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Feast of St Stephen II


St Augustine's Words
All who are Altar Servers should be proud to have St Stephen for their Patron. The great St Augustine of Hippo once preached a wonderful sermon on St Stephen, and at the con­clusion of it he exhorted his people in the following words : " Let us so desire to obtain temporal blessings by his inter­cession, that we may merit, in imitating him, those which are eternal." We cannot do better than follow this grand advice. Like St Stephen we should'" be proud to do all we can to serve our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ. How better can we do this than by following the example of our Saint, who was never happier than when he was serving the first Priests of Christ's Church who were the Apostles. There is also this other little point which we would do well to remember. In everything that St Stephen did he prayed continuously. So we, who serve Holy Mass, ought also to make sure that we too pray with devotion and care all the time we are serving. We might adopt as our slogan : " Serve by Praying." If we do this we shall most certainly serve better than ever before, and great graces will come to us from Our Lord at Holy Mass.

The name of Stephen has a special meaning too. It means the " One who is crowned," and when he died we all know what a glorious crown his Divine King placed upon his head. " Thou hast placed upon his head a crown of most precious jewels." To serve God is a sure guarantee that one day we too shall receive a crown, and so the motto of those who are privileged to serve God on the Altar is, " Cui Servire Regnare Est," which can mean for us : " He who serves shall reign." If we all strive to serve devoutly and lovingly, we one day will share the glory of Stephen, who, as the first of all the Martyrs, now reigns gloriously in the heavenly court of the King of Kings.

After you have read about St Stephen and all the wonderful things he did for the love of Our Lord, you will be anxious, I am sure, to learn about his special Guild for Altar Servers. As you know, the saints of God are unlike the rest of mankind, especially in this, that when they die they really begin the work God wished them to do. You have often heard the phrase : " The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church," and this means that the work of a martyr or any other saint has a tremendous influence on many millions of people over a long period of history. Every saint, too, has some special work to do, and throughout the ages you will find people whose whole lives have been affected by the example of some particular saint. St Francis of Assisi, for example, died many centuries ago, but his wonderful life has been an inspiration to many people right down to this present day, and churches are still being dedicated to him all over the world. Sometimes a saint has been sent by God for a particular work at a particular time in history, to bring men back to God when they were straying or were being led away by some false doctrine. There are a great number of these saints in every age, among whom we can pick out St Dominic, who preached devotion to Our Blessed Lady, and taught us how to say the Rosary. Almost in our own times we have St Bernadette, the little Shepherdess of Lourdes, and we all know how the great events there brought many, many souls back to God. Thus God has a special purpose with all His saints and we should study their lives to see what benefit we can gain from their example.

(Extraordinary! It still exists in the Archdiocese of Westminster)

Churches are Dedicated to him
Where, you may ask, does our St Stephen come in all this ? We have already seen what a glorious and unflinching sacrifice he made all those long years ago, and the really perfect way in which he followed in the footsteps of Our Divine Lord. We know, also, what great good he did to the early Christians in showing them that they must be prepared to sacrifice all rather than lose the love of Christ. That the people responded to this we have no doubt at all when we see how many of them, men, women, and even young children, cheerfully followed St Stephen's lead and gave their lives to Christ. All over the world, too, we will find churches dedicated to St Stephen, but somehow or other we cannot deny that in great measure he has been forgotten by many of us. After reading his life you will agree with me that this is a very great pity. What inspiration our young men could get from his life and how perfect an example he gives to all of us of what it really means to be a " Soldier of Jesus Christ." While we may feel quite sad about the way we have neglected our Saint, we must never forget that the Church always pays him very great honour when twice each year she keeps his feast-days and insists that his office be recited by thous­ands of priests and religious all over the world. It remains only for us to follow this lead given us by the Church, and I am sure we can do it well if we try hard enough. You may be sure that St Stephen will not forget you if only you will remember him.

