Thursday, June 09, 2005

Diocese of Brownsville

2 schools to close, parish supressed

L.A. Catholic: Cardinal Clueless?

No. He knows exactly what he is doing. No chance of a shortage of priests if the present Church closure programme goes on. There will just be a shortage of Catholics and a shortage of saved souls. But that does not worry the Cardinal unless he is looking for donors for the expensive graveyard under his new Cathedral.

St. Ann's Church, Scott County

Now "Olde" St. Ann's Church a wedding parlour and ironically the one wedding that is forbidden here is a Catholic one.

And the Diocese of Albany

tried to sell so great an inheritance for one solitary, lousy dollar, so it could become a wedding parlour.

A Church- An Opportunity

Historic Albany Foundation now owns St Joseph's Church and looking around for proposals. How about "The Church- The Mass"?

After 78 years, doors closing at St. George's School, Delco

And where now are the children going to discover Catholic values? "Going to school here, we received Catholic values,' said Alumni Association President Eileen Gaghan, Class of 1967. 'It instilled traditions of family unity."

Pittsburgh Diocese announces more Church closings

Parishes renamed in an attempt to obliterate the memory of closed Churches.

Closing School's Last Two Days Canceled

Almost classic hypocrisy from the Archdiocese of Boston. In view of all the tragic history, what an ironic statement.: "Archbishop (Sean) O'Malley felt strongly that our first responsibility is to protect children and staff and not allow them to become part of this debate". They are part of the debate and who got them there in the first place, I wonder?

Cross removed from crematorium chapel

about the most anti-Christian thing you can do. And well done Mr Haywood- not often that you find protestants prepared to defend the symbols of the Catholic Faith.
"Peter Haywood, the chairman of the Seamen's Christian Friends Society, refused to conduct a service until a wooden cross was put back."

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