Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Little Italy takes to the streets

Little Italy takes to the streets

Italians locked out of their own Church forced to have an open air service.

See the great pictures of a great community by then clicking on "Italian parade".

Our Lady of the Rosary pray for us!

Concelebration and the shortage of priests


Next time you see a concelebration, think how many parishes did not have a Mass that day.

...and how many priests no longer say a Mass every day?

The way to destruction

It all started when they removed the Blessed Sacrament from the tabernacle on the principal altar of the Church. The Blessed Sacrament was put into a side chapel, which is now often locked. Then came the do-it-yourself and please-yourself Masses. Then the sanctuary area was renovated. Then with the removal of the altar rails, it was no longer clearly a sanctuary. Then the supply of priests dried up. No reserved Sacrament, no sanctuary, no priest, no Mass and soon no Church.

Churches wait for closure dates

Church closure announced on Pentecost Sunday! Cap that for irony!

And look!
They just opened last year a $1.3 million parish center! More than happy to take the donations!

Our Lady Help of Christians, was also the dedication which Don Bosco gave to the mother Church of the Salesian Order. How can they close a Church dedicated to Our Lady under the title which has given the Church so many triumphs?

Scottie Press Guestbook

Scottie Press Guestbook:

John McNamara in the Scottie Press Guest book
Date: Tue Jul 13 14:31:44 CEST 2004

St Helens already we have lost Sacred Hearts Church at present it is being demolished.St Mary`s Lowe House and Holy Cross are to join as one parish in September father Paul Glover will be Parish priest. Canon John Pennington will retire and will still be at Holy Cross with Father James Mathews. The Passionists are also leaving St Anne and Blessed Dominic at Sutton and they have already altered the Mass times. the Parish priest from St Vincents Parr will take over and will also have Our Lady`s Fleet Lane. The new church of St Joseph Peasley Cross is to close. no changes at present at St Theresa`a Sutton Manor My personal view is that the these priests are going to crack up with the extra responsibity of two or even more parish`s.Some are already grumpy and bad tempered which could mean more could leave the ministry. In 5 years time I can see even more catholic Church`s closing. If a company is short of labour they advertise . Why can`t the Archdiocese have a massive campaign advertising for good catholic men to join the priesthood priests should be out on the streets preaching the good news if they cannot get the laity to go to church. if we all said a Hail Mary for Vocations every day. I think the Lord will provide us with the fruit from the Vineyard

Church closing viewed as part of expansion plan!

Another "close two churches and build another" deal! - Wayland Town Crier - Boston again!

"A gross injustice being perpetrated on Catholic churchgoers"

A great article!

Pilot Stories -2/27/2004 - Surviving the pain of parish closure

Pilot Stories -2/27/2004 - Surviving the pain of parish closure

So soothing are the words of the Archdiocese to cover for the American wide and deliberate policy of targetting the national parishes.

St. Bernard's closure a mistake?

St. Bernard's closure a mistake?:

Property value considerations may have been a factor in the archdiocese's decision to close St. Bernard's.

11 million dollars just proves to be too tempting.

New church closing technique. Rig your own process by omitting a church from your list.

But now poor Corpus Christi is in the firing line.

Green Bay Press-Gazette

Holy Martyrs, Holy Trinity prepare for merger

Weasel word number four: a period of readjustment

And another "if you believe that, you believe anything" statement
“It’s not just a closure. It’s a new life,”

Pure madness. They are closing two perfectly good churches and building a new one.

The new dedication of the Parish

Dedications to the the Holy Martyrs of Gorcum in this ecumenical age and to the Most Holy Trinity in this era of inter-religious dialogue are now an embarrassment. Although Prince of Peace is one of the titles of the Messiah from Isaiah 12, the meaning is flexible enough to be offensive to no-one.

Ironically, the news of this church closure came just before the
Feast of the Holy Martyrs of Gorcum on July 9
At Briel in Holland, the passion of the nineteen martyrs of Gorcum. Of these, nine priests and two lay brothers were of the Order of Friars Minor, four were secular priests, two Premonstratensians, one Canon Regular of St. Augustine, and one Dominican. For vindicating the authority of the Roman Church and the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist, they endured various insults and torments from the Calvinist heretics, and their great suffering was ended by all of them being hanged. Pope Pius IX included them in the number of holy martyrs.

Mary, Queen of Martyrs and All Holy Martyrs of Gorcum pray for us!

A pilgrimage still takes place on the nearest Saturday to the Feast. Anyone wishing to have more details can e-mail