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Cardinal's bid for the Papacy opposed by his country....and his mother and the rest of the family

Austrian Cardinal Christoph Schönborn’s elderly mother hopes he won’t become pope because she fears she would never see him and that he would be overwhelmed by Vatican intrigues.

“The whole family is afraid that Christoph will be elected pope,” Eleonore Schönborn, 92, told the Kleine Zeitung newspaper in an interview printed on Tuesday as 115 Roman Catholic cardinals gathered in Rome to pick the new head of the Church.

Recalling Pope Benedict’s farewell speech, which made clear that popes belonged entirely to the Church, she said her son’s elevation would mean “it is over for me. Then I will not see Christoph ever again because I no longer have the strength to travel to Rome”.


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Austrians reject compatriot Schönborn for the Papacy

While in Italy, Cardinal Schönborn is seen as a promising candidate, the Austrians have apparently little confidence in the Viennese Cardinal. Such is shown by the publication of a survey of the Kronen Zeitung of 13 February 2013 which shows only one third of Austrians support their compatriot Schönborn as the new pope. Exactly 34.2 percent of respondents can imagine the Archbishop of Vienna in this highest office in the Catholic Church, but on the other hand 65.8 percent reject the idea of Schönborn as Pope. The election of a new pope could, however, take a long time anyway. Almost 750 years ago, the Papal election even took a whole two years, nine months and eight days.


Cathcon- The Cardinal is not without enemies in Rome since he accused Cardinal Sodano of covering up the alleged abuse of his predecessor Cardinal Groër. That the Cardinal was the chief beneficiary of the fall of his predecessor is obvious. Cardinal Meisner at Cardinal Groër's Requiem stated, "I was ashamed and disturbed, because I did not at all feel like I had stood by him firmly enough" and Cardinal Groër denied the allegations to the end. Cathcon is aware of one traditionalist priest close to Cardinal Groër at the end who believed that the allegations were untrue. By the sound of this Cardinal Meisner would not lift a little finger for the Cardinal of Vienna in the Conclave, and given Cardinal Meisner's putative influence and friendship with the outgoing Pope, this could be highly significant. It would be wonderful again to have a Thomist on the Throne of Peter, but the Cardinal of Vienna by his own admission is a Thomist of the less than strict, some would say lax observance.

See Cardinal's Manifesto for the Papacy

Cardinal feels faint just before the beginning of the Conclave.

A few hours before the start of the conclave on Tuesday suffered a cardinal eligible to vote a slight weakness. As observers reported, the Italian Cardinal Antonio Maria Veglio had helpers to support him at the morning Mass "Pro eligendo Papa" due to circulation problems . The 75-year-old President of the Pontifical Council for Migrants however appeared to recover quickly again.

Veglio in the afternoon went with the other 114 cardinals into the Conclave, and made his oath in the Sistine Chapel standing. All cardinals enjoyed "excellent health", said Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi.

Images can also be found of the beginning of the Conclave on Cardinal Schönborn's Facebook page. The Archbishop of Vienna showed on his site at the beginning of the election, via his colleagues, the oath and photos of him taking it.


Cardinal Pell should sue for libel

Bill Donohue comments on stories in Australian newspapers maintaining that Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney, will not be named pope because of his tainted record of sexual abuse:

No cardinal should ever have to endure the vicious mudslinging campaign being conducted by an embittered radical ex-priest, dishonest reporters, discredited victims’ groups, and incompetent Catholic journalists. But this is exactly what Cardinal Pell has had to endure this week. Not without reason is he thinking about suing the culprits.

The source of the smear campaign is Dr. Paul Collins, an ex-priest who resigned in 2001 after clashing with the Vatican. Collins has a long record of defending every dissident, in and out of the Catholic Church, on a wide range of subjects. That he would float the idea that Cardinal Pell has “long [been] dogged” by accusations of sexual abuse suggests that the charges against Pell are still unresolved. This is a pernicious lie.

