Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Church of Our Lady of Victories in Paris


contains a votive plaque. It prays for the TOTAL conversion of England.

Father Ignatius Spencer, Passionist


"O God have mercy on England! Turn, O Jesus, thy meek eyes upon that people. Let pity drop from Thy glorious Wounds and mercy from Thy Heart. In what she is blind, in what she sins, forgive her, for she knows not what she does. Have mercy on England!"

Weep, weep O Walsingam,

Whose dayes are nightes, Blessings turned to blasphemies, Holy deedes to dispites. Sinne is where our Ladye sate, Heaven turned is to helle; Sathan sitte where our Lord did swaye, Walsingam, oh, farewell!

Scent Erotic


A report from the Catholic Women's Movement of Austria from their journal "World of Women"!

"Smells are not only the door to the soul but also the key to sexuality."

World War III is rather nearer than most people think, but Catholic women in Austria are being worried about perfume.

Is there a 4th secret of Fatima?

Maybe. Certainly the world awaits the rest of the Third Secret.


Words change meaning over time

and dictionaries invariably lag behind the changes. I expect that, say, fifty years from now dictionaries will get around to defining "dialogue" as "a waste of time" (see the comments)

Runaway abbot

Revd Father Dominik Nimmervoll (literally Never Full or Never Enough)

This man was the head of the Cistercian Order in Austria and Abbot of Wilhering. He decided he wanted a change at 50, not wanting to grow old in a monastery and became a parish priest.

His monastery

His new parish

They have a liturgy committee at this church which proclaims as its motto, "Church and Liturgy for the sake of humanity".

There is an old laybrother who can be found outside the door of the Church at Wilhering each day at sunset praying the Rosary. He did not run away and doubtless prays for the runaway abbot.

The lay brother has been on a handful of pilgrimages but he says his next pilgrimage will be when he ends his days in the monastery. He has an intense devotion to Padre Pio.

Cardinal Kasper keeps on eye on Rowan Williams?


as well he might given the destructive tendencies of Anglicans towards Catholic Churches.

Computer chip novena


"You will be my witness." Novena to celebrate 850 years of Mariazell in Austria.
The image is "Christ the Light" (!!!) which can be found in the Exposition Chapel. Why does the modern Church speak in riddles? Ordinary Catholics will never find these hidden meanings when looking at this "art".

Month of All Souls


That the angels may take thee to paradise.