The New Movement
Now, here is some good news for all of us. There is a movement which brings the knowledge of all that St Stephen did into the hearts of thousands, and especially into the hearts and lives of young men and boys. You will agree and say this is just as it should be, and you will be very glad therefore to read about it. Here, then, is a brief story of what has been done and what will be accomplished still more in the future. It is the story of the Guild of St Stephen for Altar Servers.
If you travel all over the world you will find somewhere a Catholic church whether it be in China, Africa, America, Europe, or at the North Pole. No matter where you go you, as a Catholic, will be quite at home because you will always be able to attend Holy Mass just as you do at home in your own parish. Isn't that a consoling and really wonderful fact ! Yet it is true. And who is it who will say the Mass ? It will be one of God's priests and you will see him doing just as your own priest does at home and, when using the Roman rite, he will speak the same language too, the very same Latin words which your own priest says at Mass. But I wonder if we are forgetting anything? I think we are. We are forgetting that there will be some little lad, or some young man, assisting the priest at Mass. And strangely enough he will be saying the very same words in Latin as the boys and young men in your own parish say when they serve Mass ! Wherever you find Mass being said there you will also see the server attending to the priest.
It may seem strange to us to realise that although Holy Mass has been offered " from the rising of the sun even to the going down thereof" for almost two thousand years, those who are privileged to serve it have never been joined together in any sort of confraternity or Guild. One would have thought it the most natural thing in the world to have a Guild for them. Somehow or other it was overlooked.

The Guild at Hammersmith
However, in 1905, here in England, a priest realised that great good could follow from a Guild.-for Altar Servers, and in March of that year, after considerable thought about it, he formed a Guild among his Altar servers at Hammersmith in London. In seeking a saint who would be an appropriate patron for the Guild, this good priest remembered the life and work of St Stephen and decided that he, the First Deacon, would be the ideal Patron for the Guild. It was St Stephen who served the Apostles, and who could better be patron to those Altar boys who now served the successors of the Apostles at Holy Mass ?

Cardinal Bourne, who was then Archbishop of Westminster, gave his blessing and support to the new Guild and, in Novem­ber of the same year, news of the Guild had already reached the Pope, the great and saintly Pope Pius X, who sent the Guild his special blessing. So greatly impressed was the Pope by the nature and work of the Guild, that just over a year afterwards he erected the Guild into an Archconfraternity on December 4th, 1906, and gave to it the power to join to it other Guilds of a similar nature in the British Isles. Many years later, on Febru­ary 19th, 1934, His Holiness Pope Pius XI extended this privi­lege throughout the British Empire. Thus in a short time the work and life of St Stephen was being introduced to boys and young men, not only in Britain but also throughout the British Empire. It certainly looked as if the First Martyr was once again taking his rightful place in the lives of the young men and boys.

A National Council
In more recent times, much greater interest has been aroused in the Guild with the formation of a National Council of priests who meet once a year to discuss all manner of problems connected with the Guild. This Council has met twice and at the second meeting there were over double the number who attended the first meeting. One of the works of the Council has been to send a circular letter to all the Parish Priests of the country telling all about the Guild and how they can begin a branch in their own parishes.

Perhaps you would be interested to learn how a Guild works in a parish. It is all very interesting and sometimes quite exciting. When a Parish Priest has decided to erect the Guild he applies to his own Bishop for permission to do this, and then he gets the Guild affiliated to the Archconfraternity at West­minster so that all members may gain the Indulgences. The priest will then get his keen and enthusiastic servers together and tell them all about the Guild. There will follow a few weeks of training to see that everyone is really able to serve Mass really well and with true devotion. Then will come the great day of the first enrolment of members. A really impres­sive ceremony has been arranged during which each member makes a solemn promise to serve Holy Mass, " reverently, diligently, and punctually, having the Glory of God and my own eternal salvation as my object." It is really most stirring to hear the young voices of the servers ringing through the church making this solemn promise. Then each server is given a blessed medal on a red cord which is placed round his neck while the priest says these words : " Receive the token of your admission into the Guild of St Stephen that, ever aided by his intercession, thou mayest lead a holy life. Amen."

The Guild Medal
What a great day it is when a server has been enrolled ! He feels now that he is dedicated to one of the greatest of all tasks and that he is privileged indeed to be able to assist the priest. Every time he serves he will wear his Guild medal to remind him of his duty and of his promise on the day he was enrolled. He will be taught to prepare properly for serving by saying the Guild prayers especially composed for servers. He will learn above all to pray fervently and devoutly all during Holy Mass. He will want to carry out the sacred ceremonies as perfectly as possi­ble, realising that only the best is good enough for Our Divine Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. The server will learn to turn to St Stephen in all troubles and difficulties. No server will have recourse to his Patron in vain. St Stephen will be a won­derful help to you as a server, and in everything else too. An­other great blessing which seems to flow naturally from the work of the Guild is that many of its members are one day called by Our Lord to join the ranks of His Sacred Priesthood. Wherever the Guild is established there will you find young men eager to go forward to be priests. As a member of the Guild of St Stephen you, too, ^will be encouraged to pray that you will one day be called no longer to serve Mass but to offer it for the Glory of God and for the eternal benefit of all mankind.

