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Diocese of Linz hits out at Father Wagner

General Vicar Severin Lederhilger says, "Today's theology regards it as totally inappropriate and irresponsible to interpret natural disasters as God's punishment for the immoral behavior of the victims".

Cathcon suggests that Father Lederhilger should go away and read his Bible, a practice commended by the Second Vatican Council. One will be interested in his exegesis of certain passages. Hopefully the Bible is a higher authority for him than the documents of Vatican II.

Jeremias 25:12
And when the seventy years shall be expired, I will punish the king of Babylon, and that nation, saith the Lord, for their iniquity, and the land of the Chaldeans: and I will make it perpetual desolations.

Never presume on the mercy of the Lord!

Was voodoo to blame for the Haiti earthquake asks Fr Wagner


This parish priest is in a hurry. An early mass must be held, a farmer has to be buried and he teaches a class about religion.

Everyday life of a country parson.  Interview in the Kurier

A year ago, on 31 January 2009, Father Gerhard Maria Wagner's life took fire after the Windisgarsten parish priest was surprisingly appointed as the new Bishop of Linz. What followed was a wave of protests - and ultimately his withdrawal.

"Well, that was a hunt," recalls Wagner about the days when journalists were waiting by the presbytery. A year later, only the Kurier reporter waits. "You are celebrating my anniversary?", he says with a smile of welcome. He will absolutely not allow photography. "You have enough of my pictures anyway. But don’t choose a gutter press one, but one that is a bit friendly."

Father, how often have you regreted your resignation already?
I regret nothing. It was the right step. I can only work where it is possible - and I am at my best in the parish.

To what extent have you changed in the past year?
Of course, it leaves some scars, because many injuries took place - even coming from my clerical colleagues. But I have not lost my joy in the Church.

A year ago you said in the interview: "Personal attacks bounce off me, if it means to stand up for the Faith." Why then the resignation?
This was not a question of personal vanity, but a clear reflection: can I work for the church like this? When I saw that this is no longer possible, I accepted the consequences. To be just entitled "auxilliary bishop" was not enough for me.

Did you resign of your own free will?
Look, that's past. I do not want to comment any more on things from the past. If I could thus serve the church, it was right. (Cathcon- he implied at the time that he did not!)

Well not entirely voluntary?
What in life is quite voluntary and was is forced on us? It was my step. The fact that some are happy about it, was a subsequent step.

You said when you made your choice, every day that you received countless letters and emails from people who encouraged you to continue.
Yes, that was so. There was an army of disappointed people, and there was too little concern shown about them. This is also a problem of the church that we dismiss these people. It is difficult for the church at the moment to present herself as united.

In hindsight, what have you done wrong?
Nothing really. I can look at myself to this day in the mirror. I have attacked and insulted noone.

But you have repeatedly provoked ...
... Hold on, that is something else: I have provoked, but I have introduced ideas. I have not attacked anyone - not even those who are lined up against me.

Which of your statements would you like to withdraw after the event?
Not one sentence. Things are not so different because one is opposed. I will not change myself, I seek out and love debate. I do wish the Church to be like a cemetery - still and quiet, just because noone should be offended. Church must remain alive.

Let us turn to a current debate: Is it not obvious for Christians to grant asylum to people in need?
This is different in detail. Today, if someone is persecuted or expelled, it is quite clear that one should come to their aid.

Should Arigona Zogaj be allowed to stay in Austria?
There is a law and you may have to have the courage to expel someone like them. The topic of foreigners must be closely examined - because it's also about the spread of Islam. (This girl was „adopted“ by the unfortunate Father Friedl to prevent her being deported).

Are you concerned about this?
The Muslims are also a problem of the Christians. If we no longer live our faith, we should not be surprised if others fill this gap. But I am not that interested in the people who do not even stand by their faith, who then attack Muslims.

In Switzerland, a majority is in favour of a ban on minarets. The Catholic Church is against a ban. Is that your opinion?
I think it is very much the case of asking the people.

In Austria, the outcome would be similar ...
One should take seriously the concerns of the people - and not to criminalize everything always. Islam is also a danger, about which vigilance is required.

You are of the opinon that the striking accumulation of natural disasters could be a result of spiritual pollution ...
... No lets not go that way. You are surely talking about Haiti, right?

I firmly believe: This is an enormous tragedy that must cause pain.

