Friday, February 20, 2009

Conflict with dissident theologians escalates in Regensburg

Theologians in spite of their bishop.

Munich - In the Diocese of Regensburg, the conflict with the three theology professors who signed a statement critical of the Pope is likely to escalate. The canon lawyer, Sabine Demel, pastoral theologian, Heinz-Günther Schöttler and religious studies lecturer, Burkard Porzelt according to information given to the Süddeutsche Zeitung until early next week to withdraw their signature, and deliver a written apology to Pope Benedict XVI and appear before Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Mueller, to make a profession of Faith and an oath of loyalty. The Regensburg bishop had requested this and threatens appropriate "further steps". These could extend to the withdrawal of the permission to teach.

Before anything Mueller takes exception to the fact that the petition is supported by the lay movement “We Are Church ". The text criticized the lifting of the excommunication of the traditionalist bishop and Holocaust-denier Richard Williamson and expresses the fear that the Pope could allow parts of the church to reject documents of the Second Vatican Council. As a result, the signatories state the Pope had "acted to the detriment of the church," writes the theologian Müller.

According to SZ-information they are not the only ones who have to justify itself: Apparently, the lists after signatories from Regensburg be trimmed, pastors and church employees in the ordinary einbestellt. The canon lawyer Demel called Mueller’s letter "very strange and incomprehensible". She wanted now to discuss with colleagues from the Catholic faculty how to respond to it was. In ecclesiastical circles, it is known that their Department is supporting the three professors .

If the conflict is exacerbated, it is likely to have nationwide, even worldwide religious dimensions. Skilfully, Mueller has also sent his letter to the leaders of the Vatican Congregations for Education and the Doctrine of the Faith and so set myself the spot. The attempts of the Vatican to smooth the waves of excitement around the Holocaust denier Richard Williamson do not make progress. Also, the German bishops at their meeting on 2nd March in Hamburg have to clarify what they think about the tens of thousands of signatories to the petition that protests against the mildness of the Pope towards the anti-Semitic SSPX - just as Christians and Jews were celebrating the "Week of Brotherhood" together.

Cathcon- there has been a meeting between the Bishop and the Faculty today- more soon.

Vatican-Argentinian relations unaffected by Bishop Williamson expulsion

according to the Argentinian Ambassador to the Holy See.

No surprise there!

Liberal Catholics having nightmares in Austria

Rücktritt von Wagner noch nicht fix - the main Austrian TV station.

Resignation of Wagner is not yet fixed
Gerhard Maria Wagner has only expressed verbally, but not yet in writing the intention that he should withdraw from his appointment as Bishop. However, in order to become effective, the application should also be personally signed.

Much material for speculation
The fact that the parish priest of Windischgarsten takes so long to resign his bishop's appointment offers quite enough material for speculation.

Bishops in Rome
They are saying in ecclesiastical circles that he could, in the foreseeable future, very likely become a bishop, but not in Linz, but in a Vatican office in Rome, where he originally studied theology.

Negative for Career
A written withdrawal would possibly obstruct his career in the long term, which is why he prefers to give his resignation merely verbally.

Church insiders give little credit to this theory. A letter to the Vatican must officially be sent to Rome and that has to occur via the Nunciature in Vienna.

Important messages within the church are not sent by fax or even by e-mail. Before the document lands in the correct office, it could take a long time.

Gerhard Wagner Maria is currently not reachable, he has removed himself for a couple of days following the turmoil of the past few weeks.

Blasphemous comments on Israeli TV

Text here- warning deeply offensive- also response of the Latin Patriarchate and the Custos

Vatican denounces Israeli TV for blasphemy

Incredible press release from the Vatican denounces Channel 10 for blasphemy against Our Lord and His Blessed Mother.

In English with more detail here

The Central Council of German Jews refused to dissociate themselves from their former Vice-President when he called the Pope a liar and a hypocrite.

Cathcon is distinctly uneasy with the idea of Jewish organisations calling for Bishop Willianson to be hounded from country to country. This is what happened to Jews of previous generations, with the difference however that Bishop Williamson is "only" under threat of imprisonment and not of death.

So please no more double standards which have swirled around this debate.

Israel backs expulsion of Bishop Williamson

 Respaldo de Israel a la expulsión del obispo que negó el Holocausto - 

Israel backs the expulsion of the bishop who denied the Holocaust

An official of the Israeli Embassy, Ben Zvi Alexander, said on Radio 10 that the government's decision to expel the prelate Richard Williamson from Argentina "reflects a feeling that we all have"

Responsible for the Southern Cone of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Alexander Ben Zvi, supported the government's decision that the SSPX Bishop Richard Williamson, who denied the Holocaust, should leave Argentina in a period of 10 days.

In an interview with the daily morning program on Radio 10, the diplomat said that "this step reflects a feeling that we all have", which was a clear endorsement of the official determination. "In the logical world, a person cannot deny obvious things," he added.

Ben Zvi considered that "this denial created unnecessary tension between the Church and the Jewish people." On the Pope's position, the diplomat was highly critical of Benedict XVI: "He (Williamson) said it would study the issue, but he did not want to go to study the issue." The Pope asked that Williamson retract, but he refused.

Worth remembering that the Vatican revoked the excommunication of the holocaust denying Richard Williamson and in recent months, the SSPX bishop lead a seminary in a community near Luján, Buenos Aires province. But he must leave the country before the end of next week.

The official also told Radio 10: "I work as a diplomat and have visited almost every concentration camp. In Majdanek are still piles of ashes. Everything is there. No one can deny it. Stupid is a mild word," he said later.

So finally Ben Zvi advised "all those who say this is an invention," that " should go to Poland and Germany, and talk to people."

Bishop Williamson disappears

Williamson nach Ausweisungs-Erlass unauffindbar - Nachrichten Politik - WELT ONLINE

Argentina wants to expel the Holocaust denier Richard Williamson - but the Bishop is nowhere to be found. His whereabouts is not known, says the Ministry of Interior. Williamson who has to leave the country within 10 days took no position on the expulsion. It seems as if he has gone underground.

After the order for the expulsion from Argentina of the Holocaust denier and SSPX Bishop Richard Williamson, his whereabouts are unknown. A member of the seminary of the archconservative Catholic SSPX, of which Williamson had been the head until recently, said on Friday that he had not been in the seminary since the day before.

The World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder has praised the decision of the Kirchner government.

The disappearance is now being reported on German TV news.

Why Bishop Williamson is only safe in America

the European Convention on Extradition - unless the German authorities decide not to bring charges. That said, his present delaying attitude is only making matters worse if there is a trial- the sentence on comviction can either be a fine or a prison sentence at the discretion of the judge.

Procedures have recently been speeded up and make it more likely that the Germans could seek extradition.

Most excellent priest in the whole of England

trashed by liberal Catholic paper, which is still for some reason supported by the Bishop's Conference.

God so loved the world


One Catholic against five bullies

Last Sunday night on Austrian TV about Father Wagner. Precisely why they think a female Protestant pastor has any standing in this matter is beyond me.