Monday, July 31, 2006

St. Ignatius Loyola

Today is his Feastday and the 450th Anniversary of his death.

See The Life of St. Ignatius Loyola

Sadly modern Jesuits no longer follow the architectural standards that could be seen in every main town of Europe in the counter-reformation.

For comparison, a selection of Jesuit Chapels in Ireland.

We fly to Maundy Thursday in Goa. A Jesuit sits on the right.

You guessed it. JESUITS!

And how they say Mass.

Compare How Jesuits pray!

It used to be that Jesuits do what the Pope demands, now they now do what their swami says.

And this is not what the Pope intended when he made St Ignatius the Patron Saint of Retreats.

Nor did St Ignatius who organised the Jesuits on military lines to evangelise the whole world wish them to become peace activists who cannot distinguish Catholicism from other religions.

Of all orders, the Jesuits are the most decadent and in recent years they have certainly had some competition in this department.

Once saw a Jesuit take a call on a mobile while he was concelebrating Mass. The five Jesuits of my family would not recognise the modern order as the same as thta founded by St Ignatius.

Latin Mass Community of Saint Philippine Duchesne

The Glory of the Mass.

Nazi ship

becomes floating Church in Croatia. Yet more, "Youth Mass" as "event": the idea only leads to lapsation by many.

Still in Vigil

Hoping all is well.

We are still in vigil at Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church
in East Boston, Massachussetts.

21 Months. We want to speak to Cardinal Sean O'Malley,
but they never seem to receive our messages or he
has gone to Rome. One excuse after another.

When the statue of Our Lady of Mt Carmel fell
backwards and thudded to the floor at the Last Mass.
We knew it was a sign from Our Lady that she does
NOT want to leave her home. We promised Our Lady
we will honor her wish as long as it takes to re-open
our magnificent Church.

On July16th Our Lady's Feast Day we had a
procession from the Church to the Garden
where we recited the Rosary, Litany and hymns
We also had someone play the trumpet.
Our Lady was surrounded by the most
beautiful array of flowers.

Many people visited during the day to honor
Our Lady.

We recite the Rosary at 7:00p.m. seven days
a week.

Take care,

Our Lady of Mt Carmel Survivors