Saturday, February 17, 2007

From East to West

Great is the name of the Virgin's Divine Son. Our Lady of Beautiful Love of China - a prayer card of the Work of St Peter the Apostle, based in Paris.
Best wishes to and prayers for the Angry Twins!

Our Lady of Vocations

Pure Virgin, Queen of the Clergy
Bless priests, sanctify them,
make them more numerous,
Protect them in the world and in their souls.

Not Franciscan nor even Catholic

A strange selection of quackery and pseudo-mysticism being offered by a Franciscan convent in the US.

A sad fate for a Franciscan community with such a great inheritance. The death of five Sisters from this branch of the Francican order inspired Gerard Manley Hopkins to write the Wreck of the Deutschland.

Rosemarie Burian
* Using Healing Touch as a tool for Spiritual Direction
* Seminars in Areas of Spirituality
*An Indepth Look at the Chakras

Joanne Hambor
* Therapeutic Massage
* Ear Candling
* Reiki

Mary Marzano
* Therapeutic Massage
* Neurostructural Integration
Technique (NST)

Theresa Puchley
* Naturopathic (Natural Medicine) Consultations
* Lymphatic Drainage
* Reiki Sessions
* You Are What You Eat... And Absorb
* Singing Bowl Meditation
Lisa Marie Van Getson
* Retreats and workshops: Native American

Spirituality and Franciscan Spirituality
* Native American Ceremonies
* Energy Medicine Sessions
* Reiki Sessions
* Vipassana (Insight Meditation) Instructions
* Spirituality, Healthcare And Ethics
* Spirituality And Healing: The Interrelationship Between Native American Ceremonies and Sacraments

Joyce Wehrli
* Ear Candling

Therese Yonikus
* Therapeutic Massage
* Craniosacral Therapy
* Maya Abdominal Massage
* Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner
* La Stone Therapy

Their chapel hosting a Mass for the radical outfit, FutureChurch that seems to welcome the declining number of priests as means to "empower" women.

Church of St Cornelius, near Brussels


Happened across this Church last year, when a deacon was officiating at a Holy Communion outside Mass. All the congregation afterwards thought it was a Mass. Passing off as it is known in marketing speak.

However, much to my surprise after the service the relics of Pope St Cornelius were venerated, at which the deacon also officiated. This apparently happens every month.

Carnival salutes their Cardinal

"Our very own Cardinal", as they called him last night at the festivities of the Mainz Carnival.

On one side of the card, the Cardinal

Pm the other a famous footballer, Jens Lehmann

The Carnival just held a benefit concert for the fabric of the Cathedral of Mainz, but for this one event the Carnival Cardinal (here seen with the devil!)has paid with the dignity of his office.

If all concerned remembered that the one thing that matters is the salvation of one's soul none of this nonsense would take place. The Cathedral would be packed every sunday and the Carnival would be having a hard time to get anyone interested.

Feast of the Flight into Egypt