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Bishop "God is not Catholic" Mussinghof of Aachen

Germany: "Further is not possible"
A communion in worship and sacraments with bishops and priests of the SSPX is is still not possible for a Catholic Christian. This is stessed by the Diocese of Aachen. Today no Catholic Christian in good conscience can share the views of SSPX, attend their religious services or ask their priests for sacraments.

From Vatican Radio. I heard the Bishop say God is not Catholic at am ecumenical service- my wife talked to the Radio Vatican reporter, "Oh no, of course, he would never dare say that in Rome.

Cardinal Lehmann - excommunicate Williamson again

Holocaust-Leugner Williamson - Lehmann: Williamson exkommunizieren - Der Papst und die Pius-Brüder -

Lehmann: excommunicate Williamson
If Williamson should not withdraw his statement, the excommunication should again come into force, says Cardinal Karl Lehmann. This is possible in canon law.

Cardinal Karl Lehmann calls for the excommunication of Bishop Williamson, if he should keep to his utterances.

Cardinal Karl Lehmann feels the recent statements of the Holocaust denier Richard Williamson to be an affront. "I am appalled that he now says he now needs only to study and this will take time," Lehmann said in the recording of the ARD Talk show "Beckmann" on to be broadcast Monday evening which also hosted Charlotte Knobloch, Chairwoman of the Central Council of Jews in Germany.

About Williamson, who declared in the Spiegel interview that he wanted to again examine further the historical facts of the Holocaust before the withdrawal required from the Pope Lehmann said: "This is really unspeakable, that cannot be allowed to rest. Then it must be said: If he stands by his views, the excommunication comes again into force. This is possible in canon law."

Loosing touch with the people
Knobloch is "very pleased that the majority of German bishops and cardinals are clearly on the side of the victim who has been beaten in this situation." Knobloch was reserved about Pope Benedict XVI. "I have a feeling that he has lost contact with people as such." His predecessor John Paul II had been very popular. "To what extent his popularity is transferred to the current Pope, I would have doubts about."

Lehmann, in the event of lifting the excommunication of Williamson and three other bishops "never had a doubt as to primary intention" of the Pope, "and never doubted his position on anti-Semitism." However he could not understand why " razor sharp conditions had not been formulated and published under which the lifting of the excommunications would take place."

Brilliant theologian
The pope was "a brilliant theologian," said the Bishop of Mainz but further, however: "We all need in our decisions good advice and consultants. The fact is that the internal and external communication of the Vaticann needs fundamentally to be improved, even the sparrows are whistling from the rooftops. "

The programme is broadcast in 40 minutes time.

Bishop Williamson loses German case against Swedish TV : Legal General

from Earthtimes

Nuremberg, Germany - Richard Williamson, the British-born Catholic who denies the evidence for the Holocaust, lost a court case Monday in Germany in which he tried to prevent the broadcasting of his views. He gave the interview year in Zaitzkofen, Germany to a Swedish television company, Sveriges Television AB.

His lawyers demanded an urgent injunction from the Nuremberg and Fuerth state court to make the TV company remove the video sequence from its web page and cease licensing the interview for worldwide use, a court spokesman said.

Williamson, who lives in Argentina, contended through his lawyers that when he agreed to the interview, he was not told it would be broadcast via the internet and outside Sweden. But the court rejected his claims.

He brought the lawsuit under German media law in the nearest court to Zaitzkofen, where the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX), the Catholic fundamentalist group led by Bernard Fellay has a German seminary.

Two weeks ago, Pope Benedict XVI re-admitted Fellay, Williamson and two other bishops to the Catholic church to heal a schism with the right-wing, ultra-conservative group. There was a storm of outrage when Williamson's opinions became known.

Separately, he is under criminal investigation in Germany for Holocaust denial, which is an offence under German law.

Population data indicates that between 5.1 million and 6 million European Jews disappeared under the Nazis' reign of terror.

