Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pope to visit most Godless country in Europe

As Cathcon calls the Czech Republic from bitter personal experience. Radio Vatican more politely says the "most secularised".

Visit will take place between 26th and 28th September.

Hang glider Mass in the Mountains

This 2008 Mass is an annual event, in 2006 the priest decided to give a flying demonstration.

Handy Catholicism

In the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Brussels.
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The Passion of St Jeanne d'Arc


Seven further parts to be found on Youtube.

St Joan of Arc pray for us!


EcoChurch rather than Catholic Church in Belgium

Cover of a leaflet
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Cosmic liturgy for Earth Day at St Joan of Arc Church


Pope is best, greatest and most popular Bavarian of all time

BR-Aktion: Papst ist Bayerns Bester

Pope Benedict XVI. is the absolute number one among "Bavaria's Best!"

For five weeks BR-TV viewers and readers of our newspaper telephoned in their voting preferences: a quarter of all votes were given to the head of the Catholic Church.

In second place was actor Gustl Bayrhammer ( "Meister Eder and his Pumuckl") was selected, the bronze medal goes to the late Franz Josef Strauß, the "greater leader" of the CSU and former Prime Minister.

Sophie Scholl in fifth place

Jakob Fugger of Augsburg, during his lifetime one of the richest men ever and founder of the oldest social settlement in the world (Cathcon- and seller of indulgences!) , gained a surprisingly strong fourth place - resistance fighter Sophie Scholl ( "White Rose") had almost as many votes and was fifth. In the sixth to tenth places: the actress Ruth Drexel, Franz Beckenbauer, Sebastian Kneipp (priest who could be said to be the founder of the modern "wellness" movement), Albrecht Dürer (painter) and King Ludwig II

One would believe that Ludwig Erhard (Christian Democrat politician of liberal tendencies), Ottfried Fischer (rather anti-Catholic actor who plays Father Brown in a modern German version of the stories) and Karl Valentin (comic actor) should have done better , finding themselves on the rear seats in the last round. And Gerhard Polt (comic who has gently made fun of the Pope)- for some people even thw secret favorite for the title of "Bavaria's Best!" - had to be contented with the twentieth and last place.

From the point of view of Franken (the more Protestant north of Bavaria), the results are meager: Durer (artist) (9), Hitler assassin Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg (13), (15), Wilhelm Roentgen (x-ray inventer) and Tilman Riemenschneider (fine carver of religious images) (17) - the Fürth resident Ludwig Erhard just managed to land in 18th.

Cathcon- the results would be rather different in the rest of Germany- who a few years ago almost managed to give the evil anti-semite Luther top place in a similar TV show. In Austria, one dreads to think- once organised a balloon debate with Austrian school children, the last two in the balloon were Mozart and Joerg Haider, the rather erratic right wing leader. It was Mozart who plumeted to earth.

Up a creek without a paddle Mass


Captions please- what are the participants saying about their liturgical plight?

I have seen some silly, silly things but beyond this nothing can be imagined.