Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wonderful video of Latin Mass in 1960, before the deluge of modernism


Rumours flying around Rome of Vatican III

"This concern for the peripheries is the reason behind the rumor of papal trip to Erbil, Iraq: to meet Christian refugees. The upcoming encyclical on ecology – which the Pope made clear he will strive to complete in March – will certainly be filled with references to a missionary Church. Meanwhile it is also rumored that a first draft for the announcement of a Third Vatican Council is circulating, but no source has confirmed the report. However, other sources acknowledge the possibility of a papal document that would increase the limit of Cardinals voting in a conclave (i.e., Cardinals under the age of 80) from 120 to 140, thus increasing by 20 the limit that Paul VI established."


Cathcon- I said when he was elected that he may well call a Council with the express intention of implementing Vatican II.  Anything which tries to implement a catastrophe will be a catastrophe itself.