Historical studies and court verdicts show about 500,000 were killed in mass shootings after the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941, and hundreds of thousands, perhaps more than 1 million, were killed with gas in Nazi death camps such as Auschwitz.
Richardson alleged in the TV interview that the gas chambers did not exist and alleged "only 200,000 to 300,000" died in Nazi concentration camps. SSPX has suspended him from his job as head of a seminary in Argentina.

Interview with Bishop Richard Williamson: 'I Will Not Travel to Auschwitz'

SPIEGEL Interview with Bishop Richard Williamson: 'I Will Not Travel to Auschwitz' - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International

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'I Will Not Travel to Auschwitz'
Bishop Richard Williamson's denial of the Holocaust has done serious damage to the Catholic Church. In an e-mail and fax exchange with SPIEGEL, the ultra-conservative bishop says that he is willing to "review the historical evidence."

SPIEGEL: The Vatican is demanding that you retract your denial of the Holocaust, and it is threatening to not allow you to resume your activities as a bishop. How will you react?
Williamson: Throughout my life, I have always sought the truth. That is why I converted to Catholicism and became a priest. And now I can only say something, the truth of which I am convinced. Because I realize that there are many honest and intelligent people who think differently, I must now review the historical evidence once again. I said the same thing in my interview with Swedish television: Historical evidence is at issue, not emotions. And if I find this evidence, I will correct myself. But that will take time.

SPIEGEL: How can an educated Catholic deny the Holocaust?

Williamson: I addressed the subject in the 1980s. I had read various writings at the time. I cited the Leuchter report (eds. note: a debunked theory produced in the 1980s claiming erroneously that the Nazi gas chambers were technically impractical) in the interview, and it seemed plausible to me. Now I am told that it has been scientifically refuted. I plan now to look into it.

SPIEGEL: You could travel to Auschwitz yourself.
Williamson: No, I will not travel to Auschwitz. I've ordered the book by Jean-Claude Pressac. It's called "Auschwitz: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers." A printout is now being sent to me, and I will read it and study it.

SPIEGEL: The Society of Saint Pius X has set an ultimatum for the end of February. Are you not risking a break with the group?
Williamson: In the Old Testament, the Prophet Jonah tells the sailors when their ship is in distress: " Take me up, and cast me forth into the sea; so shall the sea be calm unto you: for I know that for my sake this great tempest is upon you." The Society has a religious mission that is suffering because of me. I will now examine the historic evidence. If I do not find it convincing, I will do everything in my power to avoid inflicting any further harm on the Church and the Society.

SPIEGEL: What does the repeal of the excommunication by Pope Benedict XVI mean to you?
Williamson: We just want to be Catholic, nothing else. We have not developed our own teachings, but are merely preserving the things that the Church has always taught and practiced. And in the sixties and seventies, when everything was changed in the name of this Council (eds. note: the Second Vatican Council), it was suddenly a scandal. As a result, we were forced to the margins of the church, and now that empty churches and an aging clergy make it clear that these changes were a failure, we are returning to the center. That's the way it is for us conservatives: we are proved right, as long as we wait long enough.

SPIEGEL: People at the Vatican claimed that they didn't know you. Is that true?
Williamson: Most contacts pass through Bishop Fellay and the General Council, of which I am not a member. But three of us four bishops attended a private dinner with Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos in 2000. It was more about getting to know each other, but we certainly talked about theological issues and even a bit of philosophy. The cardinal was very friendly.

SPIEGEL: The Second Vatican Council counts as one of the great achievements of the Catholic Church. Why do you not fully recognize it? 

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Related Bishop Williamson steps down as seminary director- sacked as per Cathcon last night!

Bishop Fellay only allows Bishop Williamson in future to speak on matters of Faith and Morals.  Cathcon understands that the Spiegel interview was given "for legal reasons".

Bishop Williamson interview in Der Spiegel

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