Thursday, August 17, 2006

Decline of the Catholic Church in Germany

Now with easier to read tables.

The only indicators on the up are permanent deacons (top right) and pastoral assistants (bottom left). The latter have to be paid a wage, so economic pressure has led to the flattening of their growth in recent years. Failed priestly vocations feed into the figures for the permanent deacons. The tables are taken from a German charismatic Catholic publication, ironically called Weg-Bereiter - Preparer of the Way!!! Better to say "taking a tumble over the cliff".

The tables

Diocesan priests: permanent deacons

Priests in religious orders: brothers in religious life

Nuns: secular institutes

Men and women in pastoral service

The red line is the total number in the vocational group. the lower line the number of new members.

Also the post-conciliar catastrophe in figures and more here. This is not a problem just in Germany or Europe. It is a problem for the whole Catholic Church.