Sunday, February 03, 2008

Messing with the Mass:

The problem of priestly narcissism today.

A brilliant article by a father and son team, one a psychologist, one a seminarian.

The psychological consequences of moving away from the idea that the priest acts in persona Christi.

Goodnight Canterbury, Good Morning Brussels

Church of England appoints Representative to the EU Institutions

I thought it was meant to be the University of Oxford which was the home of lost causes.

The one true Fold of the Redeemer

is the Catholic Church. That the Pope has to confirm this could only be a story in the modern world.

"In an address to members of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith currently meeting in Rome for their plenary assembly, Pope Benedict XVI confirmed recent Vatican declarations on Catholicism as the “one true church” and the necessity of seeking converts to the faith, and also offered a preview of a coming document on bioethics.

Pope Benedict made the comments this morning in an audience for members of the doctrinal congregation in the Sala Clementina, inside the Apostolic Palace."

Is Brussels worth a Mass?

From within the Babylonian Tower comes concern about the real motives for the Blair conversion.

"All of which raises the intriguing possibility that Blair might end up standing, not as the Socialist candidate, but as the EPP (the Christian Democrat grouping) candidate. His recent conversion won’t have done him any harm. Many Continental socialist parties remain anti-clerical at heart, whereas many of the EPP member parties have, or at least recently had, a confessional base. Bruxelles vaut bien une messe."

Realising there was no prospect of a Protestant king succeeding in fanatically Catholic Paris, Henry of Navarre reputedly uttered the famous phrase Paris vaut bien une messe (Paris is well worth a mass). He was formally received into the Roman Catholic Church in 1593 and was crowned at Chartres in 1594.

Oh that modern Brussels was as committed to Catholicism, as Paris in the sixtenth century!