Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Feast of St Anthony


Boston seminary head goes nuclear

That's hardly an exaggeration. Read the article in the Boston Globe together with ten pages of the resignation letter.

Critic slams archdiocese land sale as betrayal

The Archbishop is not sleeping well tonight.

The Reverse Pledge

Don't close churches in Dunkirk, Fredonia

Catholic Parishioners Against Church Suppression is an organization supporting the predominantly Polish parishes of St. Hyacinth and St. Hedwig in Dunkirk. We are opposed to the closing of any of the six parishes in the Dunkirk/Fredonia area because all six are financially self-sufficient. We feel the shortage of priests can be dealt with by importing priests from Poland where there is a surplus of clergy. We strongly oppose the closing of churches and schools to pay for judgments resulting from clergy sex scandals and we certainly will not sacrifice our quality of life while the bishop lives in a million-dollar mansion. There are many in our group who say if our churches close they will simply watch Mass on television. Others will give their weekly donation to another charity. The vast majority of our members are submitting reverse pledge cards to the diocese indicating that if their church closes, their weekly donations will be substantially reduced or eliminated.

We invite comments and suggestions from other Western New York Catholics at our Web site:

Bill Parks
Mary Ann Herrington
Phil Julian