Sunday, August 07, 2005

Tax bill sent for Catholic church

The incompetence of the Archdiocese of Boston knows no bounds.

Guardianship group welcomes Michael Schiavo as hero

a man who knows no shame

Sanctuary transformed into Serengeti plains of Africa

You couldn't make this material up if you tried. Hopefully, it is the protestant building that has been transformed into the Serengeti. What are Catholic children doing being educated at a protestant bible school? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the Diocese closed St Casimir's School. One thing for sure, the children will have no better understanding of the Catholic Faith after the school but probably rather less.

Status unclear of parishes converted into chapels

As always, the Archdiocese of Boston can be relied upon for lack of transparency in its intentions. The Faithful suffer.

Dialogue instead of mission

Alle Welt- the Whole World is the magazine of Missio, the Austrian "mission" society. In their January/ February edition, they have an article entitled God speaks many languages. It is approvingly illustrated with this picture.

But worse is to come in another article with a priest describing his participation in the spider god ritual of Thailand. This is also illustrated (Father Pairat on the left in the first picture).

And who was ultimately responsible for this magazine; the former National Director of Missio, now Bishop of Linz. Despite a priest shortage in the Diocese, they won't allow foreign priests in, but it looks as if witchdoctors will be welcome and made to feel at home!