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Debate over SSPX could last for years

Mixa: Debatte über Pius-Brüdern kann Jahre dauern - Nachrichten -

The Augsburg Bishop Walter Mixa expects that the dialogue between the Vatican and the SSPX still could still take years. Without honest engagement, increasing closeness is not possible, said Mixa on the edge of the spring session of the Bishops’ Conference in Hamburg. Previously, several bishops had insisted that the conflict should be ended quickly, because many Catholics are confused. Mixa accused the SSPX of immobility, rigidity and outdated thinking. They believed a specific, historically evolved form of worship to be alone valid. In contrast, the Second Vatican Council does not break with the Church's history, but is a logical development (Cathcon - rather illogical and not a development in any sense Cardinal Newman would have recognised).

SSPX attack on Cardinal Martini


from kipa/apic

The traditionalist SSPX has accused the renowned Bible scholar and Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini (82) of a "subversive theology” beating to the same rhythm as Hans Küng. Cardinal Martini is a Küng, who has managed to enter the church hierarchy," is stated in an online editorial published today.

The author, Alain Lorans (an SSPX priest) accuses the emeritus archbishop of Milan of favouring the ordination of married men, women deacons, access of remarried divorcees to the Eucharist and the role of conscience in family planning decisions. He thereby stands directly on the line of the "progressive theologian" Küng.

Martini and Küng were ultimately "two eighty year olds who are in rebellion against the church, which is eternal".

Archbishop Williams defeats Cardinal Spellman

but don't worry. Its is a Catholic Archbishop and what is at issue has nothing to do with theology.

A Twitter on Linz

from pontesisto:

"It's time for Linz to be treated as a missionary area to be reconverted."

Double standards in the Diocese of Linz

Brüskierung glaubenstreuer Katholiken in Linz geht weiter – Unverständnis und Ärger Katholisches – Magazin für Kirche und Kultur

Cathcon- one law for those faithful to Rome, one for those unfaithful. No letter for the faithful, one letter for the unfaithful.

After the successful blocking of Gerhard Maria Wagner as Bishop of the Diocese of Linz, will "soon" those Catholics who have left the Catholic Church since January will soon receive a "personal letter" from Bishop Ludwig Schwarz with an invitation to return to the church reported the Linz Kirchenzeitung, without addressing the central question of the understanding of the true Church.

ORF and the Diocesan press office make another sideswipe at the bishop wanted and appointed by Pope Benedict XVI.. Since the beginning of the year 2400 Catholics have left the church. This was 1000 more than a year earlier, according to the ORF. "Often" the reason referred to for the resignation was "specifically" Wagner's appointment as bishop. An indication, however, which they cannot verify. In the diocesan leadership, a feeling of relief is unmistakeable over the "rejected" appointment as bishop of a Rome faithful priest and the changes that they feared in the “Linz circumstances” . Now they "grieve" over the "lost Catholics" feeds the ORF. Even the parish priests are asked to contact those who have left the Church to invite them back "into the shared boat" according to the church newspaper.

The Rome faithful Catholics of the diocese see this as a further snub. They do not criticise the concern of the bishop and the diocesan leadership for those who have left the church. They reserve their incomprehension and anger for the fact that those loyal to the Pope and the Catholic Church "have received no reply" from the Bishop. "One feels badly treated, as if we were just air," was the criticism of Linz Catholics who in the last few weeks have approached the bishop in writing to welcome Wagner's appointment as Auxilliary Bishop and who protested against the "hunt full of hate of a faithful priest ". In their letter, however, they received no response. "The arrogance of the liberal policy makers is simply outrageous," Upper Austrian Catholics are outraged.

Deans, take your partners please for the Linz Waltz


KATH.NET - Katholischer Nachrichtendienst

The controversial Dean Josef Friedl from the Diocese of Linz publicly admitted in a panel discussion that he has a girlfriend and says that he lives with her - Friedl is one of the 31"anti-Rome Deans"

Linz (
The controversial Dean Josef Friedl from the Diocese of Linz admitted on Thursday evening in a panel discussion in Linz he had a girlfriend, with whom he openly lives and rejected "mandatory celibacy" . He said also he did this in conformity with his conscience and no-one in his parish of Ungenach has a problem. Friedl is one of the 31 deans who at the beginning of February in an illegal assembly of deans voted against the Windischgarsten priest, Gerhard Wagner. According to a report of "Der Welt" several other deans of the diocese of Linz have de facto ignored the obligation to celibacy.

At the roundtable "Where are church and society going?" organised by the Greens of Linz apart Dean Josef Friedl, also participated Rolf Sauer (Family Department of the Diocese of Linz), Erika Kirchweger (Catholic Women's Movement), Episcopal Vicar Wilhelm Vieböck and Gernot Steier (The Christians- Cathcon- an unsuccessful attempt to provide a Christian alternative to the no longer Catholic Austrian Peoples' Party).

Cathcon: These Deans by attacking the exemplary Father Wagner are trying to deal with their own private difficulties with faith and morals not his. They are not talking about the good of the Church but their own comfort.

