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United beliefs as synagogue and mosque to be built next to Protestant church

Ruhr.2010: Kirche, Synagoge und Moschee vereint in Gelsenkirchen - Gelsenkirchen - DerWesten

Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Next to the church in Blech a synagogue and a mosque are to be built - as a project for Ruhr.2010. The juxtaposition is to show the "relationship in succession" of the three religions.

Pastor Thomas Schöps talks about three sister religions. Judith Neuwald-Tasbach Judith of the Jewish community spoke of a signal to the outside world. And Ercan Agirbas, the architect spoke of building bridges .

Together with Cesut Özkaya (DITIB) and Mehmet Ayas, the Integration Commissioner of the city, the three religious representatives broke ground for a "dialogue of visions", a project for the Cultural Capital Year. "In addition to the church in Bleck, a synagogue and a mosque will be erected in coming weeks," said the pastor.


The co-existence should be the "relationship in historical succession" of the three Abrahamic religions said Pastor Schöps. "Both the synagogue and mosque will be accessible, not just be miniature models." Various events will fill the buildings with life.

The Dialogue of Visions "is part of a joint project of the five Ruhr cities. Under the slogan "church of cultures" the Parish of St. Peter's from Dortmund, Christ Church, Bochum, the Market Church in Essen and the Church of the Saviour from Duisburg will participate in a range of activities. Along the A40, Protestant perspectives will be opened up in the Culture Capital Year.

Opening in March

The opening of the two pavilion like structures for worship will take place on 21st March. "It will be a beautiful picture when the synagogue and the mosque will be located next to the big old church," architect Agirbas already speculates "Small next to large and large next to small. And yet all are equal. Everything hangs together. "

Even Judith Neuwald-Tasbach is happy to agree: "This project demonstrates the similarities of our religions, and sends out a signal beyond the city limits that cooperation can work."

Cathcon note: no Catholics, as far as I know are involved in this project.

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