Monday, September 13, 2004

St. Alphonsus Liguori, Of the Dolours of Mary

For the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows 15 September

Church can't afford new sex-abuse claims

Compare with Zenit press release below "Our intention is that the money used to pay the settlements should come from the insurance sources, not pastoral sources''

St Anthony's Church Diocese of Fargo

The end of an era : "She was one of many parish members unhappy, and a little uneasy -- not sure where now to attend Mass"

Diocese of Fargo

These links work, however: see earlier post. Pastoral Letter on "Bringing New Life to our Faith Communities".

Flocks follow paths of early leaders

How the Diocese of Fargo survived in the Great Depression.

Toledo Catholic Diocese to Close Churches

Video report from

The Shepherd

Same article page 2: "Coyne said it is not possible for O'Malley to visit all of the remaining 64 churches scheduled to close this year. "

St Anselm's Church joins in second vigil

Will any other Churches join the vigil? This Church even hosts the regional programme for the deaf.

But having half a million dollars in your bank account doesn't help.

Pope addresses Archbishop O'Malley

And says

To quote
"The Church in your country has been chastened by the events of the past two years, and much effort has rightly been expended on understanding and addressing the issues of sexual abuse which have cast a shadow on her life and ministry. As you continue to confront the significant spiritual and material challenges which your local Churches are experiencing in this regard, I ask you to encourage all the faithful, clergy, religious and lay to persevere in their public witness of faith and hope, so that Christ's light, which can never be dimmed (cf. Jn 1:5), will continue to shine forth in and through the Church?s entire life and ministry. "

Archdiocese of Boston

turns a celebration into a wake.

Diocese of Toledo

Twenty to thirty Churches to be closed. The usual techniques for implementing church closures. Keep them guessing! And here is where lay participation becomes a real bonus. The Diocese can always say that the laity recommended the closures. Not their decision at all. If this is the height and the summit of lay participation, you can keep it.