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Cardinal Scola works on an election coup

Cardinal Scola works on an election coup
It is an election, entwined with legends: Before the conclave in which the new pope is determined, the tension rises in the Vatican. An Italian cardinal is already a big favorite.

The adoption of silence for the cardinals gathered in Rome has slowed the flow of information from the pre-Conclave significantly. Yet more news leaked out and ignited the particular creativity of the Italian media. According to the findings of the newspaper "La Repubblica" the Milan Cardinal Angelo Scola (71) already has 40 votes behind him - a statement which is not justified in detail.

The renowned theologian would therefore take the pole position in the camp of moderate reform-minded cardinals. And he would therefore oppose the conservative forces of the Roman Curia, who want to leave the structures at the top of the Church essentially untouched.

More transparency and changes?

The extensive discussion in the General Congregations, and the long wait for the decision on a Conclave date suggest a high need for discussions among the Cardinals from the great dioceses of the world church. Apparently they have expressed their displeasure at the repeated breakdowns at the top of the Curia - from "Vatileaks" to the Williamson affair - which have not been put behind them by the Curia.

The relationship between the Vatican and local churches is the issue, the Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said regularly at his daily press briefing. The discussions are on a broad range of subjects- ecumenism, interreligious dialogue, social justice, bioethics, collegiality, but also the role of women in the church.

Demands for reform, Vatican experts see coming especially on the part of Western and Central Europe, but also from the U.S. bishops and many Latin Americans. Favorites from this camp include not only Scola but also the pastors of Boston and New York, Timothy Dolan (63) and Sean O'Malley (68) , as well as the Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn (68).

And German Cardinal Walter Kasper (80), whose advice as the oldest Papal elector has been especially sought, very significantly has called in past weeks for more transparency and changes at the top of the Vatican.

As a representative of the "Roman group", the Italian media cited especially the Italian-Argentine Cardinal Leonardo Sandri (69). Malcolm Ranjith (65) from Sri Lanka has been included within a team, which find their support from Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Dean (85) and his former colleagues Giovanni Battista Re (79) or Giovanni Lajolo.

As the front man of the Roman group, "La Repubblica" cited the Brazilian Cardinal Odilo Peter Scherer (63): If an outsider is chosen to head the church, the likely the number two of the church hierarchy, the Cardinal Secretary of State, would be with a high probability an Italian with Curia experience.For which Sandri could come into consideration - or maybe the previous substitute of the Secretariat of State, Archbishop Angelo Becciu Curia (64), or the former deputy Foreign Minister Archbishop Pietro Parolin (58), who is currently Nuncio to Venezuela.

It is questionable, however, whether Scherer, who is conservative on theological issues should actually be assigned to the Curial faction. Because also in the assertive Archbishop of Sao Paulo, who is a strong leader, observers see the interest in a renewal of the Curial structures.

Conclave opens on the Feast of Pope St Gregory the Great


The Feast was transferred after the Council to September 3.

Conclave starts on Tuesday- moment of truth for the Church

"The Catholic cardinals gathered in Rome voted Friday to begin the secret election, or conclave, to elect a new pope next Tuesday afternoon, the Vatican said.

The 115 cardinal-electors taking part in the conclave will enter the closed-door process after a morning Mass, the Vatican said. Only cardinals younger than 80 are eligible to vote."


Cathcon- do they need another day to discuss the profile of the next Pope or Vatileaks- or both?

Catholic Africa: Church modernization is a mistake

Over the past century, the Catholic Church has been growing fastest in one of the regions other Catholics know least. Sub-Saharan Africa accounted for only one percent of the world Catholic population in 1910. By 2010, that had jumped to 16 percent.

The faith here has a strength and exuberance that reminds some of early Christians. “These people are living a kind of New Testament experience,” says U.S. theologian George Weigel.

It is also highly conservative. Interviews in Luwero, a town in central Uganda, elicited moral stands so strict they would surprise Catholics in the West, as well as deep concern about poverty and justice.

“Modernisation has spoiled Catholics a little bit and they think they have to do whatever they want,” said Joseph Lwevuze, 58, who grows pineapples, coffee and other crops in a nearby village and teaches catechism at his local church.

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Cathcon- Cardinals! Take note!

