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Cardinal corrects warning of Islamic conquest of Europe

Cathedral closed following occupation by Albanian refugees

Cardinal warns that many Muslims want Islamic conquest of Europe

Cardinal rejects favouring Christian refugees and wants no limits placed on asylum seekers

Cardinal says Muslims and Christians Don’t Worship ‘the Same God’

Cardinal condemns bombing of ISIS as war crime

Cardinal blows his own saxophone

Cardinal close to Pope Francis disappointed by Trump, Clinton and the European Union

Sexual revolution in the Vatican. John Paul II Institute stormed and humiliated

Priest blesses lesbian couple in Catholic Church

Serious allegations against Cardinal Primate of France for covering up sexual abuse

Pope Benedict attacks the decadence of the Church in Germany

Pope Benedict thinks homosexual network in the Vatican could have reformed under his successor

New video from Pope places human beings at the centre

Vienna under siege from Turkish hackers

Radical Catholic movement praises bishop as reformer

German cardinal thanks Angela Merkel for admitting over 1 million refugees

Angela Merkel is behaving like a Turkish Regional Governor

Merkel re-betrays the Armenians to please Turkey

Merkel's betrayal of the Armenians denied

Angela Merkel betrays the Armenians