Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Pope's butler outed as "mystery man" in TV interview

An Italian commercial broadcaster has outed the former papal chamberlain Paolo Gabriele as informant for the investigative programme on the Vatican. On Monday night, the station "La7" showed from the program "Gli Intoccabili" (The Untouchables) the full interview with Gabriele of 22 February in the original. At that time, the voice of the informant and the face had been distorted using pixelation.

As a motive for the theft Gabriele cites in the interview "anger" over a "wall of silence" in the Vatican that suppresses the truth. He admitted to working with 20 people. He was not concerned about money but about a more just church, as the Pope also wanted.

Gabriele was arrested on 23 May after a large amounts of Papal documents had been found in his home. A few days before the book "Sua Santita" by the Italian journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi was published containingh confidential documents from the Vatican. Gabriele must after the completion of the judicial inquiry in the autumn stand trial for grand larceny before the Vatican court..

The butler went on to explain that the Vatican had not informed the Pope about the murder of the Swiss Guard commander Alois Estermann and his wife in 1998. "We are in a country where you go and cause a bloodbath and leave undisturbed again. And after 24 hours, no one can speak up about what happened," said Gabriele. As another example, he cited the case of abduction of the then 15-year-old Vatican citizen Emanuela Orlandi in 1983, which has not been solved.


Catholic Church to confess guilt for Reformation in 2017?

Ratzinger Student Circle also discussed "mea culpa" for 2017

Ratzinger Student Circle spokesman Father Stephan Otto Horn commented in an interview with "Vatican Radio" - "Reformation Commemoration 2017 would be a good moment for an admission of guilt"

Pope Benedict XVI and the Ratzinger Student Circle discussed at the meeting in Castel Gandolfo last weekend the question of an ecumenical "Mea Culpa" for the Reformation anniversary year: This was reported by Circle spokesman, Father Stephan Otto Horn  in an interview with "Radio Vatican". On this occasion, a Protestant representative also participated in the meeting of the circle of students - the retired bishop of Hamburg Ulrich Wilcken.

"It has been discussed in the conversation in a particular way, the question of whether a mutual confession of guilt can be of assistance. This is also a major theme of the Pope, that he sometimes has called it 'purification of memory'. This means to think about and consider these painful contradictions in a fresh way and to o admit guilt, and from there to look at the past with new eyes and heart, "said the retired Professor of Fundamental Theology in Passau to Vatican Radio".

The difficulty of these ambiguities that had "invaded the heart over the centuries " is continuing, according to Father Horn, "This is not just one thing that has been, but one that's present," he recalled, "thus you have to try to overcome that. "

The Reformation Comemorative Year 2017 would be a "good moment for this admission," said Horn. As possible, "to take over the year several days when one recalls events that have hurt the other" would be.