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Cardinal's past comes back to haunt him


Der Karnevalist, der nichts kapiert - Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger

The Carnival Reveller who gets nothing. Diocese of Regensburg joins Cathcon in complaining about the Carnival Cardinal. Sadly, Regensburg have now removed the article from their website.

On the website of the Diocese of Regensburg, Cardinal Karl Lehmann is sharply attacked due to his critical position of the Pope. The lawyer Franz Norbert Otterbeck insults Lehmann as a "Carnival Reveller". Behind this is a former pupil of Lehmann, Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller.
Relations between teachers and students are often difficult. This also applies to Cardinal Karl Lehmann and Gerhard Ludwig Müller. The latter under the theology professor Lehmann received at the University of Freiburg his doctorate and lecturing post. Since Müller became Bishop of Regensburg, Lehmann has had some reason to wonder about the student: because of his harsh treatment of the laity, of crisis management in an abuse case, and because of the recent unsuccessful threatening of three theology professors, who supported a Vatican critical petition.

At the spring session of the bishops next week in Hamburg could Lehmann could ask Müller about this very personal attack: the website of the diocese of Regensburg cites Lehmann as "a Carnival Reveller", who had not “got” the Second Vatican Council and its doctrine of the Papal Office. Lehmann's criticism of the Pope's decisions were an "insolence," writes the Cologne-based lawyer Franz Norbert Otterbeck and insinuates Lehmann in the lee of an "apparent loss of popularity" of the Pope displays " an image of Ratzinger as the enemy." When Benedict XVI restored four traditionalist bishops of the SSPX to the Church, including the Holocaust denier Richard Williamson, Lehmann called for a quick apology of Rome. Perhaps one or another of the Bishop will have the idea that Muller should now apologise to Lehmann.

Prosecution of Bishop Williamson almost inevitable following statement of Bavarian Justice Minister

Justiz in Bayern - Ministerium - Pressemitteilung 34/09

Justice Minister Beate Merk:
"Bavarian Prosecutor investigates Williamson" / Holocaust denial a criminal offense in Germany

In the debate about the criminal responsibility of the Holocaust denier Williamson Bavarian Justice Minister Dr. Beate Merk explains: "Those who, like Williamson deny the terrible and manifest mass murder of Jews during the Nazi era, not debate about a historical fact. He also deeply violated the dignity of the victims. " Germany cannot accept such behavior, given its historical responsibility, under any circumstances and must emphatically oppose him. Therefore, under German law, the denial of the Holocaust as a violation of humanity has for a long time been punished with imprisonment up to 5 years imprisonment or a fine if done publicly in a manner which is likely to disturb the public peace. The Regensburg Prosecutors Office have been conducting an inquiry since early February into the Williamson statements on a Swedish television channel, to determine whether these conditions are met.

Frau Merk like any good conservative believes in protecting the victim rather than the perpetrator

and thinks that true justice is an advantage for any geographical location. Cathcon suspects that she sees herself as the first female Minister President of Bavaria.

German Justice Minister has also spoken on Bishop Williamson

Bishop Fellay will exclude Bishop Williamson from the SSPX if he denies the Holocaust again

Fellay exclura Williamson de sa communauté s'il nie encore l'Holocauste - dépêches AFP -

In an interview with the German weekly Der Spiegel to be published Monday, the superior of the of the Society of Saint Pius X, Bishop Bernard Fellay, said that Bishop Richard Williamson will be excluded if he repeats his denial. "If he is silent, if he remains in a corner, thats probably best for everyone. I hope he disappears from public life for quite some time," Bishop Fellay said in this interview, announcing he will exclude Bishop Williamson from the SSPX "if he starts again to deny the Holocaust."