Divus Thomas

Restore Thomism, restore the Church!

On the Feast of St Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic Doctor of the Church

More from German Bishops on SSPX

Full statement here in German

The General Assembly has occupied itself with the debate over the repeal of the excommunication of the four bishops of the SSPX. It has become clear immediately following the receipt of unsustainable and irresponsible view of Bishop Williamson that the Bishops' Conference spoke out and any denial of the Holocaust condemned. As a result, the Episcopal Conference made available publicly the necessary documents for the debate (Decree of the Congregation for Bishops, Declaration of the State Secretariat, etc.) in a dossier our the website. In the discussion, members of the Episcopal Conference gave their experiences of the last few weeks. We set out the following specific points:

- The controversy surrounding the SSPX has made clear that even in ecclesiastical circles in Germany the understanding and reception of the Second Vatican Council is given to some misunderstandings and unilateral interpretations which should be more accurately perceived and should be intensively worked on.
- The disturbance of the relationship to the Jews was the clarification of the Holy See and the bishops in Germany can be renewed. The German Bishops' Conference is fully committed to the current path of Jewish-Catholic dialogue. For us here it is clear: There is no going back after what has been achieved and there will be no reversal to the relationship before the change (Cathcon- they mean Post-Vatican II – Wende is also used for the fall of Communism).
- The integration of the SSPX into the Church which is a goal of the Apostolic See, remains given the current experience a project with dubious prospects of success. The intransigent attitude of the leaders of the SSPX on the central question of full recognition of the Second Vatican Council and the lack of willingness to adapt to the Roman requirements gives a clear message.

We have put together these concerns and make public today a joint statement by the German bishops on the current path of the Catholic Church (see Appendix). It sees itself as a continuation of what we have repeatedly said in recent weeks and have done. In the next week in Rome, I will be addressing many points in different departments of the Vatican, particularly around the issues of communication between Rome in the national bishops' conferences.

In the discussion on the petition of the movement "We Are Church", the secretary of the German Bishop's Conference, P. Dr. Hans Langedörfer SJ, accepted the list of signatures. He made it clear that the contents of the petition were in part in great the views of the Bishops' Conference

Swiss Bishops' Conference on the SSPX

SBK/CES/CVS - 283. Ordentliche Versammlung der Schweizer Bischofskonferenz (SBK), Chur, 2. bis 4. März 2009

Repeal of the excommunication of Lefebvre-Bishops
The bishops and Territorial Abbots discussed the difficult situation which has been revealed from the lifting of the excommunication of the four bishops of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X. Many responses showed the great concern of many people in and outside the church about this step, especially given the denial of the Shoah by Bishop Richard Williamson.

The public and unequivocal revocation required by Pope Benedict XVI has not yet been done. The Bishops' Conference recalls that the lifting of the excommunication is not as yet the rehabilitation or reintegration into the communion of the Catholic Church, but only the opening of a path to reconciliation. The four bishops remain suspended. For this reason, they are prohibited from exercising the Episcopate and the Priesthood. The Vatican has stressed in several opinions that a future recognition of the Fraternity of St. Pius X requires, as an indispensable condition, full recognition of the Second Vatican Council and the Magisterium of the Popes John XXIII., Paul VI, John Paul I John Paul II and Benedict XVI. The opinion of the Pope is to understand the life of the church before and after the council as a renewal in continuity and not as a fracture.

The bishops were the Apostolic Nuncio in Switzerland, Archbishop Francesco Canalini their consternation and concern of the faithful before. Obviously, the lifting of the excommunication of the four bishops was not prepared sufficiently carefully and there were also serious deficiencies in the information provided to the bishops, the faithful and the public by the Vatican Curia. The bishops and the nuncio regret this error.

The events of recent weeks have again led to polarization. The Bishops invite the faithful to a pilgrimage on Whit Monday, 1 June to Einsiedeln show before God in prayer their concern for the unity of the Church.

Leading Abbot participates in anti-Rome demo


KATH.NET - Katholischer Nachrichtendienst

The Abbot of Einsiedeln takes part in a rally against Rome as a "representative of the Episcopal Conference - Young Catholics from Switzerland to organize a " counter-event "and invite you to pray for the Pope Prayer.

Abbot Martin Werlen of Einsiedeln participated on Sunday in the anti- Rome demo of the Swiss We are Church group to The rally named “Acting instead of leaving"" which is also supported by theologian Hans Küng, opposes the "current Vatican policy." It requires "full scope for human rights within the Church", "participation of all church members at all levels of church" , "equality of women in all spheres" and "diversity of opinion and dialogue within the Church." According to the organizers Abbot Werlen is at the rally expressly "as a representative of the Bishops' Conference" and will be there to take up the concerns of those present.

Young Catholics from Switzerland have organized next Sunday a "counter-event". From 14:00 to 16:00 clock, prayers for the Pope and the Church of St. Peter Church in Lucerne organized. "We want to show that the Catholic youth stand by the Pope and we pray for him, that also young people are prayerful." a press release release stated.

Cathcon: bet the Abbot refuses to meet anyone from the SSPX in his busy schedule.