Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lifeteen Mass?


Did all the congregation run away?

Impressive beauty of the new Mass

Cardinal Lehmann has used the German manifesto for the liberation of the old Mass to his own ends, by coming out with praise of the failed liturgy reform of the late 1960s. Translation of an article from the ever excellent

“There are mis-implementations here and there.”

The Mainz bishop, Karl, Cardinal Lehmann has recently remarked on the “beauty” of the new Mass.

A reason for this recent praise was the German language manifesto for the readmitance of the old Rite.

These comments were made by Cardinal Lehmann for the latest edition of the Mainz Church News, “Glaube und Leben” (Belief and Life). According to the Catholic news agency, KNA the Cardinal defended the prevailing liturgy in the Catholic Church. Cardinal Lehmann explained in his introductory article, that “a group of intellectuals”, the inverted commas are the Cardinal’s own have asked for the official re-admittance of the old Mass in a manifesto. He was pleased that there were no polemics against the new Mass of the Second Vatican Council.

The Church has no doubt about the beauty and the celebratory nature of the Latin Mass especially in musical times. But it has already got to be considered that this Mass had gone through many alterations.

The Second Vatican Council has renewed this old Mass for our times and the Cardinal repeats that thanks be to God, there have been no polemics against the new Mass.

After all, the Old Mass had never been eliminated.

The Cardinal underlined once more that the post conciliar Mass – apart from some abuses – has its own beauty and festive nature.

The Second Vatican Council had decided with circumspection to instigate a general renewal of the liturgy with great care. However, the Cardinal did not mention that the required reform had been put into practice in the 1965 Missal. This Missal was however only used for four years.

Furthermore, he says that the Church is grateful for the enormous treasures that have been derived from art and culture but the Church does not have to be exclusively bound by them. The Holy Spirit has at all times renewed and inspired the celebration of the Mass. This is mostly born out in the new arrangement of the Eucharistic celebrations.

“I am grateful that this has been managed thanks to the dedication of Pope Paul VI (+1978) and many efficient and respected liturgists who understood the position of the Church very well and in an impressive manner”.
There are here and there some abuses Cardinal Lehmann acknowledges and often at randomn, a lack of dignity and form but this is in no way an argument against the new Mass.

“And it is this that should be added to the manifesto”, said the Cardinal.

Restrictive policy

The Bishop of Mainz has been known as a strong adversary of the old Mass. Last November, 2005, he said it was sufficient to celebrate an old Mass “now and then”. After all, there are hardly any priests who are capable and ready to say the old Mass.However, in the late summer 2006, the Cardinal forbade a member of the Fraternity of St Peters to celebrate the old Mass. 300 people who had requested the old Mass from the area of Giessen in Oberhessen are still waiting for a reply from the Cardinal. They did request in their petition to celebrate the old Mass.

The Cardinal denies to others that which he was given in abundance.

Two pictures from 1963

The other lest we forget he is forever, the Carnival Cardinal, taken when he acted in a play when he was studying at the German college in Rome. More artist than prelate perhaps.

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The joke is now over


Jesus as Fool, a work of "art" by a Benedictine Sister, Christiane Winkler.

For the Archdiocese of Freiburg, the joke is clearly not over as they use the image on their website.

Last years of Pope Pius XII


Glorious images, tbe commentary I am not enthused about.

Includes pictures of the canonisation of Maria Gorreti, which was attended by her penitent murderer who had by this stage joined the Third Order Franciscans

Anglicans and Catholics - here's the deal

or at least extracts of it on The Times website.

It is such stuff as dreams are made on, to paraphrase Prospero in the Tempest.

Hilary Musgrave, a Religious Sister of Charity

former teacher, principal and Religious Education Advisor is in the Diocese of Dublin, Ireland. In more recent years, she became a clown and facilitator in creative spirituality, working in Ireland and many other parts of the world. Sr. Musgrave is presently Director of the Croí‑Ruah Creative Spirituality Centre in Dublin, Ireland."

Clowns don't need Churches, they need circus rings!

For Lent

an allegory of the religious life

Lent begins


Anglican/ Catholic unity

in the German newspaper, the Spiegel. Nothing there that has not already been in the Times and elsewhere.

Except to say, they seem to be heading towards the disastrous model of the EU of "shared sovereinty" applied to the Churches. The EU is not guaranteeing peace but rather creating conditions for war. Likewise.