The German's German candidate for the Papacy....from Brazil

In the Theley municipality in Saarland, people are following closely the upcoming election of the new Pope.
Because after the resignation of Benedict XVI. a man might become  the new leader of the Catholic Church, whose ancestors are from the 3300-inhabitant town.

The Brazilian Cardinal Odilo Pedro Scherer is currently among the top candidates for the Chair of Peter - and he feels connected to Theley. The 63-year-old from São Paolo speaks an ancient dialect of Saarland, has friends in town and was there several times to visit.

"He's a very humble, pious and happy person," says Mathilde Ludwig, who has often housed Scherer in their guest house "Casa do Brasil" (Brazil-house) in Theley.

Like  many descendants of emigrants from the city,  Scherer had the desire "to visit the land of his fathers, and to search for his roots," says the 83-year-old. Scherer's  last visit was in 2003, when he was  already Bishop of São Paolo.

"He celebrated  Mass on that occasion in our village church," says Ludwig. At Christmas last year,  a card was received  from him.

Scherer's great-great grandfather moved to Brazil
It was Scherer's great-great grandfather, who emigrated in 1880 as a "farmer and wheelwright" in the south of Brazil, the present state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Because hunger and poverty around 140 families left Theley in the 19th century because of hunger and poverty, going mainly to Brazil. The former king of Portugal and Emperor of Brazil, Pedro II had donated 23 acres of land to every German family in order to populate the land.

"It would be a great honor if Cardinal Scherer would be the new Pope," says the mayor of Theley, Hermann Josef Schmidt, a member of the Theley Parish. "Above all, because the connection between our place andn him still exists."

Cardinal Odilo Pedro Scherer speaks High German
Scherer speak only pure high German or a dialect, which like him, the emigrants had then spoken. "The descendants call him a Hunsrucker, because at that time the Saarland did not exist," says Mathilde Louis's son Herbert. Scherer had in letters used the old German word, ebbes for  "something"  instead of etwas.

Mathilde Ludwig has already filled six guestbooks. How many descendants of former Theley inhabitants have been in their hostel, she cannot say. "There are too many to count."

Scherer also entries can be found in her books - in the years 1982, 1984, 1987 and 2003.
"Thank you for the happy hours I have lived with you," he wrote, among other things. "He was always a regular guest," she says. He read a lot, went for a walk and made short trips.

In Theley there are still some Scherers - but they are not direct relatives of the Cardinal.

He is regarded as straightforward and conservative
Cardinal Scherer as archbishop in the city of São Paulo, leads the largest diocese in the numerically largest Catholic country in the world. He is one of Latin America's most promising candidates in  the Papal election.
He is regarded as straightforward, conservative and highly educated. He was appointed Cardinal in November 2007. The new Pope will soon be determined by the conclave of 115 voting cardinals in Rome.
The Ludwigs see a possible choice to succeed Benedict XVI in Scherer. They have "mixed feelings" about it. "On one hand it would obviously be an honor for Odilo" says Mathilde Ludwig, who hangs a photo of her "friend" in the living room.

On the other hand,  major challenges are linked, the only times you have to deal with. And daughter Gabriele Ludwig said: "As Pope, he will probably won't come to see us any more. But he already has as cardinal.

Cardinal Scherer is not as conservative as the article makes out. Cardinal Kasper appears to be plotting an anti-Pope Benedict Papacy to underdo the good work that the Pope has done in the last seven years, but which remains incomplete.

Cardinal blogs greetings from Rome saying he wants to go home

Greetings again from Rome, the Eternal City, the See of Saints Peter and Paul!

I miss you! It’s been ten days since I left the archdiocese, and as the old song goes, “I wanna go home!” Especially will I miss you all on Saint Patrick’s Day, the Feast of the patron of our great archdiocese and our renowned cathedral. So far, I’ve been unable to find any Irish brown bread, corned-beef, or whiskey. (Don’t get me wrong; I love the food and wine here in Rome!)

Heartfelt thanks for your prayers! We need them! We feel them! Keep them up! An old-timer told me that the days between the passing of one Pontiff and the election of a new one are like the days in Jerusalem after Our Lord’s Ascension to heaven. The whole Church prayed, prayed hard, prayed long, united with the apostles and the Mother of Jesus, who were locked-up in the Cenacle, awaiting the supreme gift of the Holy Spirit! That’s happening now, if your abundant and gracious notes and messages are any indication.

