Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Coming soon!

Pictures of the procession of Our Lord's Most Precious Blood in Bruges

European Family Pride fight back

The video is back here!!

Intolerant "liberals"

appear to have banned the video of a group defending the family at European Family Pride.

So here is a video of the same event which has survived the liberal guillotine.

Dare we hope that all are saved?

Yes we can, if we presume on the mercy of God. This is the hope of von Balthasar (as criticised by Cardinal Dulles), all too isolated from Faith and Charity. To suggest to an individual that his soul may not be in danger after all is hardly a charity and this was indeed never the faith of Catholics.

von Balthasar was also due to be presented with a Cardinal's hat but died two days before.

Here below one or another of the realities that await for all.




The Choice

The Good Death. The last rites from a priest with a plenary indulgence at the moment of death, protected by St Joseph, Patron of a Happy Death and invited to heaven by St Michael. The devil cast down in despair.

Impenitance, turning away from the proferred Cross, remembering to the last the pleasures of this world, sacrificing happiness for ever.