Friday, July 01, 2011

Bishop Williamson back in court, ordinations in any case

Prozess gegen Williamson, trotzdem Priesterweihen

On Monday, the appeal takes place against the Court of the First Instance sentence of Holocaust denier Richard Williamson, Bishop of the Society of St. Pius X. Two days earlier the Society in Zaitzkofen, where Williamson denied the Holocaust in front of the camera, will ordain four priests - against the express wishes of the Vatican.

On 4 July at 9 clock the appeal will be heard in the District Court in the trial of the member of the Society of St Pius X, Bishop Richard Williamson. He was convicted in April 2010 by the Court of the First Instance of denying the Holocaust in the Zaitzkofen Seminary of the arch-conservative Society. But two days before the trial, the Society will again openly provoke the Vatican, despite the request of the pope to no longer for the moment ordain priests by holding ordinations on 2 July in Zaitzkofen.

The Bishop of Regensburg has already described the most recent ordination as a "provocation". Two days before the renewedcourt proceedings which have caused an international sensation, probably the criticism of Pope Benedict and his efforts to reintegrate the Society into the Catholic Church will flare up again.