Thursday, January 06, 2005

Battle for hearts and minds in St Louis

No trust for the Archbishop at St Stanislaus Kostka. "the proposal for the trust quickly fell apart when board members realized that only Burke and his chosen representatives would dictate the terms of the trust".

Not so long ago, the Archbishop was being called the new St John Fisher because of his attitude to the whitewash of Senator Kerry by the Bishop's Conference. One thing for sure now, he is no St John Fisher.

The Great Boston Church sell off

...little interest so far in property stolen from future Catholic generations

Archdiocese of Boston

pushes Haitian Catholics from one closing parish to another

St Stanislaus Kostka

A priest full of Christian charity, unlike the Archbishop, visits to celebrate Christmas Mass. God forbid that the Archbishop ever controls the financial assets of the Church because he will then close the Church.

Abuse of authority in Archdiocese of St Louis

as Archbishop threatens parish of St Stanislaus Kostka with excommunication.:

Robert Zabielski, parishioner:
"I'm sticking up for what is right. Pedophiles in this church are transferred from diocese to diocese while good, faithful people are excommunicated."