Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Blessed Isidoor de Loor, Passionist

In the black habit of the Passionists.
Thank offering in Our Lady's Grotto of the Passionist retreat in Kortrijk, Belgium where he was the doorkeeper.
Including a back-brace no longer required.
May the Passion of Christ be always in our hearts. Posted by Picasa

Our Lady in Jerusalem

whose heart is pierced with a sword of sorrow, pray for the Holy Land. Protect the Holy Places!

When the Crusaders first captured Jerusalem, Duke Godfrey became Prince of Jerusalem, refusing to be crowned king, saying there was only one King in Jerusalem. Posted by Picasa

First Communion is not what it once was


Impossible to understand the religious significance.
Elongated altars!
and rucksacks
More invented rituals
The fish was the first Christian symbol.

Children of the world unite, throw off your chains!
A Mass preparing for First Communion. Ritual sleep over.

Thanks to the ever-excellent See the priest of the parishes above who celebrates in jeans and T-shirt.

You've been framed.
But don't think you will be any the wiser about Catholicism.

English - Scottish - Welsh - Irish Martyrs

a work in progress. I have often enough criticised the modern Church for not encouraging devotions to saints, so hopefully this new blog will make good some of the deficiency. It will be updated every day with a new reading- by using the xml feed you can see this automatically. Other material will also be added and old blog entries enhanced with new links, images and information.

St Bernadette and the Rosary

I have not been able to find this photo on the internet.

Ecumenical pilgrimage to Sibiu in Romania

The light of Christ shines on everyone. Hope for the renewal and unity of Europe.

I don't think the plea, "I helped to unite Europe" is going to get you past St Peter's Gate.

Romania is 92 percent Orthodox.

Our Lady, Patroness of Bavaria

Pray for us!

Venerated in the Monastery of Windberg. Posted by Picasa

York Minster: now available on eBay

Anglicans sell stolen property