Bishop Fellay said that the apology by Bishop Williamson in a letter published Thursday are "in any case a first request for forgiveness, and an important step in the right direction." "One can always wish for a better formulation. Nevertheless, this request for forgiveness is sincere, his intention to withdrawn the comments is real," he continues. "He hurt and sullied our reputation. We make clear our distance from him," he says again. Bishop Fellay had asked Bishop Williamson to reconsider his denial and forbidden him to make public appearances without his agreement and relieved him of his office of Director of the Seminary of La Reja, near Buenos Aires, Argentina. Bishop Williamson Thursday expressed regret for his statements later. But they have been deemed unsatisfactory by the Vatican. Bishops Bishop Fellay and Williamson are two of the four bishops whose excommunication were lifted by the Vatican in January. This decision created a huge controversy, because of the positions of Holocaust denial held by Bishop Williamson.

Fire sale of Churches in Canada

Reactions Canada Quebec's churches need miracle

It might be quite beautiful, with its golden cross next to the steeple, its triumphal arches inside, its extraordinary Casavant organ presiding, but that hasn't stopped Notre-Dame-du-Perpétuel-Secours from steadily becoming abandoned. Barely 100 seats in its pews built for 1,000 are taken on Sundays, and that's on a good day.

"We take in maybe $100 or $125 during the collection," says Father Pierre Charbot, shrugging. Not nearly enough to even pay the heating.

As a result, the church is for sale. But the west-end edifice has been on the market for more than a year, and so far, no one's buying.

Officials are still hopeful, but as of now, the majestic grey-stone church is a white elephant.

The fire sale of Catholic churches in Quebec continues unabated; they are victims of a population that, more than elsewhere in Canada, has turned its back on organized religion.

Fewer than 10 per cent actually attend mass.

Feast of the Ascension should be replaced by Evolution Day

KATH.NET - Katholischer Nachrichtendienst

Atheists in Germany need a legally required holiday. Ascension should be replaced by Evolution Day. A campaign to enforce this requirement will be started the Giordano Bruno Foundation on 25 February. The occasion is provided by the 200th Birthday of the founder of evolution theory Charles Darwin (1809-1822), said the CEO of the atheistic foundation, Michael Schmidt-Salomon. He does not expect the federal states to set up an additional public holiday, so suggests the renaming of the Ascension. On the one hand, most Christians in Germany anyway do not believe in the bodily Ascension of Jesus into heaven, on the other hand, many families took advantage of the Ascension holiday for excursions. In fairness, Evolution Day would cause little offense, according to Schmidt-Salomon. The "confessional free-one third of society should be taken into account in the public holidays.

The Giordano Bruno Foundation is a member of the Coordinating Council of Secular Organizations founded in mid-December. It claims that more than one third of the German population is non-denominational. The head of the Protestant Center for Philosophical Questions (EZW), Pastor Reinhard Hempelmann (Berlin), objected. It was a "wish removed from reality and possibility of implementatioon." People who do not belong to religious or belief groups should not simply be considered as "anonymous humanists or atheists'. More than two thirds of Germany's 82.5 million inhabitants belong to a religious community. The Roman Catholic Church has 25.5 million and the country's Protestant churches, 24.9 million members. There are approximately 1.4 million Orthodox and 875,000 free church members (including German communities coming from Russia). The number of Muslims is 3.5 million.

SSPX- Bishop Williamson's step in the right direction

D: Pius-Bruderschaft sieht „Schritt in die richtige Richtung“:

As a "step in the right direction," the SSPX in Germany has rated the declaration of the traditionalist Bishop Richard Williamson on the Holocaust . Further development will show whether the statement was sufficient, said the spokesman of the SSPX, Matthias Gaudrom on Friday in Stuttgart. Williamson on Thursday in a declaration published in London apologised for his controversial statements about the Holocaust.
And today also
Cardinal Lehmann has warned in his Lenten message about an over-reaction to the crisis by German Catholics and expressly defended the Pope.

Bishop Mixa attacked by leader of Bavarian Jewish Community

Empörung über Mixa - ''Jetzt ist ein klärendes Wort der Kirche nötig'' - Bayern -

"Now is a word of explanation is needed from the Church "

Josef Schuster, the President of the Jewish communities in Bavaria says that Mixa’s speech is ignoble.
The recent statements of the Augsburg Bishop Walter Mixa produce on the Jewish side incomprehension and anger. Josef Schuster, the President of the Jewish religious community in Bavaria, sees in Mixa’s words a deliberate provocation.