And we cardinals sure are praying a lot. Every day we each begin with the most effective prayer of all, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. In our sessions we pray from the Divine Office, begin each meeting with the ancient prayer to the third Person of the Most Blessed Trinity, the Veni Sancte Spiritus, and we break at lunch with the beautiful words of the Angelus. Wednesday, we cardinals made a Holy Hour of adoration before Jesus, really and truly present in the Blessed Sacrament, at the Altar of the Chair in Saint Peter’s Basilica.

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Archbishop- Curia needs to be cleaned from the ground up


U.S. Archbishop Charles Chaput: The future pope has "to clean" the Vatican bureaucracy "from the ground up ", this pressing task would require "an energy that Benedict XVI. could no longer provide" said the 66-year-old Archbishop of Philadelphia to the Italian newspaper" Il Messaggero "(Thursday).   Besides this, the battle against a noisy atheism counted among the greatest challenges of the new church chief. Atheism acts "as an anesthetic against hunger after God." Man remains a mortal being with questions about the meaning of life and the afterlife. "We need to regain a sense of eternity," says Chaput.

Chaput questioned demands for priestly ordination of women and the full ecclesiastical equality for homosexuals. "The Church does not have the power to change the word of God," said the archbishop. Even a future pope lacks the authority. "We respect each person as a child of God," he emphasized, about homosexuals. The church could not declare my personal inclinations and desires to be lawful, contrary to their centuries-long moral and sexual teachings. Archbishop said he was confident that the next pope will further fight against sexual abuse within the church . Here there is a new culture that is completely dedicated to the safety and protection of young people. Chaput criticized claims that , as former Archbishop of Los Angeles, Cardinal Mahony was responsible for cover ups of abuse cases, he should not participate in the Conclave.  They came for an "insignificant minority" within the Church.


Decision on beginning of Conclave on Friday evening/ two Cardinals de-registered

The vote on the start of the conclave to elect the next Pope will be held on Friday afternoon. The Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi announced on Friday.

The date would be announced after the afternoon meeting at 19 clock.

 The conclave is expected to start in the first half of next week. It might on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or maybe not until Thursday said Lombardi .

 O'Brien and Darmaatmadja deregistered

 The Cardinals gathered in preparation for the Papal election on Friday officially accepted the absence of two cardinals Julius Riyadi Darmaatmadja of Jakarta and the Scotsman Keith Michael Patrick O'Brien. The Indonesians was prevented from participating in the Conclave for health reasons, the Archbishop of Edinburgh for "personal reasons".


Vatican continues to leak; despite silencing of American Cardinals


"The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), which is headed by New York's Cardinal Dolan, claims that the leaks of information from the Vatican are continuing despite the Vatican's decision to cancel the popular news conferences given by the American cardinals."

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How Cardinal Dolan celebrates Mass.  Many more examples, including several real horrors, by clicking on the label.

Papal candidates being checked for past of sexual abuse

The abuse scandal plays, according to the Chicago Cardinal Francis George (76), a central role in finding candidates for the papacy. The preliminary meetings before the conclave in Rome are not just about leadership skills and communication style, but also about personal moral issues, George said to the newspaper "Chicago Tribune". "Does he have a past?" was a question among the Cardinals. Even being close to someone who is guilty of sexual misconduct could put suitability for church leadership under question.

Meanwhile in Rome the waiting continued. Yesterday evening the assembled cardinals had not yet decided on the start of the forthcoming conclave. The 11 March is considered as a possible date for the beginning of the Papal election.

Observers speculate meanwhile about tensions among the cardinals. North American cardinals were looking according to media reports for support from their African and South American colleagues for a non-European candidate for the Chair of Peter, so that no modern (Cathcon-ist). The "Vatileaks" affair of documents stolen from the Pope, intrigue and corruption in the Vatican have are being considered by the Cardinals. Cardinals especially from overseas wished to know from the Curia in Rome about the affair. At the instigation of the retired Benedict, the investigation file will be given to his successor.


New Pope elected, his name will be Pope Sebastian I.....


More wonderful pictures here.    Sadly, his jurisdiction will not even extend to St Louis Academy, Virginia, unless the Headmaster has abdicated.   Exemplary.