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How Cardinal Pell celebrates Mass

The terrible company that Cardinal Dolan keeps


Hans Küng knows better than the Cardinals who should be Pope

Speaking to Cadena SER, Hans Küng on the moment that the Catholic Church is living in these days. The influential Swiss thinker expresses his opinion about what sort of Pope the Church needs in the twenty-first century: open to reforms, modern defender of freedom. If tradition prevails and ossification sets in "the Church runs the risk of becoming an increasingly irrelevant cult" the dissident theologian added, prosecuted and punished by the Vatican and Ratzinger because of his critical and progressive stance.

This is a reflection on the Pope that the Church needs, a summary of a recent article in El Pais, by the rebellious and controversial Swiss priest. Hans Küng was a young colleague and fellow of Ratzinger. They were great friends and great enemies after. Benedict XVI took away the Chair from which he taught theology.

"In this tragic situation the Church needs a pope who does not live , from the intellectual point of view, in the Middle Ages , which does not defend any theology, liturgy and ecclesiastical constitution characteristic of the medieval period.

A pope open to the concerns of the reform towards modernity is needed. A Pope to defend freedom of the Church in the world, not only through sermons, but struggling with facts and words for freedom and human rights within the Church. Inside the church, by theologians, by women, by all Catholics who wish to speak the truth openly.

A Pope who will not force bishops to obey a reactionary official line , which implement a proper democracy within the Church built on the model of early Christianity. A Pope who is not swayed by any other Pope, living in the shadow of the Vatican, as Pope Benedict XVI and his loyal followers will.

If the Conclave elects a Pope for return to 'business as usual' the Church will never experience a new spring, but fall into an ice age and is in danger of shrinking to become an increasingly irrelevant cult . "


SSPX too liberal say German Carmelites and leave

The German branch of the Carmelites yesterday officially dissolved its association with the Society of St. Pius X. The priest, who was in charge of the sisters left the SSPX. As a reason the current alleged liberalism of the SSPX and the Superior, Bishop Fellay is given.


German Muslims on their idea of a new Pope

Before the conclave today in Rome, the Central Council of Muslims in Germany (ZMD) and the movement "We Are Church" for spoke in support of a cosmopolitan Pope. In an interview with the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung" the ZMD-chairman Ayman Mazyek said he wanted a cosmopolitan pope who would introduce spirituality and a renewal of faith in God. "That would be a support for all the believers in the world, for Catholics, in all cases."

Christian Weisner, spokesman for "We Are Church" urged on the future Pope urgent reforms to inspire people to return to God. The Catholic Church must once again be a voice for justice, against poverty and exploitation. These new approaches are needed. He claimed that the new pope should neither stand close to Opus Dei nor the lay movement "Communion and Liberation".


See also reality and appearance of Muslim organisations in Germany

Cardinal Meisner versus Ayman Mazyek

Sparks fly between two Cardinals over the Vatican Bank

What happened in the meeting room then? Bertone criticised Braz de Aviz for having expressed last Saturday his dissent on the management of the IOR and more generally of the Roman Curia, and for the fact that the dissent had been made public. He suspects him of having leaked the content of his speech to the Italian press. Braz de Aviz did not let the words of the former Secretary of State fall on deaf ears. He asked to speak again and curtly denied having leaked something to the outside. The Brazilian cardinal suspects, rather, that the information may have been filtered by the "organisation". Several cardinals, at this point, applauded.

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How Cardinal Braz de Aviz celebrates Mass

More examples of liturgical decadence from contemporary Cardinals- but also some with liturgical sense, like Cardinal Burke.

Factions within the Conclave

They all want a say in the election of the new Pope: In the Vatican, various interest groups among the Cardinals are in for tough fight. An overview of the factions in the Conclave.

If the new man on the throne of Peter were to come from Europe or should he be a church leader from the southern hemisphere? Cardinals before their entry into the Sistine Chapel repeatedly emphasized that origin or skin color should not matter. At that point also various "factions" in the universal Church and different perspectives come into play.

The 115 voting cardinals come from 45 countries. Vatican experts divide them not only by "regional groups" one, but into different "lobbies" - including spiritual movements and the ultra-conservative lay organization Opus Dei.

Who are the various groups? First there were the "diplomats" . They are Cardinals that had been appointed by Pope John Paul II and are grouped around Cardinal Angelo Sodano, the Dean of the Sacred College.