Your Privilege
Now to conclude, I would like you, as servers, to think seriously about the greatness of the office of serving Holy Mass and to ask St Stephen to help you. You can always have recourse to him even if there is no Guild in your Parish. Never forget the greatness of the privilege you have when you serve. Think about these words of the late Cardinal Bourne who said this about Mass-serving :

" No ministry, except that of those who by Ordination are set apart for the service of the Altar, deserves greater thought and consideration than the duty entrusted to those laymen and youths who have the office of assisting the priests of God in the discharge of their sacred functions."

When you think that those words were written by a Prince of the Church you will realise how important they are. You must ask yourself very seriously, " How do I serve Mass ? Do I need to improve in my serving ? " Many servers have perhaps never thought of the greatness of their task or the grandeur of the privilege they enjoy. This pamphlet will serve as a reminder to them and to you. Above all let us all hope and pray that the words we have read will encourage us to do better in our duties at the Altar; to pray better while we are serving Holy Mass, to get every day closer to the love of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. These things are so necessary if Our Lord is to be served properly, and we all do want to do our very best for Him, do we not?

As a final word of inspiration to all servers wherever you are in the world, study carefully and think deeply on the words which are quoted at the close of this little pamphlet.

A priest has written these words about servers, words whic should be a continual reminder of the greatness of their task :

" All who are considered worthy to serve at the Altar should remember that they are engaged in a work which is the Angels' joy to perform in heaven, the work oi SERVING around the Throne of God and ministering unto Him". Server ! This is YOUR privilege. Ask St Stephen to make you love your precious task and to accomplish it, even as the Angels, for the love of Almighty God.

By a Father Chapple.

Feel free to e-mail this to any altar servers that you know to encourage them.

St John Berchmans is the other Patron Saint of altar servers.

Pope visits India December 1964


Garlanded with flowers
Presented with a ceremonial collar. which he then wore.
This was probably the first time that anyone so presumed that they could add anything to the Papacy by a secular or pagan gift. Anyone any ideas what the collar is meant to symbolise?

Children from Goa playing on the altar of a disused Church in Goa in the same year.

Resolution of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland

dated .... Granting Jesus Christ the title: Jesus King of Poland. The Parliament of the Republic of Poland states that, started with baptism of Poland in 966 by means of which our Fatherland became a Christian state inferior to Christ's power, one thousand years long history of our Nation was created an developed in power and light of the Gospel of Christ. Identity of our Nation, with the chain of generations faithful to Christ, has been inseparably bound with the catholic faith, in defense of which confronting, many times and willingly, we paid the levy of blood, to become recognized in past centuries as defenders of Christianity. That credible obligation to God and history was fulfilled by the Polish Nation always when it was free and sovereign. Also nowadays, in the era of worldwide crisis of faith and values, referring to the spiritual patrimonium of Poland, the Parliament of the Republic of Poland, thanking God for freedom recovered by the nation, following the teaching of the two outstanding statesmen and priests: John Paul II and Primate of Millennium Stefan cardinal Wyszynski who were totally devoted to Our Lady of Jasna Gora, Queen of Poland, desires to give evidence of faith and hope for God's care of our Fatherland by granting the King of kings and Lord of lords the title: Jesus King of Poland.

Not supported by the Catholic bishops!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Light shines in the darkness


The Word was made Flesh


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The Nun's Story

Museum of the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary in Ghent, Belgium where the runaway nun was originally based. Her later life was sadly rather sordid, romantically involved with another woman who wrote the book of the film.

See the Nun's Story.

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A Christmas Message from Boston










Blessed Dennis of the Nativity, Carmelite, Pray for us!

