Monday, August 22, 2005

Recta Ratio

comments on Boston

"In a few years, the last 6 Catholics in Boston will be celebrating Mass in space they have to rent from the Episcopalians, because the Archdiocese has closed all our churches. Beancounting is no way to run a religion."

And on cell phones, I have seen a Jesuit leave to take a call during Mass.

Archdiocese closes another school

- this time two weeks before classes due to begin. Will come as no surprise it's that Archdiocese of Boston maintaining its usual standards of pastoral care - abysmal.

Manitowoc Parish Rebuilds Stronger

"The Green Bay Catholic Diocese recently reorganized all six parishes in Manitowoc, closing all of them then reopening three under one new name: St. Francis of Assisi". Now adding five to ten new families a week! So soon, they will have to open new Churches. And all the "recongfiguration" will be shown to be what it was all along, a colossal waste of time and resources!

As lawsuit looms, Catholic Church transfers ownership of properties

"Diocese being sued over abuse puts assets into parishes' hands":