SZ: What do you say when Walter Mixa compares the abortion with the Holocaust?
Josef Schuster: I is not stop the language. Mixa is not the first Catholic priests, such a comparison draws. Obviously, some in the Catholic Church are not in a position to learn from the mistakes of other dignitaries. Joachim Meisner at least apologized afterwards.

SZ: Bishop Walter Mixa, in Dinkelsbühl distanced himself from Holocaust denier Richard Williamson.
Schuster: But as Mixa formulated this, it is simply ignoble: first to say SSPX member Richard Williamson was the evil, and then in an even supposedly more elegant way to relativise the Holocaust.

SZ: Was that a gaffe?
Schuster: No, that was no coincidence. A bishop is a man who has a proven intellect. Such things are not said without consideration, but very deliberately.

SZ: Should there be consequences from the Jewish standpoint?
Schuster: Now a word of explanation is really needed from the leaders of the Catholic Church in Germany - and soon.

SZ: Maybe the Catholic Church in Germany thinks like Walter Mixa - or is Mixa a specifically Bavarian phenomenon?
Schuster: There are indeed differences between the German and Bavarian level. Unlike the rest of Germany,the reaction of the Bavarian bishops in the Williamson case was not quite so obvious and clear.

SZ: So from your perspective at the time Archbishop Marx should find clear words?
Schuster: I'm very excited. On Sunday in Munich, the “Week of Brotherhood” opened of the Society for Christian-Jewish Cooperation . The keynote speaker is Archbishop Marx. I'm really excited!

SZ: On the Jewish side, there are some who would prefer to stay away from “The Week of Brotherhood” - because of the mild reaction in the case of Williamson.
Schuster: Parties participate in the “Week of Brotherhood” who have an interest in the coexistence of religions. It would be my opinion, not right to boycott them. But we hope from the chairman of the Bavarian Bishops' Conference, clear words - especially in the Mixa case.

Bishop Schwarz trip to Rome- update

Bischof Schwarz nach Rom bestellt

The Diocese of Linz is not at peace: Bishop Ludwig Schwarz broke off yesterday for a sudden visit to Rome. The originally scheduled meeting with young people planned for yesterday evening in Linz Cathedral planned, which is called the monthly youth catechesis, had to be canceled.

The Diocese is trying to portray the travel as nothing particularly unusual and is seeking to avoid giving the impression that Bishop Schwarz was summoned to Rome.

However, there is much to be said for such an interpretation: it has been confirmed that the Vatican visit is in connection with Gerhard Maria Wagner's renunciation of the appointment as Bishop of Linz, and that this particular visit was not planned of a long time. It should be about recent events in the Diocese of Linz and about the extraordinary results of the Episcopal Conference "personally" are spoken.

It was in the Diocese assumes that the turbulence with the withdrawal of Wagner would rapidly create, this new rush of confidence diminished.

Schönborn in Linz
The sensitivity of the situation is shown by the fact that during this past week, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn should have come to Linz for an unofficial meeting with Bishop Schwarz.

Behind the scenes, it is stated that Wagner's withdrawal was originally received in the Vatican by the Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops Giovanni Battista Re and had been accepted.

But then Wagner made utterances in various interviews that his withdrawal was made "not entirely voluntarily", which excited attention in Rome. Above all, Wagner, in this context suggested Bishop Schwarz no longer gave him his confidence which with the critical opinion of the Austrian bishops on the Wagner Appointment triggered irritation.

Riddles about the consequences
The church arch-conservative wing to which Wagner belongs spreads rumours that there could even be an apostolic visitation, as was the case in the Diocese of St. Pölten after the Seminary scandal. This variant was described by church experts as highly unlikely. "Of this we have heard nothing," says a contact in the Linz diocese.

What consequences that the Schwarz trip to Rome could have for the Diocese , remains a mystery in Linz