Monday, February 02, 2009

SSPX to discipline Bishop Williamson

from the Mittelbayerische Zeitung

Holocaust denier Williamson threatened with consequences
Bishop Fellay is to announce possible sanctions against Richard Williamson in the coming days. "Yes. I'm already working on this," he said on Sunday outside of the chapel where Mass was being said in Zaitzkofen (Regensburg area), where the Society of St Pius maintains a seminar for priests. There the Lefebvre Bishop Richard Williamson apparently also gave the controversial television interview in which he denied the Holocaust of six million Jews. The Regensburg prosecutor is investigating whether a case of race hatred can be brought.

Fellay on Sunday gave no concrete indications of the implications of the Holocaust denial will have for Williamson in the Society of St Pius. Fellay would not confirm a possible resignation or an official withdrawal. "This is perhaps too much to say, but I do not see how Bishop Williamson now can exercise his office of bishop in many countries." Apparently, however, in any case, a strong reduction of the work of Williamson is being considered.

Lefebvre Bishop Fellay was disappointed that Williamson last Friday, in the midst of worldwide uproar, had regrets over his interview, but had withdrawn nothing substantive. "You see the situation in which we are. From this you can see that we are disappointed, " he said. Before the interview, he had known nothing of the anti-Semitic attitude of the British bishop. "As he did now, he has never spoken." He had been aware that Williamson was given to "extravagant thought" on various topics. "I had, so to speak, to attribute that “to the fact that he is British."

Anti-Semitism was always in the Society an isolated case. "In each group there are always people on the fringes." Wounds had been newly torn open with Williamson’s statement. "I apologise to those who have been hurt by this and especially the Jewish people."

Bishop Fellay- no place for anti-semitism in tbe SSPX

a welcome statement.

Cathcon received among other unpublishable comments someone claiming that he was in the pay of Jews last week!

This crisis is an opportunity to deepen understanding of the post-Conciliar catastrophe and also to reject holocaust denying anti-semitism, which is far more prevalent beyond the Church than within it. Both the catastrophe and holcaust denial depend on modern ideas of truth.