Thursday, January 26, 2006

Church becomes tent city


In the Church of St Boniface, Brussels there is a growing tent city. It is occupied by the "without-papers" demanding their rights. There are hundreds of places to choose to occupy in Belgium but they have chosen to desecrate a Church. We found in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, four people including possibly the priest (difficult to say from the way he was dressed) about to start the "Rosary of the Holy Spirit". The Church is run by the Spiritan Fathers who are reviving this devotion originally approved by Pope Leo XIII.

However, the rest of the Church has been utterly tranformed, starting with the posters outside.

They even have a computer installed on which they were playing card games.

And an open fire. Sorry for the poor quality of the photo. The man was quite aggressive.

The tents run the entire length of the aisle.

Not the first time that this has happened in Brussels. How can you evangelise when most people would be too frightened to enter this Church? The Church authorities don't care.

Tabernacle in the Confessional


The Church of the Holy Trinity, Brussels has in the last few days reopened after a closure of ten years. But be careful when you are passing the row of confessionals as
they have decided to reserve the Blessed Sacrament there.

And instead of a Cross behind the altar, they have a wierd bird-like figure.

The Church was the Church for the Knights of Malta in Belgium before its closure.

Why can Michael Schiavo marry again in a Catholic Church?

"Because he met the requirements for marriage in the Roman Catholic Church."

According to an e-mail, I receive this morning from the Vocations Director of the Roman Catholic Diocese of St. Petersburg. Since when do unrepentant wife killers meet these requirements.