Friday, September 17, 2004

And how many Bishops will complain?

About a direct attack on the Catholic Faith; they are probably too busy with pastoral reconfiguration and closing Churches. The following received on my e-mail.

The French and Saunders spoof on The Passion of the Christ has been confirmed. The information was seen in the current edition of"What's on TV" magazine, on page 23. A 6-part series of French and Saunders comedy shows are being shown over the Autumn, including spoofs on blockbuster movies. The Passion of the Christ is listed as one of those films being spoofed.

Please complain to the BBC. The following info is from the MediaWatch UK website:

In its Statement of Promises for 1999/2000 the BBC says: "If you have a query or comment about BBC programmes or services, BBC Information operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

Ring: 08700 100 222


If you believe there has been a serious breach of BBC programme standards write to:

Head of Programme Complaints
Programme Complaints Unit
BBC Broadcasting House
London, W1A 1AA

The BBC's Producers Guidelines can be viewed on the BBC's website:

The Inn at the End of the World

An excellent blog that has been kind enough to provide a link to this blog See Tour of Blogdom.

The blog has fascinating Carmelite material, as well as links to Traditional Catholic religious orders.

The Catholic Diocese of Toledo

Their version of Embracing our Faith.

Full details of the closures are on the site. Strange, I thought Catholics embraced The Faith. Who does the our refer to?

Diocese of Toledo

recommends closing or merging 33 parish Churches in northwest Ohio.

More news on Votive Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes, Blackpool UK

An inheritance squandered

More news about the thanksgiving shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes in Blackpool. It is situated next to the Blackpool Victoria Hospital which in 1999 did not even have a Sunday Mass for the staff/patients. It would have been an ideal site for a hospital chaplaincy! Scheduled for demolition until being recently listed as an historic building, it is now designated to become an art gallery.

The Bishop was approached in 1999 and it was also suggested that this shrine would be ideal for a Traditional Catholic community, as it was not re-ordered at all following Vatican II. He politely refused and it has remained empty ever since.

Seems that Churches can be converted into anything but never, never under any circumstances must they be used for the Latin Mass.

Diocese of Toledo

Church closing announcement expected from Bishop Blair.

Archdiocese of Boston

Blessed Sacrament Church

"If you are a Catholic in the Parkway, how confident can you be that your parish, whether you attend it or not on a regular basis, will survive the next round of church closings? When other churches closed around us, we heard news interviews and articles about how put out some people were that they or their children would not be able to get married in their soon-to-be-closed church. I wonder how many of those folks were fairly casual in their support of the church, reasoning that the church would always be there for special occasions or when they needed it."

The Faithful stand guard

More on St Albert's Church, Boston

"'We have the commitment of the young and the old, mornings, evenings and weekends, because everybody believes so strongly this is an injustice,' "