Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Vere Dominus est in loco isto

A protestant once came with a friend of ours to visit us in Austria. He complained bitterly about not only the numbers of Churches he had to see, but also about the Catholic Church itself.

Our last visit of the day was the Abbey of Kremsmunster. As we entered the main courtyard, he pointed up to the Latin inscription. What does it mean?

"Indeed the Lord is in this place". Genesis 28:16

A silence descended and no more complaints were heard again.

The verse goes on " ego nesciebam......and I knew it not."

The full text of Jacob's Dream can be found here.

Small redesign

I have altered the look to ensure that the pictures and text are more clearly consistently presented. Feedback welcome!

Where's the fire?

Altar girls dressed up as fire persons at a Mass in Germany. What does this teach them about the Catholic Faith? NOTHING!

Concert season (again!)

in Linz Cathedral. Originally built in honour of the Definition of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception (incidentally, also where my wife's parents were married).

Allows people religious feelings without the commitment. All very protestant.

The Church pats itself on the back that it has the uncommited in the building. Uncommited they are and uncommited they remain.

Archconfraternity of the Precious Blood.

Dor the end of the Month of the Holy Blood. The small pictures show the blood sheddings of Christ, also used in the Rosary of the Precious Blood.

Our Lady of the Great Return

Pilgrimage just over the English Channel.

Spectacular Passion Play

in St.Margarethen, Austria.

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us!


Latin Mass returns

- after decades to the Ursuline Church in Linz (while the regular location of the Minors Church is being restored).

The pulpit is also restored to use.

Hail the Cross our only hope

From a pilgrimage Church of the Holy Cross, near Kremsmunster in Austria.

Altar boy shortage hits Austria.


Palm Sunday 2006.


to Baptists.