Friday, October 14, 2005

Doa Rosario Bersama

Islamic extremists attack Catholics reciting rosary

Inter-religious dialogue in Indonesia - they forced all those present including the Ketua Lingkungan (informal parish leader - ed. note) to sign a declaration that they will not hold any more rosary gatherings in houses in the area.

And all the Assisi meetings in the world will not prevent such outrages. I suggest that each person who reads this says the Rosary an extra five times, or commits themselves to saying the Rosary every day, so that we subsititute many times over for all the poor people that have been intimidated from not saying the Rosary.

Long live Christ the King!

Mockery of St John Bosco in the worst Mass ever

Is it any wonder when the Salesian Bishop of Linz on the right finds amusing a puppet which is meant to be the founder of his Order, Don Bosco that the Salesians of Don Bosco are in such trouble in Austria?

Here are pictures of several Salesian Masses, ending with the worst ever in the whole Catholic world.

First, the "Dirty Washing" Mass

Another from the same Mass.

The "Smiley" Mass

Including a central role for the guitar but not for the Cross

The "Smartie" Mass

Real smarties for comparison!

Meaningless! Symbolising nothing

More girls pretending to be Our Lord Crucified

Altar "prepared" for a Mountain Mass

Tee-shirts in dubious taste which would have horrified St John Bosco

Would you believe that these people are assisting at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

Yes, once you have seen the "Ping-Pong" Mass. This Salesian Father is presiding at the worst Mass that there has ever been. Please e-mail me if you think that you have seen worse!

St John Bosco, pray for us!

Latin Mass pilgrimage to Belgian Shrine of Our Lady of Banneux

Prayers at the chapel where the visions took place

Mass in the main Church