Was a punitive God at work there?
I do not know. God does not not show us his cards. But it is interesting that in Haiti, 90 percent are followers of voodoo cults.

Can you register same-sex partnerships at the registry office Windischgarsten?
I hope not.

Father, what do you have against homosexuals?
I have nothing against homosexuals. I have nothing against someone who is lying. But I have something against the lie. And I have something against the fact that you practice a lifestyle that does not correspond to God's plan. It is not to despise the man, but to show that this is not ok.

There is also homosexuality in the animal kingdom.
I do not know anything about the animal kingdom.

What should they say about you in the end?
He was true to the faith and there for the people.

Gerhard M. Wagner
Gerhard Maria Wagner, the son of a chemical worker, was born in Linz 17 July 1954. After leaving school, he attended the seminary, after which he studied Catholic theology and philosophy. In 1978 he was ordained a priest in Rome, and since 1988 parish priest in Windischgarsten.

Wagner is considered to be ultra conservative. His statements are well known on Harry Potter ( "satanic") and Hurricane Katrina ( "a result of spiritual pollution?"). In an interview in 2009, he called for medical treatment of people with homosexual inclinations.

The liturgical good sense of Cardinal Danneels

Shown in one of the last Masses in his official capacity- take a good look at what passes for the altar, among the other equisite ornaments of a once fine church.

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The Nightmare of Modernity in the Diocese of Linz


Will provide an English commentary later on in the week.

If you seek a memorial to the work of the Second Vatican Council, look at the video.

No need to seek a rationale for what happened- with the passage of time, the authority of the Council will be put in its proper place and all the other Councils of the Church will be given their proper authority again.

Septuagesima Sunday

Septuagesima is the ninth Sunday before Easter, the third before Lent known among the Greeks as "Sunday of the Prodigal" from the Gospel, Luke 15, which they read on this day, called also Dominica Circumdederunt by the Latins, from the first word of the Introit of the Mass. In liturgical literature the name "Septuagesima" occurs for the first time in the Gelasian Sacramentary. Why the day (or the week, or the period) has the name Septuagesima, and the next Sunday Sexagesima, etc., is a matter of dispute among writers. It is certainly not the seventieth day before Easter, still less is the nextSunday the sixtieth, fiftieth, etc. Amularius, "De eccl. Off.", I, I, would make the Septuagesimamystically represent the Babylonian Captivity of seventy years, would have it begin with this Sundayon which the Sacramentaries and Antiphonaries give the Introit "Circumdederunt me undique" and end with the Saturday after Easter, when the Church sings "Eduxit Dominus populum suum." Perhaps the word is only one of a numerical series: QuadragesimaQuinquagesima, etc. Again, it may simply denote the earliest day on which some Christians began the forty days of Lent, excluding Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday from the observance of the fast.

Septuagesima is today inaugurated in the Roman Martyrology by the words: "Septuagesima Sunday, on which the canticle of the Lord, Alleluja, ceases to be said". On the Saturday preceding, the Roman Breviary notes that after the "Benedicamus" of Vespers two Alleluias are to be added, that thenceforth it is to be omitted till Easter, and in its place "Laus tibi Domine" is to be said at the beginning of theOffice. Formerly the farewell to the Alleluia was quite solemn. In an Antiphonary of the Church of St. Cornelius at Compiègne we find two special antiphonsSpain had a short Office consisting of a hymn,chapter, antiphon, and sequence. Missals in Germany up to the fifteenth century had a beautiful sequence. In French churches they sang the hymn "Alleluia, dulce carmen" (Guéranger, IV, 14) which was well-known among the Anglo-Saxons (Rock, IV, 69). The "Te Deum" is not recited at Matins, except on feasts. The lessons of the first Nocturn are taken from Genesis, relating the fall and subsequent misery of man and thus giving a fit preparation for the Lenten season. In the Mass ofSunday and ferias the Gloria in Excelsis is entirely omitted. In all Masses a Tract is added to theGradual.

Feast of St John Bosco




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Modern technology provides liturgical solution to the problem of the "people's" altar

Sadly, I can't run the film in reverse.

The odious sin of regicide

King Charles I, King of England executed on this day

He is venerated as a Martyr Saint by Anglo-Catholics and one wonders whether this devotion can be approved under the new arrangements. The Society of King Charles the Martyr has at least three Catholic patrons.