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Adeste, fideles,

Adeste, fideles, (and in various other languages)
Laeti triumphantes,
Venite, venite in Bethlehem.
Natum videte
Regem angelorum.
||: Venite adoremus, :||

En grege relicto,
Humiles ad cunas
Vocati pastores approperant.
Et nos ovanti
Gradu festinemus;
||: Venite adoremus, :||

Stella duce, Magi
Christum adorantes
Aurum, tus, et myrrham dant munera.
Iesu infanti
Corda praebeamus;
||: Venite adoremus. :||

Cantet nunc hymnos
Chorus angelorum;
Cantet nunc aula caelestium:
"Gloria, gloria
In excelsis Deo!"
||: Venite adoremus, :||

Deum de Deo,
Lumen de Lumine,
Gestant puellae viscera,
Deum verum,
Genitum non factum.
||: Venite adoremus. :||

Aeterni Parentis
splendorem aeternum,
Velatum sub carne videbimus;
Deum infantem
pannis involutem.
||: Venite adoremus. :||

Pro nobis egenum
et foeno cubantem,
Piis foveamus amplexibus.
Sic nos amantem
quis non redamaret?
||: Venite adoremus. :||

Ergo qui natus
die hodierna
Iesu tibi sit gloria
Patris aeterni
Verbum caro factum
||: Venite adoremus. :||

Mass for Dummies II

A Virtual Catholicism

Plethoreum - A Virtual Museum brings you a "Gallery of Catholicism" from three extensive collections including the Jubilee 2000 Museum of Columbus.

At the Jubilee 2000 Museum (set up in Holy Family Church, Columbus) you can see a variety of artefacts whose proper place is in Church being used for Divine Service, not least another Tridentine Mass for Dummies.

From the people that believe theology is best taught in a pub.

It is of course easier to obtain permission from a bishop to set up an exhibit, Tridentine Mass for Dummies than to actually celebrate the Latin rite.

As a Catholic Church abandons the Infant Jesus

in favour of political protest.

Catholic bishops reject Christ the King

WARSAW, Dec 21, 2006 (AFP) - Polish clerics were up in arms Thursday after a group of lawmakers filed a draft resolution in parliament calling for Jesus Christ to be proclaimed king of this overwhelmingly Catholic country.

"Christ doesn't need a parliamentary resolution to be the king of our hearts," said Monsignor Tadeusz Pieronek,
a member of Poland's episcopate and rector at Krakow's Papal Academy of Theology.

Forty-six deputies -- or 10 percent of the total number of lawmakers in the lower house -- from the far-right League of Polish Families (LPR), the conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party, and the Peasants' Party ((PSL) signed the draft resolution, which was submitted to parliament earlier this week.

Signatories to the bill cited "theological and historic" arguments in favour of the proposal, including the fact that the Virgin Mary -- Jesus' mother -- was declared queen of Poland 350 years ago by King John Casimir.

"These lawmakers would do better to look after their constitutional prerogatives and let religious institutions and the church do our work," Pieronek was quoted by the PAP news agency as saying.

Archbishop Slawoj Leszek Glodz said the lawmakers should "pray and do penance -- it would do them good" while Lublin Archbishop Jozef Zycinski rejected the proposal as "totally unacceptable."

The lawmakers' initiative also fell flat with Poles, around 90 percent of whom profess to be Catholic.

A survey published Thursday in the Dziennik daily showed that 33 percent of Poles supported the proposal and 51 percent were against it.


For contrast, the proclamation by the King of Poland that Our Lady was Queen of Poland in 1656 and the dedication to Our Lady prior to the Miracle of the Vistula.

Reading Michael Davies on the Reign of Christ the King might help the Catholic bishops of Poland.

"This means that, in re-establishing the reign of Christ the King, our first task must be to re-evangelize the Catholic community. We must fight for orthodox religious instruction in our schools, and above all, for a liturgy in which Our Lord is recognized clearly as our King, and this must be the traditional Mass of the Roman Rite, the Tridentine Mass. The liturgy of the traditional Mass is focused upon God, that in the New Mass is focused upon the community. The reign of Christ. the King cannot be established until He becomes once more the center of our lives.

Christ is the ruler of the kings of the earth and He must reign ----- Opportet illum regnare. Let us take the first and most important step in dedicating ourselves to re-establishing that reign by implementing in our own lives the requirement for prayer and penance demanded by Our Lady of Fatima. If this is done, and if Russia is consecrated to her Immaculate Heart by the Pope in union with the bishops of the world, she promised that many souls will be saved, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace. Thus her Immaculate Heart will triumph. With the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will come the re-establishment of the Kingdom of Christ the King.

I would like to conclude on a note of optimism. Our Lady has promised that, in the end, her Immaculate Heart will triumph. She has promised this, and she will fulfill what she has promised. This means that without doubt her Son will reign ----- He must reign! Opportet illum regnare.

