Sunday, November 06, 2005

St Mary's Church, Indianapolis

The old high altar where the Holy Sacrifice was made.

And the new table where the Lord's Supper is shared.

Now Orthodox Church in Belarus

was Catholic- just to prove it is not only anglicans and Lutherans who steal Churches from Catholics.

Error rules where Mass was once said.

As Church purchased by protestant seminary.

Don't "Take A Break Away"

in St Francis Church

St Joseph's Church

now a business operation of the New Community Corporation or more simply put a restaurant. Jazz on Friday, instead of Mass everyday.

Perhaps Father Coco can perform!

What ever happened to confession?

after the Second Vatican Coucil

Why was the Passion no longer preached?

Why if there was the new beginning, did so much end in junk shops?

Including the Pope John XXIII biscuit box. He shares the biscuit box fate with constitutional monarchs who have no power but enormous amounts of respect. Did he have any real influence on the lives of all those people who say repeatedly that they respect him? Respect is not enough for the Vicar of Christ.

Queen Elizabeth II

The bread and wine offered by your priest Melchizedek

On the sunday after the anniversary of his death, a picture of Cardinal Joos in the Church where he was parish priest

The Parish Church

At the grave

Episcopal betrayal

of Byzantine Catholic Church in United States.