The 85-year-old, who for a long time as Cardinal Secretary of State functioned as "head of state" and previously served as the Vatican's diplomatic representative abroad, does not even attend the Pope's election. From his immediate circle, especially the Argentine Cardinal Leonardo Sandri is called "Papabile".

Benedict and his "Bertonians"

The next group are the "Bertonians" : Cardinals appointed by Pope Benedict XVI and who are close to Tarcisio Bertone , the current Secretary of State and Cardinal Camerlengo.

They compete with the old guard of Cardinal Sodano. They include the Italians Cardinals Antonio Maria Vegliò, Giuseppe Versaldi and Giuseppe Bertello. Bertone himself is not among the favorites, but has great influence.

Benedict does not participate in the conclave, but plays a major role. He has appointed more than half of the voting cardinals and some of them also publicly praised. It is said that his favorite was the Italian Angelo Scola, whom he appointed archbishop of Milan, the most important diocese in the country.

Italian bishops split by region

Even the Italian bishops are an important group in the papal election.  They are according to Italian media reports however split into northerners and southerners.

The northerners sympathize accordingly with Cardinal Angelo Scola and the Archbishop of Genoa, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, who is also President of the Italian Episcopal Conference.

The cardinals of the south have lost influence, since Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe was no longer Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples. Pope Benedict XVI appointed Sepe Archbishop of Naples.

Is a member of Opus Dei "papabile"?

Also Opus Dei, the lay organisation founded by Spaniard Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer is represented in the Conclave by the Archbishop in Peru's capital Lima, Juan Luis Cipriani.   Cipriani is considered by some to be the fittest man to be Pope.

The arch-conservative "Opus Dei" is deeply rooted in Spain, Italy and Latin America. Emeritus Cardinal Julián Herranz is also a member, whom the Pope entrusted with the investigation of the "Vatileaks" affair.

Other important stakeholders are the so-called spiritual movements within the church. The Chilean Cardinal Francisco Javier Errazuriz Ossa represents the  Schoenstatt Movement in the conclave. Archbishop Scola is the highest representative in the conclave of the movement Communion and Liberation (Communion and Liberation).

Finally, there are also the religious congregations: Among the Papal voters are four Salesians (Angelo Amato, Tarcisio Bertone, Raffaele Farina and Óscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga), three Franciscans (Carlos Amigo Vallejo, Claudio Hummes and Wilfried Fox Napier), two Dominicans (Dominik Duba, Christoph Schoenborn) and a Jesuit (Jorge Mario Bergoglio).

Source Cathcon- blogger won't let me label so many cardinals- for more info on each Cardinals, scroll down on the right to see their labels.

"The Devil resides in the Vatican and you can see the consequences" -2010


"Father Gabriele Amorth said people who are possessed by Satan vomit shards of glass and pieces of iron.

He added that the assault on Pope Benedict XVI on Christmas Eve by a mentally unstable woman and the sex abuse scandals which have engulfed the Church in the US, Ireland, Germany and other countries, were proof that the Anti-Christ was waging a war against the Holy See.

"The Devil resides in the Vatican and you can see the consequences," said Father Amorth, 85, who has been the Holy See's chief exorcist for 25 years.

"He can remain hidden, or speak in different languages, or even appear to be sympathetic. At times he makes fun of me. But I'm a man who is happy in his work.""

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Harlem Shake in Church has been canceled- for now


Father Michael Hirmer has cancelled the "Harlem Shake" planned for Friday (16.3.) in the Parish Church of Teublitz (Landkreis Schwandorf) canceled. There had been criticism that the church is not the best place for it.

The local priest had invited people via the internet platform Facebook to dance the Harlem Shake in the church and this gave rise to a discussion. The Diocese was also alerted. There had not been a ban said Jakob Schötz, spokesman for the diocese of Regensburg, the Bavarian Radio.

The Harlem Shake is a wild, apparently absurd dance with electronic music, which is currently being staged at various places by people around the world and is seen later on the Internet. The joke of the matter is the video editing: At the beginning of Harlem Shakes often only a single person is to be seen dancing around in the area. Then there is a cut - and suddenly the whole place, the locker room or the editorial room is full of people dancing.

