Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Archdiocese of Boston

More Christmas charity from the Archdiocese

Feast of the Holy Innocents

Please pray for all abused children and the victims of abortion. Child euthanasia has been made legal in the Netherlands this year.

Carmelites protect the Holy Family during the Flight into Egypt. The Carmelites were traditionally founded by the Prophet Elijah in Old Testament times.

Sacred Heart, Archdiocese of Boston

How easy lies the Franciscan conscience of the Archbishop of Boston, when you let the Faithful be arrested on the day that Our Lord is born ? And when you close the Church on the Feast of St Stephen, First Martyr of the Church. How far are we removed from the Franciscans who were the first to introduce the Christmas Crib.

It is a pity that St Francis is not still alive to have a conversation with the Archbishop.

And Kathleen Heck casts her long shadow over the Feast of Christmas; doing what now comes naturally, not returning calls. "Kathleen Heck, an attorney helping the archdiocese coordinate its closures, was at the church Sunday, but did not speak with reporters. She did not immediately return a call seeking comment."

God Bless Us, Every One! Tiny Tim, (see Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens)

Moral bankruptcy is even worse than financial bankruptcy and that is bad enough.

Most Inspiring Person of the Year 2003

Archbishop O'Malley! What prizes is he going to win in 2005.