Call of the muezzin alternates with the bells of St Peter's Basilica in the streets of Mainz


More on the "art" installation of Mainz. Will summarise the commentary later.

Any volunteers to help for a similar venture in Turkey, Libya, Egypt and that most progressive of Arab countries Jordan.

Carnival Fools Mass 2009


Yes, that is a priest speaking at the end, although one would not know it.

Beatify Archbishop Romero Now!

The Catholic Church in San Salvador, urges the speedy beatification of Oscar Arnulfo Romero. In a letter, the bishops of the country have asked Pope Benedict XVI to bring the proceedings to an early conclusion. Pope Benedict's predecessor Pope John Paul II initiated the procedure. Oscar Arnulfo Romero, Archbishop of San Salvador, was ambushed and shot dead during Mass 30 years ago, on 24 March 1980.  From Radio Vatican.

The Jesuit that just keeps dancing


Test email for feed

The Society of Christendom have ask to use Cathcon feed for their discussion group.   Any other groups interested should email

Emails show Bishop Williamson continues to deny the Holocaust

Piusbruderschaft: Williamson leugnet weiter den Holocaust - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Panorama

Richard Williamson: diehard Bishop
Incorrigible Bishop: One year after his Holocaust denial the British Bishop Richard Williamson according to information obtained by Spiegel still maintains his controversial theories. Ultra-conservative SSPX e-mails show that Williamson continues to say that "the six million gassed" is "a complete lie".

Hamburg -- Bishop Richard Williamson further denied the Holocaust. While his arch-conservative SSPX is directly negotiating with Pope Benedict XVI on matters of faith, the British man remains incomprehensible.
A year ago Williamson plunged the Catholic Church into a deep crisis with his views . From internal e-mails of the ultra-conservative SSPX, it is apparent according to information obtained by SPIEGEL that Williamson continues to say that "the six million gassed"is "a complete lie".

On this "fact" a "whole new world order" has been established. The Jews, according to the priest, who is summoned in April to Germany to appear in court charged with racial hatred, "have thanks to the concentration camps found a substitute redeemer."

Williamson has also claims that the "1.3 million deportees" from the camps at Treblinka, Majdanek, Belzec and Sobibor not gassed, but were moved to the parts of the Soviet Union occupied by Germany.
The bishop apparently has further contact with leaders of the revisionist scene, like the Swiss Jurgen Graf.

His own SSPX believe the Englishman, to be "a ticking time bomb", but did not want to expel him. He had many merits. In addition, the SSPX fear that Williamson could consecrate new bishops if he was expelled and so create such a counter-church.

Click on the Bishop Williamson tag to read the whole story from the beginning.

Feast of St Martina of Rome

(seen here on the left- St Agnes on the right).

Hymn by Pope Urban VIII

Citizens of Rome! sing to the celebrated name of the glorious Martina. Sing the praises of this admirable Virgin and Martyr of Christ.

She was born of noble parents, and was brought up in every delicacy, surrounded by all that could pamper nature, and with riches of a princely house at her command.

But she spurns these luxuries, dedicates herself to the Creator of all things, and with a liberal hand distributes her riches to the poor of Christ, that she may gain the riches of heaven.

She shrinks not at the torturing hook, the wild beasts, or the cruel wound-inflicting rods. Angels descend from heaven, comforting her with divine food.

The very lions lose their fierceness, and tamely come crouching at her feet. The sword, Martina 1 gave thee the wished-for death, and death united thee to the choirs of heaven.

Our ceaseless prayers mount up to thee from thine altar, where clouds of incense shroud devotion's love; and thy blessed name banishes that of the false deity Mars.

Do thou protect thy fatherland, and give to Christian countries the rest of holy peace, driving unto Thracian coasts the din of arms and war.

Marshal the armies of princes under the banner of the Cross, deliver Jerusalem from her chains. Avenge innocent blood, and once for all crush down the Turkish foe.

O thou our Patron, and our City's Saint I see this homage of our loving hearts. Hear the prayers of thy Rome, which on this festive day offers thee its hymns and reveres thy name.

O God, whose arm protects the Martyrs, take from us the pleasures which would make us fall. O Triune God I give to thy servants the blessed light, wherewith thy mercy crowns the soul with bliss.


