Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pope Benedict XVI- "It would be easier for me not to recognize the SSPX"

Reactions – Benedikt XVI.: „Es wäre für mich leichter, die Piusbruderschaft nicht anzuerkennen

The SSPX is at a crossroads. The Pope is pushing for a decision - for or against the Vatican.

The structure offered by Rome for the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X , "incredibly suitable." This was said by the Superior General of the Fraternity, Bishop Bernard Fellay, at the end of a sermon last Sunday in Vienna. A copy of the sermon is posted on the video portal ''. (long and in German)

"We remain as we are," 

On the imminent recognition, the faithful would notice no difference to the current situation, Mons.Fellay: ". We will stay as we are,"

The safeguarding of the freedoms of the Brotherhood Bishop Fellay sees as a problem. Currently some points are still unclear. There was a great fear that the Vatican would try to manipulate the SSPX. 

Bishops want to prevent a reconciliation 

Bishop Fellay indicated that the reconciliation of the SSPX in the mainstream church was controversial. At the same time, he gives the assurance that the Pope wants reconciliation of the Brotherhood in person. This cannot be doubted. “But it is certainly not the will of all in the Church.”

"Very significant pressure" 

The future conduct of the negotiations Msgr. Fellay does not predict. It could be that the Pope decides within days or weeks. Or he could return the case to the Congregation. In the Vatican, there was "a lot of pressure." 

The Pope opens himself to criticism

Bishop Fellay quoted a phrase of the Pope on the situation of the SSPX. Benedict XVI said: "I know that it would be easier for the Fraternity and for me to leave the matter in the present situation." The Holy Father knows that he "will receive criticism" for a reconciliation. 

For or against Rome? 

In conclusion, Bishop Fellay said that the present "quite comfortable" situation of the SSPX is coming to an end. The existing road will not be continued: "There will be a result for or against Rome as a result of this situation." Both will be difficult.

Cardinal hopes for unity with the SSPX

Kardinal Brandmüller erhofft Einigung mit Piusbrüdern – kipa/apic

The German Cardinal Walter Brandmüller hopes for a successful completion of the Vatican's efforts towards unification with the breakaway traditionalist SSPX. At the same time the Cardinal in Rome on Monday expressed his lack of understanding of the fact that the SSPX do not yet accept conciliar documents on interreligious dialogue and religious freedom.

Cardinal Walter Brandmüller celebrated on 15 May 2011 at St. Peter's Basilica a Mass in the old rite.

The specific statements of the Council possessed no "dogmatically binding elements," said the Cardinal. Therefore, they should be for the SSPX "the easiest texts to accept".

This concerns clarifications to the documents "Nostra Aetate" and "Dignitatis Humanae". These must be "taken seriously" as an expression of the living Magisterium, "without wanting to bind the whole Church, into accepting this formula," said the cardinal. One can therefore talk about these documents. The Cardinal was talking at the launch of a book on Benedict XVI and the Second Vatican Council. The Cardinal is one of the authors of the work.

The starting point of a "fruitful dialogue" with the SSPX would be the historical relativity of each council, stressed Brandmüller. Further, the different character are the canonical documents of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) has to be taken into account. It is true that there is a big difference between the Council document on the Church, which was written in the canonical form of a "constitution" and the mere "statement" about the mass media.

Brandmüller relied on the Munich canonist Klaus Mörsdorf(1909-1989) for his assessment of the Munich

The Situation of the SSPX by Bishop Fellay- video

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