The Teublitz Harlem Shake is not completely cancelled as the parish priest wants to consult with young people and the parish . Following a strong debate on the internet, he will listen to all of the arguments and expressed concerns. For example, whether the original song played to accompany the Harlem Shake is used is open to discussion . He also seeks to determine what actions are offensive and should therefore not be performed in a Church.

The Harlem Shake and the church are not mutually exclusive in principle, the idea behind the action: The dance offers a break from the daily routine, like the Church.


The Protestants of Germany set the trend....

Who will be the first and how many Cardinals will resign in the 21st century?

Resigning Cardinals

15th century
Otón de Moncada i de Luna (pseudocardinal, 1449)
Wincenty Kot z Dębna (pseudocardinal, 1449)
Bartolomeo Vitelleschi (pseudocardinal, 1449)
Ardicino Della Porta, iuniore (1489)
Cesare Borgia (1493)

16th century
Ferdinando de' Medici (1563)
Albrecht von Austria (1577)
Fernando de Toledo Oropesa (1578)

17th century
Maurizio di Savoia (1607)
Ferdinando Gonzaga (1607)
Camillo Francesco Maria Pamphilj (1644)
Jan Kazimierz Waza, S.J. (1646)
Francesco Maria de' Medici (1686)
Rinaldo d'Este (1686)

18th century
Gabriele Filippucci (1706)
Luis Antonio Jaime de Borbón y Farnesio (1735)
Vincenzo Maria Altieri (1777)
Étienne-Charles de Loménie de Brienne (1788)
Tommaso Antici (1789)

19th century
Marino Carafa di Belvedere (1801)
Carlo Odescalchi (1823)

20th century
Louis Billot, S.J. (1911)

The Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church - Dimissionary cardinals Cardinal O'Brien may be adding to the list shortly.

Cardinal lives over a homosexual sauna

In a historic apartment building in Rome, a cardinal and other clerics live just above a large gay sauna.

The cardinal, the Indian Ivan Dias, is known as a conservative. He once said that the "unnatural tendencies" of homosexuality "could be cured". It is not known whether he knows that he is living near one of the biggest gay saunas in Italy. He is one of the cardinals who participate in the conclave.

The Vatican bought a part of the Pallazo in 2008 for 20 million euros. It is the headquarters of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, which is engaged in missionary work.

Sacerdotal vestments
The gay club advertises on ots site include a performance by a large, hairy man who after stripping gets a priests garb. There is a Turkish bath and a Finnish sauna in the club.


The New Pope and Vatican II


Spot on! Points out that Pope Benedict was the last active Bishop who actually attended the Council. (Cathcon- He was psychologically committed to it and its implementation in a way his successor will probably not be). Pray the Holy Spirit sends us the Pope we need, not the Pope we deserve!

Cardinal under-dressed for his high office


In the spirit of Pope John Paul, who never put aside the dignity of his robes of office.
And, incredible scene here- which words become useless to describe.

St Joseph, Patron of the Church, guide the Sacred College


Storm of prayer in Rome and the world for the Conclave

The city of Rome, the center of the diocese of the Pope rallies in prayer, during the Conclave in prayer for the Sistine Chapel. Every day of the conclave, a cardinal who no longer belongs to the Cardinal Electors celebrates at the Pontifical Lateran Basilica, mother and head of all the churches of the city and of the world, a Mass for the next pope.

The first Mass will be celebrated by Cardinal Camillo Ruini, the retired Cardinal Vicar of the Diocese of Rome. All parishes, religious houses and church institutions are encouraged to "intensively call upon the Holy Spirit" , so he directs the decisions of the College of Cardinals, and the Lord shows the Cardinals the person desired by Him," said the director of the Liturgical Office of the Diocese, Father Giuseppe Midili.

Yesterday morning at 11 clock already the prayer rally for the conclave has begun. Until the election of a new pope in the center at San Lorenzo in the Vatican there is perpetual adoration. The groups take turns every hour. Every day at 18 clock a Mass is celebrated and at 3 clock the Chaplet of Divine Mercy said. Otherwise, there is silent Adoration.