Dancing Indian Jesuit at Retreat House in Germany


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Father Quirl, the Carnival Priest


Muslim call to prayer from Catholic Church in Mainz

Call of the Muezzin from Church in Mainz

Loud cries of the muezzin, alternating with bell-ringing has stunned passersby in Mainz. The nationally unique sound installation "ON AIR" in the pedestrian zone will call for peaceful coexistence of Muslims and Christians, said the Berlin concept artist Miriam Kilali (44) on Friday. The growing resentment against Muslims was "the cause for this musical activity in the public space." The taped muezzin calls and bells were to be broadcast from loudspeakers on the roof of the St Anthony Chapel in the town centre of Mainz on Friday and Saturday at 10.00, 14.00 and 17.00 clock for six minutes.

The reactions of passers-by cannot be more different.
"This is a horror," complains a blonde in her forties. "They take away everything - but we were once a Catholic country." The Turk Asil Yenertürk (52), however, is delighted: "I get goose bumps. I feel at home, when I hear this." The 70-year-old Johanna Demhardt is reminded of a trip to Singapore: "Where I have recently heard this sound. Here in Mainz, it's just not quite right." The Arab-Nile-Rhine-club as co-organiser has distributed explanatory leaflets so that the event is better understood. "The keys to a peaceful coexistence: respect, understanding, openness, tolerance, trust. You also have this key. It will open many doors," it says about the event. So what do people think? The artist Kilali will interview people to document their reactions.

She likes to explain her motives in detail: "The worsening of the emotionally heavy debate about the construction of mosques in Europe, the headscarf issue, the indiscriminate suspicion of terrorism on the one side - hostility and exclusion of Christians by Muslims in Arab countries on the other hand, are the occasion for " On Air ". The Arab-Nile-Rhine Chairman Samy El Hagrasy is enthusiastic: "Sadly, we don’t get so many people attending our info-evenings. If we publicise this art project, many more people become aware. "

Creating political art beyond museums and galleries, including the people is important for Kilali. A year ago in Berlin, they made the" most beautiful homeless shelter in the world "decorated with stucco and chandeliers. The old building was restored with the help of the residents. Two years earlier, Kilali had also converted an emergency shelter in Moscow.

And why now in the Rhineland-Palatinate state capital? Mainz is one of the oldest German dioceses, answers Kilali. And the Bishop, Cardinal Karl Lehmann, was "very open to dialogue between religions". Not least, the Berlin artist who was baptized Catholic, has lived for some ten years in Mainz.

Of course, they have registered their art project officially, with the church, as well as with the public authorities, Kilali further continues. "But that it included calls from the muezzin, was not previously known by anyone, including Cardinal Lehmann." Michael Baunack, the priest of the St Anthony Chapel, looks at his old-fashioned pocket watch with chain: no way will he give anything on Kilalis interplay of religious symbolism. "It is not normal. But perhaps we need to get used to the idea that we need a different dialogue. It's about shared responsibility and not propaganda against each other."

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bishop Williamson ordered to appear in German court

Williamson has been ordered to appear personally before the  Regensburg Local Court  on April 16,  according to a court spokesman this Wednesday. According to Williamson's lawyer, it  is not yet clear whether his client would actually come to Regensburg.

From Welt Online

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The First Seminary Chapel In the Country Built for Seminarians in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite in 40 Years

DENTON, Nebraska – January 22, 2010 – The Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter is pleased to announce the Pontifical Consecration of its newly built chapel at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary on Wednesday, March 3rd at 10:00am (CST). Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz will celebrate the Pontifical Consecration and Mass according to the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.

The five hour ceremony will be held in the presence of a very special guest from the Vatican, William Cardinal Levada, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter is delighted to have the presence of one of the highest ranking officials in the Catholic Church. Cardinal Levada's presence is connected with his position as President of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei established by Pope John Paul II and recently expanded by Pope Benedict XVI to facilitate the full incorporation into the life of the Church of communities and individuals attached to the Extraordinary Form.

Thanks to Thomas Gordon Smith, its architect, the seminary chapel reflects a contemporary rebirth in the rich tradition of classical Catholic architecture. Upon entering through its mahogany doors, the visitor will be immersed in the chapel's beauty and grandeur which include an elevated main altar, emphasized by a 31-foot marble canopy or "baldachino", the chapel's seven side altars and liturgical choir stalls which seat 92 seminarians and priests. These are some of the integral qualities of this chapel which, on March 3rd, will be full of the people for which it was made.

