Thursday, June 30, 2011

Criminal allegations against Cardinal Schönborn

Strafanzeige gegen Kardinal Schönborn |

Criminal allegations have been made against Cardinal Christoph Schönborn by a 45-year-old to the Vienna public prosecutor. "Failure to prevent a crime" is the accusation.

It states that after informing the then Auxiliary Bishop in 1994 of a sexual assault, that Schönborn did not react for ten years. During World Youth Day with Pope John Paul II in Rome she had been abused as a 17-year-old by a Franciscan priest from Tyrol in his apartment, other incidents occurring in 1985 and 1997. The accused has now confessed to the ombudsman of the Diocese of Innsbruck. He was suspended from duty as a school counselor.

The Klasnic Commission had promised therapy to the 45-year-old as "recognized victims" in March 2011 and envisaged her financial compensation. The claim was not reimbursed because they had the impression that "this is not desired by the abused parties." The woman has now made allegations of sexual assault against the director of the Pontifical Mission Societies, Leo Maasburg . He rejects the allegations- the Klasnic Commission wants to examine the case.

The 45-year-old asked Christoph Schönborn in 1994 to contact Maasburg and take up the matter with him. A spokesman for the Cardinal rejected this yesterday. It had been merely a confession in which no serious allegations were never discussed.

Vatican guidelines for parish closings?

Or just a visitation of Cleveland Diocese?

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Marco Tosatti of La Stampa writes that the Vatican plans an apostolic visitation of the Cleveland diocese, to examine the bishop’s decision to close 50 parishes in the face of severe budget problems. The parish closings have prompted an angry reaction from parishioners, who have appealed to the Vatican for help.

The Vatican has not announced plans for any investigation of Bishop Lennon’s decision. The Cleveland diocese has not yet responded to the Italian newspaper report.

Earlier this week the Vatican Insider reported that the Congregation for Clergy is preparing a new document on diocesan reorganization plans, setting forth guidelines for dioceses that plan to close or merge parishes. A Vatican official later denied that any such instruction is imminent. But the tensions created by parish-closing decisions in American dioceses—compounded, in several cases, by Vatican rulings that the affected churches should not be closed—have exposed the need for some new thinking on the subject.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cardinal Kasper thinks Catholics communicated better before the Second Vatican Council

kathweb Nachrichten .:. Katholische Presseagentur Österreich

Cardinal Kasper laments lack of communication in the Church
"We need a ongoing dialogue process of the bishop with priests and faithful"

Cardinal Walter Kasper church believes a better culture of dialogue is necessary. "We have a basic lack of communication in the Church," Kasper said on Wednesday in the Bonn published newsletter of the German Ecumenical Sermon Prize.

As a means, he recommends a renewing of the instrument of synods, already laid down in the Acts of the Apostles. This has however in the new canon law been little implemented: "In the old canon law before the Second Vatican Council, a Diocesan synod had to be held no later than every ten years. We need a ongoing culture of dialogue of the bishop with priests and faithful.."

The dialogue process of the German Bishops' Conference was a good start. "But this cannot be everything," said Kasper.

Cardinal Kasper was 2001-2009 President of the Secretariat for Christian Unity since 1989 and previously Bishop of the Diocese of Rottenburg Stuttgart.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Don't all priests know Latin??

Latin text with accent marksImage via Wikipedia
After all the Second Vatican Council in the Decree on Priestly Formation, said that "they should acquire a command of Latin which will enable them to understand and use the source material of so many sciences, and the documents of the Church as well."
So why is it a condition before a priest says the Latin Mass- they all know Latin, don't they?
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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Tablet readers might begin to get uneasy

ZENIT - La crise de l'Occident est une crise de la conscience, estime Benoît XVI:

When they hear the Pope say, "if conscience is not viewed as a place for hearing the true and the good, but is reduced to the domain of the subjective to where religion and morals are relegated, the West will not emerge from the crisis."

Conscience was always associated with the great virtue of prudence. An uninstructed conscience will more than likely head, by the shortest possible route, towards error.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Pope supports EU with certain reservations

Location of ( green ) on the European continen...Image via WikipediaWhole article Pope backs Croatia's EU bid upon arrival in Zagreb - CBS News

Benedict said it was "logical, just and necessary" that Croatia join the EU given Croatia's history and culture is so strongly rooted in that of Europe.

"From its earliest days, your nation has formed part of Europe, and has contributed in its unique way to the spiritual and moral values that for centuries have shaped the daily lives and the personal and national identity of Europe's sons and daughters," Benedict said upon arrival at Zagreb's airport.

But he acknowledged in comments to reporters aboard the papal plane that a certain fear or skepticism of joining the EU is understandable given Croatia is a small country entering into a large, already-formed bloc with values that long ago strayed from Europe's Christian heritage.

"One can understand there is perhaps a fear of an overly strong centralized bureaucracy and a rationalistic culture that doesn't sufficiently take into account the history — the richness of history and the richness of the diverse history" that Croatia offers, he said.

He urged Croatians to make as their "mission" the fight against this and reintroduce into the EU the "richness of diverse cultures" that Christianity represents.

"There is a need for convinced witness and active dynamism aimed at promoting the fundamental moral values that underpin social living and the identity of the old continent," Benedict said.

Given the difficulty that Croatia had extracting themselves from Yugoslavia, that they would be a little more cautious about EU membership.

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The only true ecumenism- between East and West

Bishop Hilarion Alfeyev in his studyImage via Wikipediakathweb Nachrichten .:. Katholische Presseagentur Österreich

The chairman of the German Bishops Conference, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, and the head of External Church Relations Office of the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Hilarion have met during the Lutheran Church Conference. At the 90-minute meeting on Friday evening, both sides called for greater theological exchange, said the German Bishops' Conference. For this, greater opportunities for mutual study visits should be taken up.

In many areas, there is a consensus, "which one must make visible," confirmed Zollitsch and Hilarion. Both refer to the common positions of their churches on bioethical and moral issues and the fight against the increasingly strong secularism, but also against any form of persecution of Christians. The Russian Orthodox Metropolitan of Germany and Archbishop of Berlin, Feofan took part in the meeting. The representatives of the Patriarchate thanked, as was later reported, the Catholic Church in Germany for the "generous willingness to allow church buildings to be used by Russian Orthodox Christians."

How long can a meeting be delayed between the Pope and the Moscow Patriarch.
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Friday, June 03, 2011

Vatican taken to court by Belgian abuse victims


Belgian court to abuse victims
Published: June 1, 2011 6:02 p.m.
Last edited: June 1, 2011 6:22 p.m.
BRUSSELS - A group of seventy victims of sexual abuse in Belgium announced on Wednesday that it is taking legal action against the Catholic Church. They want to obtain damages.

The lawyers of the victims will mount a group action in September against the Holy See in Rome, the Belgian bishops and the superiors of religious orders.

Earlier this week the Belgian bishops announced compensation for all persons who have been sexually abused by clergy.

An arbitration board will be estabished. But the victims have started their legal action anyway because they want to remain vigilant, says one of their lawyers.

Belgium last year was repeatedly shaken by reports of sexual abuse by church officials. Especially the affair of the bishop of Bruges Roger Vangheluwe caused a stir.

Vangheluwe stepped down last year after he had confessed to abusing for years a nephew who was a minor. The former Bishop, who is now the charge of the Vatican left Belgium after a second case of abuse later emerged.
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