Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Cardina Bertone goes on television to defend himself and the Pope

Le cardinal Bertone analyse à la télévision les « attaques contre le pape » |

Number two in the Vatican, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Secretary of State, denounced on Monday, June 5, on state television RAI 1, the "ferocious, biting and organized" attacks against Benedict XVI in the case of leaked confidential Vatican documents, but said they do not frighten the pope.

"The have always been attacks intended to manipulate" even though "this time, however, it seems that the attacks are more targeted, sometimes fierce, biting and organized," he said. Benedict "certainly does not let himself  not frightened by the attacks, whatever their type," he added. "What is most sad in this case and in these events, it is the violation of privacy of the Holy Father and his closest collaborators," observed the cardinal, speaking for the first time publicly on the matter.

Referring to "transparency", the Secretary of State, the "Prime Minister" of the Pope, said: "It may be an act of cynicism or superficiality: it is not enough to read some documents and publish documents. Partial to know the full truth about the facts: clarifications are the result of a work of dialogue, of personal relationships and also conversion of heart, which are not simply the result of paper or bureaucracy. ". For Cardinal Bertone, these events are "moments not of division but of unity, strength in faith, serenity in decisions, real cohesion between all those who truly want to serve the Church."

Secretary of State said that the pope "listens to all and moves forward, true to his mission." As he said repeatedly in Milan, during the World Meeting of Families, the motto is still "Courage! ".