Monday, February 12, 2007

Date set for Final Mass

"The final Mass at St. Catherine of Alexandria Church in the Leeds section of Northampton will be celebrated on Sunday morning, after which services will take place at St. Mary of the Assumption Church in nearby Williamsburg within the newly created Our Lady of the Hills Parish."

Needless to say the new Parish has been given a lesser title of Our Lady.

When your Church suffers

from the visit of Bishop Dennis Sullivan and the 'Realignment Team' .... who met with Most Sacred Heart church leaders last Friday to discuss and decide the date of the final mass. "


gives the culture of death a victory.

Cathcon arrives

in Croatia.

Hamish Fraser

a former Communist who recognised subversion when he saw it!

Mass for Unbelievers

Disco production company organises a techno-ambient event over three days in January in the Basilica of the Holy Apostles in Cologne. The organiser described the event, as a Mass for Unbelievers. The ambient music which accompanied the light display was a mixture of rock and roll, electronic music and "New Age" music. The name of the event "civilization of love" and was fully supported by the parish priest!

But there is no civilisation without God and his Church.

Star trek. If you let yourself be sucked into this vortex you will surely loose your faith.
St Peter crying for the Church.

Apostles gazing at the imposters

Cushions were provided to make the unbelievers feel confortable.

The Church being stripped of divine meaning
A cult of feeling replacing Catholic Faith.

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Carnival time again

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And a comment from the ever excellent angelqueen

WELL, this is just the product of "Making the Church relevant for the 21st Century." What? You don't think that it makes the Cburch more relevant to hold a 15th Century-style carnival, complete with 15th Century-style hats and costumes?

Not just the Anglicans, Mr. Steyn ...

It's interesting to me when I see these lame-o attempts by wimpy Anglican clerics to incorporate bits of pop culture to get the kids cool with all this religion stuff -- it's so ham-handedly done, like watching your parents do the Macarena at parties.(CWN)