It is our duty and our privilege to dedicate our lives to re-establishing this reign, to achieving the re-enthronement of Christ the King."

Opportet illum regnare.

"He must reign! He must reign!"

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How about saving souls?


Instead of saving goals.

Missionaries of the Sacred Heart


can't be very good at their job if they would not be recognised in the street.

Book fair

Three locations - one in a Church stolen by protestants, one in a church they built for themselves and one in a former Franciscan Church, now a regional documentation centre.

Highly unpleasant Christmas reading


The special European edition of the journal of Catholics for a Free Choice being circulated in the European Parliament. This outfit is just as Catholic as the European institutions are democratic.

They have set up an All Party Working Group on the Separation of Religion and Politics - better to say a pseudo-democratic protection racket for the organised crime of abortion.

The odd bunch

Google's ideas on what blogs are related to Cathcon.


German Catholic Youth Movement

stages rock concert by a group called Jimi FX.

This is the punk rock group's webpage. If you want to understand how un-Catholic they are click on lyrics but be warned, they are very offensive.

Carmel of the Sacred Heart

now a seminar centre.

Paradigm change

in the Roman Curia? (sorry its in German).

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In fulfilment of the Law and the Prophets


Our Lady in Expectation- enormous amounts of information here.

Our Lady in Expectation


Venerated in the Parish Church of Malta, Austria (not to be confused with Malta the island).

Tomorrow is my birthday

which is the Feast of Our Lady in Expectation and of St Wunibald. Sadly, the double monastery built fot him and his sister, St Walburga by his brother, St Willibald was stolen by protestants at the time of the "reformation".

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First a letter from Cardinal Arinze

Now some action on the removal of the erroneous translation of pro multis from the modern Missals.

One should pause to reflect on how many souls have been endangered or lost when they came to believe in the utterly erroneous doctrine of universal salvation on hearing "for all" rather than "for many".

And then weep.

Church becomes mosque

in Massachusetts.

And the priest should wash his mouth out for these comments.

"Father Pomerleau said Catholic parishes and dioceses, when selling former worship spaces, need to be very careful about the future use of the facilities. "I think we would have had ... opposition had it been (sold to) a certain kind of business." "

"Basically, what the community is doing is (forming) what I like to compare to an ethnic parish in Catholicism, a Turkish-speaking mosque, and we're very pleased to welcome them here," said St. Jude's pastor, Father William Pomerleau."

Selling to a mosque is hardly being careful.

The call to prayer.

No Christmas

for Holy Cross Church.

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Christ, the Apothecary


Cardinal tacitly approves of abortion law


First, a small note of clarification

Cardinal Schönborn is asked whether the Austrian law that allows abortion up to 12 weeks should be changed.His answer: "We do not advocate punishing women in distress." That is exactly what the present law does: It considers abortion to be illegal but it does not punish.

Therefore, the Cardinal confirms the present legislation not unlike Cardinal Danneels saying that the Church can live with the Belgian euthanasia law. One only has to look at the British bishops at the time of the "reformation" to note lack of episcopal moral fibre but in Cardinals who certainly want to become Pope and are even in some quarters considered Papabile, it is a matter of the very gravest concern.

Here the source article from the ever excellent

Cardinal Schönborn does not oppose abortion up to 12 weeksIn a scandalous interview with the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, the Archbishop of Vienna has accepted abortion – instead he cares about statistics. Here it is in summary.( Vienna) On December 3, the Archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn appeared in the ‘Press Hour’ – a programme of the Austrian Broadcasting Service, ORF.

He was interviewed by the two journalists. Andrea Koller of the daily, ‘Salzburger Nachrichten’ and Mathilde Schwabeneder of the ORF journal.
Andreas Koller asked among other things:

‘Cardinal, you have made a statement on ‘yes to life’. How is this to be understood with regard to the demand for abortion in the first 3 months? This has been practiced now for some time. The Catholic Church has not been happy with it. I have the impression that the Catholic Church has accepted this situation. However, a Parliamentarian, Ewald Stadler has recently said that one could discuss the situation and go above the three months- i.e. – he has questioned this period. Are you agreeing with him, so that one could say, there should be change in legislation with regard to the present abortion termination?

This is Cardinal Schönborn’s reply to this question:

‘Our position, and by ‘our’ I mean the bishops, the Catholic family organsiations and the pro-Life organisations, had always been clear in this respect:

We do not advocate punishing women in distress.

