Sunday, June 26, 2005

Blessed is real estate

for it is cash.

Plan suggests Indianapolis Archdiocese

close city parish of St Bernadette.
A lone Station of the Cross for sale in an antiques shop in Lille.  Posted by Hello

Churchgoers explore 'the force'

and then wonder why the Pope said that they weren't a church in the proper sense!

Transphotographiques 2001

exhibition hosted in the Church of St Marie-Madelaine, Lille. The Church is now closed for restoration. Not sure whether it will be used as a Church ever again.

And this was a "spectacular" staged in the Church in 2004. Inspired by Star Trek and not by Catholicism.  Posted by Hello

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And on the other side of Lille, Church of St Maurice, in the same year. A modern art installation meant to represent the opening of the Song of Songs, but in reality owing its inspiration more to the psychedelic sixties. Posted by Hello

I saw once in this Church a priest inviting the congregation to join him on his side of the altar for the consecration. About half of a large congregation complied, leaving the two halves of the congregation staring at eachother.

France, the eldest son of the Church.

But in Lille, blasphemy runs wild.  Posted by Hello

Behold the Man- Ecce Homo.

An exhibition in the crypt of Lille Cathedral, France. Posted by Hello

An exhibit! Posted by Hello

This piece of metal garbage is entitled "Resurrection". I fear for the Faith, not just of the artist, but also the Bishop who permits this exhibit in his Cathedral.  Posted by Hello

While the Church follows modern fashions.

a Chapel in Aalst, Belgium has been converted into a fashion outlet.  Posted by Hello

A close-up. Where once the Faithful entered, now the people window shop. Posted by Hello

Belgium, a land laid spiritually waste. Posted by Hello

Protestants participate in concelebrated Mass

Protestants attempting to concelebrate during Catholic Mass in the Cathedral of Metz, France. See particularly man on left. This quite possibly /almost certainly invalidates the whole Mass.  Posted by Hello

Husband's epitaph for Terri Schiavo reignites feud

The cruelty continues even after Terri's death. A cheap shot from a man who has cheapened life.