Monday, October 30, 2006

End game

Bishops use internet to communicate with Pope.

What is it?


Four bent sickles minus four hammers

Two crescents without two stars

Or is it a compass without direction?

No. Its meant to be a Cross, advertising the Cardinal Danneels Evangelisation Extravaganza in Brussels.

See also similar crescents and stars and the like on the World Youth Day logo

Hail the Cross. Our Only Hope. Which calls us to repentance!

The Danneels "cross" is in fact a symbol for self-centredness (scroll up for another look). Since the Council, we have heard a lot about Christo-centrism. The speakers should have saved time and said what they meant. They wanted us all to be self-centred.

All Saints Week of Evangelisation

in Brussels, starts badly as the Cathedral is closed on Sunday afternoon for the last concert of International Organ Week and Cathcon is ejected!

The poster which can be seen on almost all the Churches of Brussels says come and see!

But at the door, people found a cash desk.

For a concert of the International Organ Week.

And had to content themselves with gazing at this structure outside, which bears some resemblance to a Cross (but I doubt that any passing man/woman in the street without a Church background would realise this!)

I had in fact gone in by the back way via the bookshop where various books from the speakers of this week are on sale.

The notorious Guy Gilbert. The street is my Church. And our's too, after being evicted from the Cathedral for a concert.

Andrea Riccardi of the St Egidio Community. Preventative Peace. An Italian Ambassador has strongly criticised his Community's attempts to provide an alternative diplomatic service in the Mediteranean, protected by the influential contacts in Rome.

Timothy Radcliffe OP- see from hamburger to Eucharist, to give you an idea of the qualities of his preaching.
The Pope's works did not feature on the bookstand.

Kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament, a man who proclaimed himself a consecrated layman ordered me to leave as the concert was about to start. A woman saying the Rosary was even more upset.

More photos on the way!