Monday, July 09, 2007


on the great return of the Latin Mass

Diocese of San Bernardino

Former Christ the King Church building closed

Procession on Sunday, June 10 unites Our Lady of Hope Parishes

On the "Feast of The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ" or Corpus Christi, June 10, the Most Reverend Gerald R. Barnes celebrated the last Mass at the former church building of Christ the King in San Bernardino.

Sr. Maureen Chicoine, RSCJ and some staff members of Our Lady of Hope Rialto site, Del Rosa site, and Valencia site, participated in the Eucharistic Celebration.

Holy Water bottles blessed at the Mass were distributed as a remembrance to the gathered assembly. After the Mass, parishioners processed two miles with the Blessed Sacrament to the Our Lady of Hope, Valencia Avenue site, where they will worship until the new parish is built on the corner of Tippecanoe and Baseline.

Bishop Barnes and Very Reverend Robert Miller, Episcopal Vicar for the San Bernardino Pastoral Region walked with the pilgrims and other clergy and diocesan personnel. The bishop ended the procession with a Benediction at their new home church.

Community spirit was high and all felt hope and unity and shared stories and prayed together for the time when their hope will be realized and they will be able to celebrate the Eucharist at the new location.

Thanks to the Bishop who can't be bothered to welcome tbe Motu Proprio.

Monopoly Mass


In fact, a play on words. Miniopoly Mass. Ministrant being the German word for a server.
"Play game stuff" is not the way to raise children into the Catholic Faith.
Whoever thought of this, go to jail, go directly to jail, do not pass on the Catholic Faith, do not pretend you are doing some good.

The Mass they tried to destroy


with this

S.C.D.W., Conferentiarum Episcopalium*, 28 October, 1974

This sacred congregation, in a Note published on 14 June, 1971, and approved by the Supreme Pontiff, defined the role of episcopal conferences in the preparation of vernacular versions of liturgical books and set out the regulations for obtaining their confirmation by the Holy See. Gradually, the employment of the vernacular versions spread everywhere to such an extent that, enough time having elapsed, it is clear that the work is almost complete.

With regard to the Roman Missal: when an episcopal conference has determined that a vernacular version of the Roman Missal—or of a part of it, such as the Order of the Mass—must be used in its territory, from then on Mass may not be celebrated, whether in Latin or in the vernacular, save according to the rite of the Roman Missal promulgated by the authority of Paul VI on 7 April, 1969.

With regard to the regulations issued by this sacred congregation in favor of priests who, on account of advanced years or infirm health, find it difficult to use the new Order of the Roman Missal or the Mass Lectionary: it is clear that an ordinary may grant permission to use, in whole or in part, the 1962 edition of the Roman Missal, with the changes introduced by the Decrees of 1965 and 1967.b But this permission can only be granted for Masses celebrated without a congregation. Ordinaries may not grant it for Masses celebrated with a congregation. Ordinaries, both religious and local, should rather endeavor to secure the acceptance of the Order of the Mass of the new Roman Missal by priests and laity. They should see to it that priests and laity, by dint of greater effort and with greater reverence comprehend the treasures of divine wisdom and of liturgical and pastoral teaching which it contains. What has been said does not apply to officially recognized non-Roman rites, but it does hold against any pretext of even an immemorial custom.
Translated by A.F. from the Latin text in Notitiae, Nov. 1974, p.
The Order of Mass and the rite to be observed in the celebration
of Mass: Ordo missae et ritus servandus in celebratione Missae was
published on 27 Jan. 1965. It incorporated the changes introduced
in the Mass by the First General Instruction on the Implementation
of the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, Inter oecumenici,
"Changes to be made in the Order of the Mass: Variationes in
ordinem missae inducendae," was published on 18 May 1967. It
added the changes introduced in the Mass by the Second General
Instruction, Tres abhinc armos.

Mysterium Fidei

Dutch Catholics in support of the will of the Holy Father

And its that video again!

And they would like me to make it clear that they are in fact FLEMISH!

Flanders, once an inpregnable fortress of Catholicism in Europe, where the enemies of the Church could not enter. If these guys have their way, it will be again!