Sunday, January 20, 2008

Real Catholic honoured by Aachen Carnival


he same prize that went to Carnival Cardinal Lehmann in 2005 was this year given to Gloria Princess of Thurn und Taxis.

In her magnificent acceptance speech, she declared that the priesthood should be reserved to men for ever, women have important obligations to raise their own children and finally that, this jokingly, that the Church should start the sale of indulgences again to solve their financial problems. No-one was left in any doubt about the importance of Catholicism.

Most important of all, she was given the honour citation in Latin, complete with her coat of arms. What a difference a year makes!No sign either of the devil this year, unlike in 2005, when Cardinal Lehmann received the same honour.Normally, the winners are shown into a cage from which they deliver their acceptance speech. The presenter of the show declared, "This woman cannot be caged". More likely "will not be caged". And no dancing girls either, as in 2005.

She raised the standard of the Carnival rather than being pulled down by it.

The Carnival hat kept slipping off her head after she received it. It clearly fitted the Cardinal better. She used the occasion rather than the occasion using her. Glorious Gloria!

Chair of Unity Octave

there's only one way Rome

History of The Chair of Unity Octave

On October 3, 1899, the eve of the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, the Rev. Lewis Thomas Wattson, an Episcopal clergyman later known as the Very Rev. Paul James Francis, S.A., arrived at Graymoor, N.Y. to establish a community of Episcopal Franciscans called the Friars of the Atonement. A year previously, Miss Lurana White, a devout young woman, had founded in the same place a community of Episcopal nuns known as the Sisters of the Atonement.

For ten years the two communities were jointly known as the Society of the Atonement and lived the monastic life as members of the Protestant Episcopal Church. Looking about him on a largely irreligious world, Father Paul grieved most because Christians seemed divided into warring sects and factions. He began to preach corporate reunion of the Episcopal Church with the Roman Catholic Church. Because of this he was banned from the pulpits of the Episcopal Church.

In his brown robe and sandals, Father Paul took his message to the streets and parks of New York. He caused quite a sensation. Father Paul James Francis was determined to carry on a vigorous apostolate for the return of all separated Christians to communion with the Holy See. To further this aim, he inaugurated in 1908 the Chair of Unity Octave (Jan. 18-25).

One year later, the members of the Society themselves received the grace of conversion, and on October 30, 1909, they entered the Catholic Church in a body. It astonished no one when he took his own advice and brought his community with him into the Catholic Church. With the blessing of Pope St. Pius X, they were permitted to continue as a religious society in the Catholic Church and were commissioned to carry on the apostolate of Christian unity as their community aim.

The Chair of Unity Octave was also approved as a Catholic devotion by Pope Benedict XV in an Apostolic Brief in 1916. In 1921, at their annual meeting in Washington, the Catholic hierarchy of the United States unanimously adopted the Octave for all the dioceses in the country.

Under the patronage of St. Peter, the first Vicar of Christ, Bishop of Rome, and St. Paul, the Apostle of the Gentiles, the Chair of Unity Octave has flourished and grown. It is now observed in many parts of the world.

Christianophobia in Europe

new website collecting reports of incidents.

See Vatican presses UN to recognise Christianophobia. That was 2004, still waiting!

Priest prepares for Sunday Mass. Brussels