Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hundreds queue for 'Erotic Church Service'

Cathcon translation featured on The Times Online.

What a waste of time!

118 pages of conclusions of the Latin American Bishops' Conference.

Clochers de France

Steeples of France

The Faithful of France Hold Parish Church

to defend the Latin Mass

The Latin Mass is for the salvation of men, but everywhere the Bishops wish to put the Mass in chains- to paraphrase, Jean-Jacques Rousseau (of all people!)

Exercise your right to vote

against violence in video games.

More than a certain irony about Anglicans complaining about desecration. Manchester Cathedral was a Catholic Church full of chantry chapels.

History of the Church is here.

Protestant anxiety to please

copied so often by Catholics in the last forty years.

During the reformation, the faithful became victims of modern fashions. This is the logical outcome.