Many parishes of Rome are open during the conclave round the clock to prayer to accompany the electoral assembly of cardinals. Among others, the Basilica of St. Anastasia on the Palatine Hill, the Church of Our Lady of Czestochowa on the Janiculum, the Church of Divine Love, the Church of Sanata Maria delle Grazie more alle Fornaci and numerous others.

How Cardinal Ruini celebrates Mass- note stealth priestesses.

Examples of the liturgies of the Cardinals- caution contains liturgical abuses often on a grand scale.

Franciscan support and prayers for Cardinal Ranjith

The Rector of the Papal Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua has declared in a post on Facebook his  preferred successor of Pope Benedict XVI. In the basilica is the grave of the famous companion of St. Francis of Assisi, which is an annual target of hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from around the world. Father Enzo Paolo Poiana called  Cardinal Albert Malcolm Ranjith of Sri Lanka a "worthy" candidate for the Chair of St. Peter in Rome and Vicar of Christ on earth. The Archbishop of Colombo has a "Franciscan's heart and life."

On 1 March at the Basilica, the Papal coat of arms of Pope Benedict XVI was taken away. "It happens to all small and large Papal basilicas when the sede vacante begins,"  said Father Poiana. "After the election of the new coat of arms, the new arms will be attached."

Rector Poiana who knows Cardinal Ranjith personally is convinced that the Archbishop from the distant Asian country clearly "is worthy to be pope" . The name of the cardinal was a bit long and much of it might not be remembered  said Rector Poiana, but that was no problem. The Cardinal, has a "true talent for speaking" who speaks the local languages ​​including English, French, Italian, Spanish, and is also fluent in German and is responsible for the Catholics in Sri Lanka and also for those in the Maldives. Cardinal Ranjith's " is bound in friendship to Pope Benedict XVI, loves Tradition and knows the Roman Curia, " said Father Enzo Paolo Poiana, rector of the Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua.

Today, in the Papal Basilica in Padua, at the grave of St. Anthony,the five o'clock Mass will be celebrated Pro eligendo Pontifice after which Eucharistic Adoration takes place.


Cathcon- so there are two Franciscan candidates, Cardinal O'Malley and Cardinal Ranjith.   Cardinal Ranjith is the most solid supporter of the Latin Mass among the Papabile.

One exemplary Pope on another exemplary Pope whose Feast we celebrate today

Joyful indeed comes the remembrance, Venerable Brethren, of that great and incomparable man, the Pontiff Gregory, first of the name, whose centenary solemnity, at the close of the thirteenth century since his death, we are about to celebrate. By that God who killeth and maketh alive, who humbleth and exalteth, it was ordained, not, We think, without a special providence, that amid the almost innumerable cares of Our Apostolic ministry, amid all the anxieties which the government of the Universal Church imposes upon Us, amid our pressing solicitude to satisfy as best We may your claims, Venerable Brethren, who have been called to a share in Our Apostolate, and those of all the faithful entrusted to Our care, Our gaze at the beginning of Our Pontificate should be turned at once towards that most holy and illustrious Predecessor of Ours, the honor of the Church and its glory. For Our heart is filled with great confidence in his most powerful intercession with God, and strengthened by the memory of the sublime maxims he inculcated in his lofty office and of the virtues devoutly practiced by him. And since by the force of the former and the fruitfulness of the latter he has left on God's Church a mark so vast, so deep, so lasting, that his contemporaries and posterity have justly given him the name of Great, and today, after all these centuries, the eulogy of his epitaph is still verified: "He lives eternal in every place by his innumerable good works" (Apud Joann. Diac., Vita Greg. iv. 68) it will surely be given, with the help of Divine grace, to all followers of his wonderful example, to fulfill the duties of their own offices, as far as human weakness permits.

Full text-Pius X, Iucunda sane And further Gregory himself calls the Church of Rome: "An old ship woefully shattered; for the waters are entering on all sides, and the joints, buffeted by the daily stress of the storm, are growing rotten and herald shipwreck" (Registrum i., 4 ad Joannem episcop. Constantino.). But the pilot raised up by God had a strong hand, and when placed at the helm succeeding not only in making the port in despite of the raging seas, but in saving the vessel from future storms. Pope Gregory was no abdicator.