But we want, quite rightly, something that we have stated time and time again since the Kreisky government and has never implemented, the so-called associated measures.

This means: in a country, in which the demographic question is a serious reality, you cannot simply look on when for each child being born, one child is killed. There are no published statistics and this is estimated, but it is frightening.

What are these associated measures? Measures which support, encourage and assist women not to take the final step.

I am of the opinion that above all three measures are of importance:

First, a separation of counselling and abortion. This has been an urgent demand for over 30 years and which would really facilitate the re-consideration of the final step.

Secondly, there is a need for statistics – something that is a matter of course in other countries.

If abortion is not an offence – under certain conditions – then at least there should be statistics so that we know what is happening in our country.

Thirdly, and this is something on which there is a prevailing silence: the post-abortion syndrome.

We know from numerous accounts of counsellors of women in this situation that it is often an immeasurable plight.

One should counsel women better – specifically, it should be pointed out that abortion is linked to deep, psychological misgivings.

We have requested it and we consider the ‘yes to life’ so very important, both for the individual and for our country.

We, therefore, hope that we will succeed in speaking about this question with the necessary charity and the necessary openness. ‘

The journalist of the ‘Salzburger Nachrichten’ adds: ‘What do you think is the reason is that nothing has happened in the last six or seven years? After all, the governing party has been the ÖVP, the Austrian Christian Democratic Party? Have you tried to get in touch with them? Have you held talks in this respect?’

Cardinal Schönborn replied: ‘There were intensive talks. There was also a draft law on the additional measures, but this draft law has been shelved.

This draft law would be welcome. It was worked out by excellent lawyers and should become law.

After all, it is about strengthening the ‘yes to life.’’

Cardinal Schönborn diverts to another question which he had been previously asked about, namely the question of euthanasia:

‘The ‘yes to life’ is linked to euthanasia, which is, thanks be to God, well-regulated in Austria as a result of a consensus of all the political parties.

The ‘yes to life' at the end of the life.

We have a clear consensus in Austria. We do not want to go the path that Holland and Belgium have chosen, by clearing the way to euthanasia.

We want, what Cardinal König has coined so successfully with his words, that shortly before death, that a human being should not die through the hand of another human being, but rather holding the hand of a human being.

I consider this ‘yes to life’ as something self-evident. I have openly said this on television in France and Belgium and I have stated this as praise for our country that we managed to find a consensus and say ‘yes to life’.

See also Does Cardinal Schönborn of Vienna bless blessings for same-sex couples?

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The will of God

is that we have all through Mary, Mediatrix of All Graces (Click to see the detail on the halo) - a devotion supported by Cardinal Mercier, so much for him being an "apostle" of ecumenism with the Anglicans.

Sisters of Our Lady of Sion


or as they more often style themselves these days, Sisters of Sion (!) or simply Sion (!!).

They were founded by Theodore Ratisbonne with rather different aims from inter-religious dialogue (they have the rather ambitious aim no less of reconciling church and synagogue, repairing a breach as old as Christianity. Without this breach indeed, Catholicism would not exist today), helping asylum seekers and in the case of one sister in the UK, promoting aromotherapy and providing massages.

Here he is with his brother, Alphonse also a convert from Judaism.
The irony is that the modern sisters would turn these two brothers (one of them their founder) away at the door if they had attempted to convert today. Anyone who is interested in learning more about their remarkable story should read the book "A Nineteenth Century Miracle, The Brothers Ratisbonne and the Congregation of N. D. de. Sion" trans. L. M. Leggatt (London, 1922)

No prizes for guessing which of these Sisters that the Ratisbonnes would recognise as their own.

The house of this Belgian sister, located opposite a synagogue is now closed. I believe, but would have to check, that it is used to house asylum seekers.

The community still exist in the suburbs giving Hebrew courses. However, they also organised a day seminar, My Conviction, way of opening, 6 contributors, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, humanist and bahâ’ï, followed by a concert by the group, Sun of Fraternity.

Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man comes to the Father, except through me". There is nothing more important than mission. This Chinese woman teaching the Rosary to her grandson at the turn of the century knows that, but every Catholic should today.

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Church in Pichl,


Or better to say Church in a Pichl in the Diocese of Linz, as yet another stealth priestess is spotted. She is a Parish Assistent, seen here with a priest styled the Pfarrmoderator - parish presenter. The same word is used for television shows.

King Louis XIII


offers his crown to Our Lady. You wouldn't catch an English monarch doing this!

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