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Priests act in the person of Christ

Immitation of Christ Book IV- Latin text above- large text below.

HAD you the purity of an angel and the sanctity of St. John the Baptist, you would not be worthy to receive or administer this Sacrament. It is not because of any human meriting that a man consecrates and administers the Sacrament of Christ, and receives the Bread of Angels for his food.

Great is the Mystery and great the dignity of priests to whom is given that which has not been granted the angels.

For priests alone, rightly ordained in the Church, have power to celebrate Mass and consecrate the Body of Christ.

The priest, indeed, is the minister of God, using the word of God according to His command and appointment. God, moreover, is there -- the chief Author and invisible Worker to Whom all is subject as He wills, to Whom all are obedient as He commands.

In this most excellent Sacrament, therefore, you ought to believe in God rather than in your own senses or in any visible sign, and thus, with fear and reverence draw near to such a work as this. Look to yourself and see whose ministry has been given you through the imposition of the bishop's hands.

Behold, you have been made a priest, consecrated to celebrate Mass! See to it now that you offer sacrifice to God faithfully and devoutly at proper times, and that you conduct yourself blamelessly. You have not made your burden lighter. Instead, you are now bound by stricter discipline and held to more perfect sanctity.

Cardinal tells Anglican converts

to go away, so as not to disturb his love-in with ecumenists the world over.

What more does Cardinal Kasper want?

"One source said the Pope even gave his blessing to the TAC’s plenary assembly in October, when 60 bishops agreed to seek full communion with Rome. Each bishop reportedly signed a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church on the church altar."

Cardinals Napier and Kasper surrendering at the Lutheran World Assembly (the proper dressed guy to their side is protestant, and what is that coat of arms behind them!?)

The Mass that matters


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Communist regime desecrates Cuban Church

when arresting opponents of the regime.- Cathcon translation of German newspaper article.

Human rights organization speaks of "unprecedented case"

Havana - The Cuban police have arrested in a church in the southeastern City of Santiago de Cuba up to 15 opponents of the regine. The police had on Tuesday come to the doors of the Church of Santa Teresita and "wildly attacked peaceful dissidents," said Elizardo Sanchez, President of the Cuban Human Rights and Reconciliation Commission (CCDHRN), on Wednesday. There were 15 government opponents arrested. Sanchez spoke of a "very serious case of political oppression, in practice without precedent."

The priest Jose Conrado described the incursion into the church as a "desecration". He reported that five dissidents were arrested. The police, with at least 15 vehicles drove away the government opponents and beat them, spraying something into his face, said Conrado.

Approximately 25 black-clothed opponents protested against the arrest of their like-minded comrades, and were drawn to the Church of Santa Teresita. According to estimates of the CCDHRN, there are in Cuba around 250 political prisoners.

Beloved eatery facing closure

was Catholic convent.

In the latest instance, Chardas' second incarnation was to rise across the street in the former convent and rectory at St. Ladislaus R.C. Church. But a kitchen fire in February destroyed much of that structure. Rebuilding it to restaurant code proved to be too expensive, city and other officials said.

August J. Molnar, the president of the American-Hungarian Foundation who helped broker that move, across what's known as Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty Square, said that while the effort to find the restaurant a new location continues, "It's kind of dead in the water."

Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty Square, what an irony as he resisted every Communist attack on the Church.

Anglican vicar tries to avoid complete thrashing

in the Worst Chasuble Competition, by turning his back on proceedings.
And as the French can never keep out of a scrap between English and Germans, there is a late allegedly French entry. Cathcon has however disqualified this entry on the grounds that 1) the chasuble is not made of the very basest material, and 2) the priest is accompanied by an altar boy in traditional garb.

In Germany, when the Pope wishes something

A priest spends valuable time organising a seminar against his direct wishes.

Frosty climate for the Latin Mass at one of the leading pilgrimage places in Germany.

"Following the publication of the Motu proprio 'Summorum Pontificum', the town’s priest of Altötting organized a speech against the old Mass. But the shot was returned

Shortly after publication of the papal Motu Proprio to free the old Mass, the Monastery Provost and Town Pastor of Altötting, Revd Guenther Mandl (58), sent out invitations to a lecture (seen here with friends).

The head of the Pastoral Office of the Diocese of Passau, Cathedral Canon, Michael Baer, was to speak about the old Mass..

The speech attracted about fifty persons.

The Canon laid out on an overhead that the Holy Mass in the "extraordinary rite" could not be celebrated in a parish and that the Mass of Paul VI remained , of course, the proper form.

Subsequently, Mandl, the town’s priest said that since the publication of 'Summorum Pontificum', he had not received a single request.

There is also in his parish has no corresponding demand.

After this lecture heard a group of believers were left in no doubt as to what the feelings of the town priest actually were.

There are about fifty people from Altötting who attend the annual pilgrimage events of the organization 'Pro Ecclesia Sancta'.

Forty of them have in the meantime, signed a request for the old Mass.

They are now curious to see how Father Mandl will react.

The clergyman, in the daily newspaper Passauer Neue Presse , 'announced that he was read to make available the Seven Sorrows Chapel - or the chapel located in the cemetery of St Michael's Church.

Both houses of God are very cold in winter and are inaccessible for the elderly or handicapped."

