Catholics have statues of horses at Mass. Saints yes, horses no.  Posted by Picasa

St Brigid's Church, New York

Court hearing, Tuesday August 30

Bankruptcy judge rules parish assets available to victims

More on the Spokane case

Trestle table "altar"


totally unworthy of the presence of Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Diocese of Spokane decision

and is extremely bad news