The Pontifical Consecration and Mass is open to all of the public. Any and all the faithful are cordially invited and are most welcome to attend this joyful event and enjoy refreshments afterward.

Due to the number of guests and limited space, rooms and television screens will be provided for those outside of the chapel who wish to participate.

The Pontifical Consecration and Mass will be televised live on the Eternal World Television Network (EWTN) at 11:00AM (EST). Watch the Pontifical Consecration and Mass Live Online!

Media Contact
Father Joseph Lee, FSSP
Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary
7880 West Denton Road
Denton, Nebraska 68339
phone (402) 570-2707

Ecumenical wars in Germany- Cardinal speaks to Radio Vatican

The ecumenical head in the Vatican, Cardinal Walter Kasper, is irritated by the German Bishop Margot Käßmann, the President of the Council of the Protestant Church in Germany (EKD) who said last weekend in Berlin, they expect "nothing" ecumenical terms from Pope Benedict. This is violently contradicted by the German Curial Cardinal Kasper, who heads the Pontifical Council: There was probabky "at present no other church leader, so often and so strongly committed served the unity of Christians, as Pope Benedict XVI since his election nearly five years ago. " Kasper said on Friday in a statement to Vatican Radio. It was "all the more incomprehensible" that Käßmann issued the statement last weekend. The Cardinal says, "I had been of the opinion that such standard mutual condemnations were things of the past. I was wrong and I'm disappointed. "Käßmann’s criticism of the Pope was" deeply unecumenical"and shows " ecumenical ignorance.

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Lead free Jesus, we tank up here!

Absurd band who think they are doing Catholic youth work in Germany

Mini-stealth priestesses right behind the Bishop of Linz


Cardinal Meisner blesses Carnival Clowns!


Week of Prayer for Christian Unity- the only ecumenism that matters- with the Eastern Churches


Bishop of Linz attacks Father Wagner

Bischof Schwarz weist Wagner zurecht |

Gloves come off- now we know what they think about eachother!
Bishop Schwarz rebukes Wagner
The Linz Diocesan Bishop Ludwig Schwarz particularly sharply reacted to the criticism published over the weekend from the Windischgarsten parish priest, Gerhard Maria Wagner, who had diagnosed a "silent schism" in Linz. Schwarz rebuked Wagner, accusing him of adding "emotional heat".

Wagner was chosen about a year ago by the Vatican as auxilliary Bishop of Linz. After violent protests because of his conservative convictions, he renounced the appointment. But in the programme of "Resonance", the Festival of Early Music opening last Saturday in Vienna's Konzerthaus, he now denounces false developments in the Catholic Church in general and "abuses" in the Diocese of Linz.

"Yes, in the Catholic Church, the hat is on fire (Cathcon-implying the head is in danger!)," was his conclusion. Many priests and lay people were "in open rebellion against the Pope and the Church." He criticized the growing number of pastoral staff, who put in question "the teaching authority of the church and no longer accept internally the full faith and moral teaching of the Catholic Church. The consequences were believers who could independently decide "what they can still affirm as a Catholic", which ultimately leads to "a latent schism ", a" silent schism "said Wagner.

Schwarz hits back in the Diocesan newspaper
Bishop Schwarz sets out his position in the forthcoming edition of the newspaper of the Diocese of Linz: pastoral care and preaching today can only be done all together, by priests, deacons, lay people full-time and volunteer staff. "It is undeniable that there are as well as much good also concerns and tensions in our church. One-sided accusations and sweeping suspicions do not help to strengthen unity".

Precisely the current World Week of Prayer for Christian Unity reminds what the unity of the church with Christian denominations and with the local and universal Church is about. "In dialogue with the Pope, to whom we feel bound, emphasizes the importance of openess. What we need is a sober and objective discussion and not emotional heat, as has been published in a Viennese programme by Father Wagner. We stated the fact last year that we in the Diocese are ready for reconciliation and dialogue. It must be that we should intensify our efforts somewhat."

Church becomes Carnival Playground in Germany


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Great news from Belgium- which will infuriate Cardinal Danneels

The most conservative Bishop in Europe to succeed him. Msgr Leonard has organised a daily 1962 Latin Mass in his cathedral in Namur.

The Pope's brother thought that the Cardinal was no longer Catholic- perhaps the Vatican should announce that the Archbishop has been appointed after the See having been vacant for years!