Belgium Church will split

if the country splits.

"Believers call for the division of the bilingual Archdiocese of Mechelen-Brussels. The movement "Wallonia Church- " advocates that after the retirement of Cardinal Godfried Danneels, the ecclesiastical structures at the Flemish/ French language boundary should be adjusted. The members fear that the diocese will not be Francophone enough under a new bishop (Radio Vatican forgot the not!). A spokesman for the cardinal said that the movement was not representative. Cardinal Danneels himself had always supported the unity of the diocese. The conflict between the French and Flemish-speaking population had been ignited this summer after the parliamentary elections. So far, the parties of the two regions has been unable to form a government. "

The Wallona Church movement says that their position is dictated by the spirit of openess following the Council and that differences enrich. So much so they cannot participate in a Diocese with their Flemish brothers.

Polish Bishops insist on meeting

Church concerned about plans of the new government
-excitement about statements about in-vitro fertilization and religion as a sixth form examination subject. Cathcon translation of article in the Austrian Der Standard.

Warsaw - The Polish bishops want to "urgently" meet with the new government, said the co-chairman of the Joint State-Church Commission, Archbishop Slawoj Leszek Glodz, according the news agency, Kathpress.

According to the daily newspaper "Dziennik" the bishops are concerned with among other things, the question of religion as a school subject and the regulation of in-vitro fertilization. On both issues, there are clear statements by politicians of the Civic Platform (PO).

The Deputy Education Minister Krystyna Szumilas said that her department will not do anything about religion as a school graduation subject.

The Health Minister Ewa Kopacz has announced government grants for the artificial insemination.

The church reacted sharply to both statements. As Archbishop Glodz said, the episcopate will try to press the government for change. Education Minister Katarzyna Hall sees no obstacles in principle, to religion as a school graduation specialist subject. Much more difficult will it be concessions from the government in the announced support of the in vitro fertilization to achieve.

A meeting of the Church-State Commission is not yet planned. The new government has not appointed a co-chairmen of the Commission.

Sideswipe against the new liturgy

in the second encyclical of Pope Benedict XVI. Translation of the superlative

There is also a small comparison of the new and old baptismal rite of the church.
In the tenth section of his encyclical published last Friday 'Spe salvi' Pope Benedict XVI asks the question whether the Christian faith of today still contains the hope that, "changes and supports our life?"

Or: "Is it only information, which we now take up and set to one side when newer information appears?"

Looking for an answer, Benedict XVI cites the "classical form" of the baptismal ritual.

By the "classical form", he understands the baptismal ritual of the old liturgy which was abolished in the 60s of the last century.

The Pope begins his reflections in the dialogue at the beginning of the batismal ritual in the old liturgy.

Benedict XVI quotes the first dialogue in detail:

“First of all the priest asked what name the parents had chosen for the child, and then he continued with the question: “What do you ask of the Church?” Answer: “Faith”. “And what does faith give you?” “Eternal life”.”

The Pope goes further
“According to this dialogue, the parents were seeking access to the faith for their child, communion with believers, because they saw in faith the key to “eternal life”.”

The Pope stressed that the baptism today is no different in essence from this reality.

Baptism is not only a act of socialisation by the community – as Benedict XVI states.: It was not easy to become a member of the church.

“Parents expect more for the one to be baptized: they expect that faith, which includes the corporeal nature of the Church and her sacraments, will give life to their child—eternal life.”

Quem timebo

Who will be afraid?

Petition to the Archbishop of Paris for a personal parish.

France, eldest daughter of the Church.

Disputed Question

Whether the Anglican Chasuble is Uglier than the Catholic clergyman's?

Turkey up in arms against Mel Gibson

as he plans a film on the Armenian genocide.

Cathcon translation.

An ultra-nationalistic Turkish group is seeking to stop a Mel Gibson film about the genocide of the Armenians with an e-mail campaign, the Turkish newspaper "Zaman" reported on Tuesday in its internet edition. The man behind the campaign is the historian Savas Egilmez who teaches in Erzurum. The genocide of the Armenians between 1914 and 1915 was bureaucratically planned by the "Committee for Unity and Progress (Ittihad ve Terakki) of the then Imperial Ottoman government. A "Special Organization" (Teskilat-i-Mahsusa) was founded which is seen by some historians as a model of the German SS. The "Special Organization" was responsible for many of the approximately 1.5 million victims of the genocide.

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Catholic doctors strike

for better working conditions.

Cathcon translation:
The doctors’ trade union the Marburg Union has called doctors away from their work in church hospitals for a demonstration on Wednesday.

The rally in the Nord-Rhine-Westphalian town of Bad Honnef is directed against poor working conditions in church hospitals. The core concern is that doctor specific collective agreements for public hospitals should also apply in Catholic hospitals, said a spokesman for the union. A members’ survey by the Federal Marburg Union among 3,100 doctors had recently revealed that in many church hospitals there are allegedly particularly poor working conditions. For example, the doctors there suffer long working hours and unpaid overtime, according to the Marburg Union.

What is the world coming too?

Chasubles for the curious


Display for a Heritage Day in a French Church.

Work of the Holy Infancy


Which used to be the leading Missionary organisation of Europe, rescuing children from drowning in the river of paganism, and baptising them with all possible haste.